Creating a whole new universe

My ultimate goal is to be able to creat a whole new universe, create my own worlds. I have general knowledge in the occult, but can’t find anything about my goal. Is it possible, has anyone else done it, and how could I achieve this?


Right now, you can create those in your mental level of the astral.
Otherwise, this is probably trying to run before you can walk, you might want to master being human first.

My only guess is we do something like this as we die. It’s said the mindset in the process determines what one experiences for a little while as the brain dies…

That aside,u ever have a mild case of deja vu, where u see in advance by a few seconds ; not only the feeling this has happened before, but will happen? And so rather than following it , u tweak something and not fulfuill what u saw. It’s like i know im going to say something and remember not only saying it, but what is said before i even did it, so rather than fulfillinf what one sees is gonna happen as the deja vu hits, u just stop, and resist and do something outside of that vision, state…

What if by resisting, and not going through with what u saw was going to happen, you wind up creating a parallel reality where u didn’t do what was going to happen? who’s to say we dont create new universes, and aren’t aware we are doing it?


You gotta start with a big bang.

The accuracy of this is so deep it makese shiver really wise words…

The astral is a entire mental plane, you can pretty much create anything and everything, of course the inhabitants will be thoughtforms but all the same it’s yours. You don’t really need anything but your imagination.

Of course outside the mental plane within the spiritual/etheric plane, or our own energetic layer of this physical plane you can learn to make pocket realms, which are small realms within general realms that allow you full reign over the inside, same with inviting real entities to live within it and so forth. It’s not a whole universe but eh, you can manipulate it to seem like one just won’t exactly be one. It requires you to know how to do energy manipulation as a bare minimum requirement.

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So things created in the ether take effect in the physical world?

No, things in the etheric is a plane in it’s own. The energetic layer of the physical is part of this physical.

So what’s the use of creating things there

You can’t create things willy nilly in the etheric, the etheric/spiritual plane still has similar laws as our own, you can’t go about creating universes and life and such. While the astral you can create imaginary universes, thoughtform inhabitants, etc that are “real” within the astral but not outside of it.

And so my question is… What purpose does it serve

You’re asking what purpose does a personal venture serve? A person chooses to do it for their own purposes, for fun, for experimentation, etc. There’s no universal purpose to people using the astral to do what they can do on a whim.


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You can achieve it, but I would take it one step at a time. As you please the entities and your abilities increase it will come easier.