Crazy Things You've Done In Magic

This is a thread discussing the craziest shit you’ve done to yourself for your own self development in black Magic.

Simply list it, you don’t gotta talk about it.

Here’s Mine:
Craziest Shit I’ve Done
• Had a Former friend trap my Soul in a Crystal and destroy it so I could test my ability to ressurect myself and my energy. Obviously I’m still here so it worked :joy:

• Used a Belt and Whipped myself 108 times while chanting the mantra Om Hum Padme Hum to access my Shadow side.

• Empowered some of my Own blood and tasted it

That’s just some of the shit.

Now, what’s yours?


Summon Satan without trust because of my raising


Well, binding a demonic spirit haunting my friends house into a talisman and literally eating it comes to mind again. :thinking:
Meditated in freezing forest for a few hours, wearing a robe, t-shirt and pants… During a three day fast spent camping in that forest


You swallowed it :joy: wonder if the spirit was aware, trapped in the thing - I can just imagine it hitting the walls and yelling noooooo as it watched the descent

what ended up happening with that, how did you get it out?


Getting it out? Of the house or of me? Of the house was just a matter of making a talisman of binding (a hitogata with trapping runes to be exact) and drawing it in. Out of me didn’t happen, consciousness lost, energy assimilated.


That is fascinating - who knew you could just “digest” spirits…? Did you gain anything from it? Makes me wonder if this is practiced somewhere in the world as a means of attaining power


Its not THAT rare, eating something (or someone) to gain their power.I got the idea from a sorcerer from Thailand I knew that said his family used to practice this. Maori ritual cannibalism had the same general idea, and Taoist sorcery at least has stories of this


oh wow how?

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Was very desperate to do a blood pact with Dantalion (before i found BALG) but my skin NEVER cuts when its by intention. Ive stabbed a pin full force into my finger and it hurt like hell but my skin refused to break. Just dent for a while. So i tried using a knife. No go. But i had a scab on my stomach so i thought to break it off and try hacking into my skin there. Still didnt get cut. Only drew blood from the agitation of moving my skin. So i used a bamboo skewer like a quill and wrote my name. Made a scar.


Here goes:

  1. Hiding in bushes around a cheating bf house, sending spirits in to haunt and scare him and the woman inside, while I drew voodoo veves on her car. (I was spirit possessed at the time so I didn’t know consciously what I was doing, it was like I was there but watching my body do these things) then I watched the woman run screaming out of the house.
    The guy called me to accuse me of scaring her and putting weird stuff on her car which I denied but I told him he better change his ways or else. (little did he know that an effigy of him with pins in it was concealed in a window well of his house.) muhahahaha

  2. Doing a ritual at night at a beach where I became possessed.

  3. This is really crazy: One night I became so enraged when a bf told me he’d cheated on me, that I was possessed by one of my spirits. I was in my body still but the spirit was in control. I remember getting in my car and driving to my apt. and couldn’t recall how I got from his place to mine–time slipped. The spirit made up a doll for the guy and did a ritual where the doll was put into a cauldron and a pact was made to make him impotent. It worked–the entity of the cauldron really kicked that guys’ buttocks!

This is part of why I decided to leave human men alone! It’s not worth the headaches, plus I didn’t want to issue a warning upon beginning a relationship! lol


Casting a rain spell on my first try. This was a few years ago and I was just saying nonsense yet it rained for about 3 Days I think.

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Curious to know if that worked :skull:

It’s not really crazy for anyone else here, but being new/inexperienced, I think one of the craziest things is the fact that outside of tarot readings and using a pendulum a few times, my very first ritual was to contact Azazel, and I was successful.