Crossroads Sign and Breaching to the Otherworld

I’ve been reading Robin Artisson’s book, “An Carow Gwyn.” In this book, he instructs several ways to create a Crossroad “sign,” to cause a physical breach to the Otherworld/Underworld, allowing for better communication with spirits (I believe). These Crossroad signs are usually made of sticks in specific formation, as well as specific items/elements at the end of each cross, such as water, fire, etc. It looks sort of like the image below (accept, it is made of sticks and other items, as mentioned).

Has anyone performed this sort of breach, this way? If so, do you have any stories or suggestions? What is it like to perform this action? And what was the outcome?


Is it enochian?

It’s possible that there is a similar symbol which is enochian; but, I don’t know much about enochian :wink: I saw on a different thread where someone else saw this same symbol in a different system.

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This should work. Creating portals is not terribly fifficult. There’s lots of ways to do it. Just remember to close it when you are done.

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Thank you Luna333 for the advice on closing it after opening it :slight_smile: That’s a good idea!

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