Creating or Expanding finances

These are modified versions of a prosperity ritual posted awhile back. Fewer types of energies invoked than the original so slightly less volatile.
Doesn’t mean it is “safe” as introducing creation or expansion also introduces destruction and chaos as the impetus for change and removing obstacles in the way of creations and change.

Herbs used for jar and as incense - Cinnamon,allspice,fenugreek seeds,basil,nutmeg,irish moss, five finger grass, bay berry, sympathetic link to self- hair + nails from receiving hand

Crystals used - pyrite, emerald, lodestone, tigers eye , amethyst, quartz,

Planetary energy involved.
Venus to create a new flows of prosperity and finance.
Jupiter for expanding an existing flows of prosperity and finance.

1 green candle dressed with money oil and incense or blended straight into the wax if making your own candle.

Sigilized statement of intent used on candle and lid of jar. with goal of bringing prosperity into my life. The written statement of intent is put into the jar with the stones,herbs and sympathetic elements.

After prep is done on the jar and candle planetary energies are evoked and tasked to empower the ritual, the jar and candle, light the candle and let it burn down while envisioning your goal happening in the present moment for as long as you can clearly hold the vison. For the orginal ritual i did the candle went all berserk before it finished burning down when it got to the sigil carved into the candle (7-9 inch flame near the end). So practice fire safety :alien:

Afterwards the honey jar is now charged and can be used with future candle rituals, in the case of venus to create new flows of money or prosperity and to expand them. I recommend bi annually or quarterly at most as one must remember, YOU MUST DETACH AND FORGET about the magick done so it can manifest. Doing constant rituals for the same thing means your always keeping it in kind and none or little of the energy is being loosed. Similar to chaining a 300 lbs cannonball to a 5ton cannon and expecting it to go far when fired.


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