Creating and invoking your alter ego...yay or nay?

Ive toyed around with creating and merging with an alter ego after meeting a man earlier in the year who spoke about his alter.
Earlier tonight I stumbled across old discussions in this forum about evoking superheroes and other characters when there was talk about creating a new character and evoking them.
Has anyone had experience in this? Whats your thoughts?

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I haven’t tried it but I could see how it could work, I’d assume what you’re evoking would be an egregore at that point.

If that’s the case, I’d be a bit hesitant to believe what an egregore would say, I’d think thier perspective would be a reflection of thier programming as far as well known fictional characters. I mean I’d think spiderman would be pretty knowledgeable about venom, but doubt it’d be applicable to anyone here.

I’m sure some egregores would be more useful than others in terms of knowledge.

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I was thinking drawing up the character and creating a storyline comic-style then putting it up online for others to view as way to build it.
My biggest hold up is I need assistance in drawing.

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Im really not familiar with the concept of egregores, are they like servitors?

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I did this, highly recommended but be careful who you share the name etc with:


Thank you!

Seems to go in depth on the difference between the two, what I got from the skimming the article, servitors tend to be fed by one person, egregore’s tend to be fed by a large group of people.

So for your plans, I think you’d be starting out with a servitor that could become an egregore.

@anon47923162 or @Dinmiatus could likely give you a much better answer than I’m capable of.

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