Creating a "Golem"

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My “Grounding” just keeps improving and that is the evolutionary path I am currently persuing…

How can one creat a Spiritual component to a physical entity, in fact my education tells me that the “Fertility Cult” is very ancient and was practiced long ago.

The entity is “Earth”, “Terra” and make I want to make it an “Adrogynous”.

The name I picked for this entity is: “Terra Nova”.

My goal in this is to make Earth conscious of itself and make it one entity, meaning not divided into countries…

Maybe it’s a crazy idea,
please tell me what you think…

Has anyone tried creating a Spiritual component to a extremely physical entity?

Is this Magick similar to raising the dead?

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I personally see the Earth as a living being. She’s alive if you truely feel it.

This might be difficult but I think it can be done. If you’re willing to put in a ton of effort. You’ll have to find a way to unite the people more than the Earth. This is because we’re divided along enthic and religous lines.

No I haven’t

I won’t say it is :thinking:

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I think it already is, there are multiple people channeling it and it’s messages are clearly self-aware.

I think you can connect to it using any lens you like, a lot of people call it Gaia, Pacha Mama… your intention is to talk to the planet so that’s what you’ll get… “a rose by any other name doth smell as sweet”.

All physical entities have a spiritual component. This is a philosophy called “animism”. You don’t have to do anything, it just works. You can have a conversation with a pncil if you want to (I’ve done it, it an tell you what it’s seen) - it’s an expression of the Tao and all Tao is spirit, as are you, so it’s an expression of yourself.

“The existence of structured and organized mechanical waves is the signature of a living earth that manifests all signs of life.”

No because the Earth is not dead, and death isn’t really a thing anyway.

A golem is another kettle of fish. Kind of like a magickal machine that is anthropomorphic (taking humanoid form) and designed to protect. It’s a sort of a robot.


Well aside from the Earth stuff, what you are describing is basically what sigils and talismans are - they are physical things that connect you to a spiritual entity. Stuff like “golems” though are more like classic voodoo dolls. I’m not an expert on Kabbalah or Voodoo, so I can’t touch on the details of those traditions, but you can take any physical object and make it magickal. Give it a power or an intent and give it some magickal energy and it can work. The more you use it, the more it tends to work.

I’ve done something like this with a “spirit of place,” for example. I have a talisman I constructed that is connected with my university I attended. I occasionally use this talisman to connect with the egregoric spirit of my university. I empower the talisman, and by extension the spirit, with love and delight. I usually have a specific request that I make that somehow involves people or places or anything connected with the spirit, although sometimes I just feel the desire to strengthen my bond with the entity. It sounds strange, but my requests have worked, and I have noticed a definite spiritual connection to the physical and mental space connected to the spirit.

You could likely do something like this with any egregoric spirit, be they schools, cities, states, companies, or any location you could call a “land,” like a park, or a forest, or a desert, or even a single pond, anything that has an existence. I’ve felt a connection to the spirit of BALG before, for example (glory to BALG). This is one of those things that may not always seem to have an obvious effect, but it does seem desirable to develop a good relationship with the places and things around you.


Thank you all,

For the Help and the Warmth.
I feel so welcomed and much Smarter
by the day talking to people like you.

My aspiration is to become one with the Earth and achieve Physical Immortality…

I work Hard to get more and more power from the Earth and to use that Power to heal and help my surroundings…

Would love to collaborate with you
in any Magickal working, ad I want to know as much as possible…

Blessed Day and Fortunate Week
Upon the World…
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I also have felt a connection to (very recently) and now feel a need to say a big thank you to the BALG spirit​:black_heart::green_heart::heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart:

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I would love to help if I can

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the title of the topic doesnt match with the rest of the topic.

for earth: there is Gaia, leylines, and earth energy grid to start

for a golem: creating a golem is considered to be the highest level of Kaballah magic. If you can master this skill you supposedly can create your own planet. You can find the details in one of the core books of Kaballah Sephir Yetzirah ( I will warn you there is a lot of dry stuff in the book… lol I have fallen asleep a few times while reading it) Sephir Yetzirah is where the Sepharot comes from… in all the philisophical/logical reasons for the 10 energies.

you start by meditating on the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet on paper. After meditating on the letter on paper you recreate that letter in the air and meditate on it until you have gnosis of the letter. Then you baptize the letter with water to give it the power of below. And after you baptize the letter with fire to give it the power of above. Then you absorb the letter into your being. repeat for every letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Then you have to meditate on every letter comination without repeating [aa, ab, ac, etc , letter b you cant repeat so no ba, start on bb then bc.]

I haven’t finished reading the part about the golem yet. Supposedly the only person to have successfully created a golem was the author of the book Abraham. Every Jewish mystic school has tried. Some say they have done it, but no one from the other schools believes them🤓

Who knows maybe nobody else made one and you can be the second😃

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Does a Golem necessary have to be an Earth Creature?
What is the difference between an Elemental and a Golem?
Can you create a “Man” using Magick,
I heard it’s possible, but he’ll most likely be mute…
Can you create an animal using the above method?
Is it preferable to do them alone or as a part of a group?

What are some good sources to learn the above procedures?


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Typically, yes. A golem is a being made out of inanimate matter (traditionally this was clay or mud; today it could probably be done out of metal or plastic) and animated by the power of Kabbalisitc magick.

An elemental is generally made out of its element, and it can manipulate the expression of that element to a high degree. For example, a fire elemental can manipulate anything possessing the traits of Fire, including things like the metabolism of the human body. A golem does not possess the ability to control its substance.

Yes. This is called a homunculus, and is a fully formed, miniature human being. The word was first used in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus, but there are similar concepts dating back to the 3rd Century AD.

No. A true golem is, by definition, an anthropomorphic being ie man-shaped. It is considered to be the highest form of magick because in creating one, you are giving life to thine own image, as God did when he created man.

If you had the knowledge to do so, you would never create more than a single golem. They are mindless, and can easily get out of control.


Thank you very much for your time…

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Not necessarily

It is already a living entity that moves as one essentially. Everything here has a spiritual component, and everything has a flow to it. Simply observe the Planetary Hours to see how that works.

But you can turn a single figure into a spirit as we see spirit. Simply slowly build up an effigy over the span of weeks or a few months, and know that you are building a spirit. The imagination here gives it a body in the World of Spirit that stems from the Physical, and once it is complete it is possible it will develop its own consciousness as well instead of remaining power spirit for long.

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