Crossroads ritual Black men

Hello guys some time ago I post a thread about wanting to go for Papa Legba with a petition but it was not a petition like a pact and I was told that Loa did not work like that so I thought I would do a classic hoodoo ritual On the Crossroads when i visit Crossroad for the several nights and the last night some Black men (legba i think) Will appears do you have some experience with this ritual I will come to the crossroads and I will sing as I say i want to break through the music I i need good voice i can sing but cannot go With guitar Now when Is Winter staying on the crossroad my guitar would be destroyed by the cold I want to also bring offering With me every Night a little coconut rum or whiskey.What do you think?

This is one of those extreme rituals (like Intranquil Spirit and all the elevator game things) that is promoted to beginners who may not always be 100% certain magick is real, so please be careful before making any commitments about giving your soul for eternity or agreeing to anything the spirit demands.

Otherwise it;s like a 17-year old guy walking inot a secondhand car dealership saying “Yo daddy just gave me half a million dollars, what’s the best car?” - and getting ripped off, because of inexperience and putting too much payment on the table which makes spirits, just like people, sometimes become greedy and dishonest.

So please be careful what’s in the words of the ritual!

And please read this:


Know a same kind of ritual where you are supposed to stand between a crossroad but ’ COMPLETELY NAKED ’ and the deity - A Wrathful Bhairava will appear physically. This kind of ritual should never done without proper guidance who himself has done the ritual successfully.


This is not a soul exchange a lot of people has done this ritual successfully IT can sound dangerous, but it’s not really but Its much more complicated And it’s nothing about breaking the soul, really, not really :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush: