Crazy plant lady story 🌿 / Need your opinion & possible help

Hello everybody, I’d like to introduce myself, tell some bits of my life that still burden me and ask for your advice. I apologise in advance for the block of text. :smiley: My name is Crazy Plant Lady (same as a crazy cat lady, but with plants :herb: ). I’m in my late 20s and live in Europe.

I started my spiritual journey ten years ago but didn’t know anything about magick. Since I was 18 I have had lucid dreams, astral projections and could feel other people thoughts and emotions. I used to practice the law of attraction which I now see as the watered down version of magick. I never quite resonated with it entirely because I feel more sure doing a ritual with angels and demons than „daydreaming into the universe and hoping for the best“. I still think it works though, I suppose it’s just a matter of personal preference. I also read Tarot.

Speaking of magick, I’m still new into LHP. Before that, I think I actually brainwashed myself while reading about love & light, karma and divine balance. Now, I’m still using magick for bettering myself and do not believe in harming others for shit and giggles, but am ready to defend myself if that kind of situation arises. Enough with the victim mentality and waiting for karma to punish bad people.

My life was always emotionally heavy. I’ve lived through serious health issues that lasted for years, bullying, narcissistic abusive mother and my father that had a mistress who was my age. The lady was constantly harassing me, calling me, sending me messages and we almost lost our house because “she wanted to live in it“ while my father was completely blind. At the time I blamed myself for causing that situation because I thought I had brought that bad energy into our lives for messing with the astral realm which I now know is not the case. Looking back I think she did some spells because everyone was behaving very unlikely but it’s not important anymore.

I used to have a fighter mentality and even managed to graduate with honours, top of my class when I got my Master’s degree at my Uni. All of that while being severely ill and abused.

And then…

I met a guy unexpectedly. We were completely opposite in every aspect of life and I wouldn’t even consider him but the intensity of the connection was out of this world. I’ve never experienced something like that in my life, like we were telepathically connected. We talked for more than a year and he was very into me, seemed to be fascinated with everything I do and my life in general. He literally BEGGED me to come and visit him and stay at his place. At first, I was hesitant, because I was afraid that it would be too intense but he was very sweet and obviously completely in love. What could go wrong, right?

Well, it all went to shit, pretty quickly.

I finally decided to visit and from the moment he saw me he was like 'Oh, you came. ’ I mean he didn’t say that but that was the overall energy. He wouldn’t talk at all, just basic stuff like are you hungry and such. And it’s not that we haven’t seen each other in person, we met a few times in the city halfway from both and talked for hours. Apart from that, we were talking on a phone for around 5 hours every single day. It’s not like he saw me the first time in person and was like ‘Oh, she’s ugly, I’m not interested anymore’. I would understand that, but this was completely illogical. I tried to start a conversation, be polite, not to be in his way, but he seemed very irritated with me and my conversation starters. At one point I was like ‘Do you want me to go home? I can see that I’m going on your nerves (doing nothing, but ok).’ He said nooo noo, why do you think that way? Like everything was fine.

I mean, I’m really not high maintenance, I’m not a flashy person, I’m not loud, annoying or anything like that but I was his guest and he was completely ignoring me. After he begged me for a year to be with him. I mean what?

And I won’t forget this for life. We were in public, sitting in silence as always.
After I asked for a few times ‘Is everything ok, am I doing anything wrong?’ He went completely nuts, calling me annoying, needy, clingy, childish, immature, stupid and so on. He was basically yelling at me. I stood there in a complete shock, I literally couldn’t process what just happened. I tried to hold myself together but I just couldn’t. I started crying, quietly, because I didn’t want him to see it and call me weak. Well, he did eventually notice it and started laughing to my face, as I proved myself being ‘overly emotional and dramatic’. I felt disgusted, disrespected and humiliated. Like it wasn’t the same guy. Like he changed overnight and by overnight I mean literally - 12 hours. From sweet and caring to aggressive.

The day after that I went home and called him from a safe distance to tell him I don’t want to stay in this connection anymore. He was furious, aggressive, calling me names, etc.
I was relieved - phew good riddance, I don’t need that in my life. We are in no contact till this day. 5 days later it started to hurt like a MF. And I’m ashamed to say this but I was bedridden for a whole year. The energy was so heavy I couldn’t get out of bed. I was thinking of him every minute I was awake, it was exhausting and draining. I felt disgusted with myself because I was madly in love with someone who was treating me like crap. I stumbled upon the term “twin flames” and was following that matter everywhere I could. Nowadays, I think it’s a toxic concept with the most problematic runner/chaser phase. Just be a good girl and wait for him to come to his mind. That way of thinking was seriously damaging because I had depression and that crew was like “just be positive and the universe will deliver”. I couldn’t think positively and I hated myself even more for it.

That said, I still have no idea what happened that day. Was it really some sort of soul connection? Was I under a spell? I mean that’s highly unlikely because he’s a 100% materialistic person, doesn’t believe in anything “otherwordly”, even made fun of me when I mentioned benign words such as “intuition” or “energy” in that context. Was I just manipulated by an idiot? Whatever it is, I seem to be blocked for finding out the truth. As I mentioned before, I read Tarot, and while being able to read accurately for my friends and other people, when it comes to me, my mind is blank. I contacted a few readers and psychics but I didn’t resonate with the stuff they told me as it sounded overly fluffy and comforting (and a bit scammy). I contacted Dantalion about the situation but the answers were all around the place.

I am humbly asking you to give me an advice, how does it look to you? What should I do? I am not in pain anymore but it’s still and obstacle and I seem to be unable to fully continue with my life.

Thank you to everyone who has read this, I’m a bit ashamed because all of this sounds like teenage angst, but it is what it is.

On the brighter side, let’s be friends because the magickal path is often lonely and it’s good to have support in any way. English is not my first language so I apologise for possible mistakes.

Plant Lady


Greetings, @CrazyPlantLady
It is a delight to have you around here.

It’d seem to me that you’ve fallen victim of a binding spell, which doesn’t work much differently than a curse or a hex, and as such, some counter curses might be helpful, I’d suggest making evocations on the RHP to certify yourself of it, and if they’re able to, ask them to break the spell, in case they can’t, there’re some spells that might help here:

If that’s not enough as well, I’d start working with the deamons

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I really appreciate your opinion. But as a said before, I think it’s highly unlikely that he did that because he’s not into those kinds of things. Maybe if somehow it can be done unconsciously.

Nevertheless, I’ll check your link and try those spells. :wink:

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It can be done just with the thought depending on the power of his intent

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Oh it makes sense now. I tried cutting cords a few months ago, but apparently it didn’t work.


Did you try the silver line meditation?

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i think this one is the problem.

welcome to the forum! you seem to have a bad days, i hope everything will be all right soon… :blush:


@CalebRosengard I didn’t, actually, this is the first time I’m hearing about it. I’ll have to check that method.

@flyinglizard Everything is a problem apparently. :smile: Why did you specify this sentence? Like in a way it was a challenge for him and when he got what he wanted it was not fun anymore? I didn’t want to be with him because I was in a longterm relationship at the time but we broke up eventually because of other reasons.

Not the silver line method, but this is my favorite method to undo curses sent against you.

I’m not sure whether or not there are mentions regarding the Silver Line Method in English, so I’ll translate all that I know about it, since I had it performed on myself in the past by a hypnotherapist.

First, get yourself comfy in a place you know nobody is gonna disturb you for at least a full hour.

Second, lay down and find a position comfortable enough for you to stay in for a full hour.

Third, now is time to sooth your mind, quiet it a little with traditional hypnotherapy tricks, such as mentalizing a peaceful scenario, or counting down from a 100 to 0, or maybe a mix of these, if you need any help on this part, let me know, but just think of it as you guiding yourself through a very relaxing trip to the subconscious, going deeper and deeper.

Once there, in a very comfortable state, summon this weird guy, but don’t let his presence taint your tranquility: during this phase, you’re going spill out ALL the things you have stuck on your throat, just let it all out until your reservoir of words run dry, don’t let any stone unturned, all things you feel you have to say, have them said.

As soon as this part is done, it’s his turn of speaking, and thus, you’ll have him speak unto you whatever he has to say, and now, you’re just gonna listen, without ever interrupting him, when his last words fall into your mind’s ear, and both of you have nothing left to say, then you’ll envision a silver line connecting the two of you, and somewhere around you, you’ll find a pair of scissors, a machete, or maybe a flamethrower, whatever comes, use it to sever the connection between the two of you, and envision him melting away from your vision, and as for the silver line, you can get rid of it as you feel it’s fit, I personally like to incinerate it.

And there you have it, you can slowly bring yourself back to awakeness after this or simply open your eyes, if you did the relaxing bit correctly you should be able to get it right without a problem.

A pro tip I can give you: Record a script of you guiding your meditation throughout this process, then listen to it so you can have your own voice guiding you through the process

Also, you can always use the search tool on this forum to make a throughly research on how to get rid of hexes, curses, or even spirits that got attached to you

Hi there, thanks for sharing your story. If I were in your shoes, I would take a lot of baths in fresh roses and/or rose essential oil with jasmine. I prefer natural remedies for ailments and emotional issues. Write a letter to yourself explaining what you need in a man, and what you don’t need. Hang the letter in a tree with ribbon. And wait patiently for the Universe to respond. :broken_heart::heart::lipstick::ring::gem::two_hearts::gift_heart:

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Also, can not take it personally. He was a fool, moving on.There is another good remedy called bleeding heart, it’s a flower essence. Find it on Ebay. Self- heal flower essences works awesome for situations like this, also.

Thank you again, I am still amazed how everyone is being so polite and willing to help on this forum. :heart:

@CalebRosengard I’ve read everything you said thoroughly and will be doing it soon! Thank you so much for your time and help.

@DeltaKhi Thank you for your time reading my story. Actually, I’m a business owner and we grow and produce medicinal plants which we distil into essential oils and hydrosols. I love oils very much and use them on a daily basis. I’ve never heard of bleeding heart though…


Bleeding heart flowers are usually pink colored heart shaped petals. You can buy already made flower essence of bleeding heart or make it yourself. It’s a perfect breakup remedy.

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Hmm interesting… I’m not in pain though, it’s been over a year. I just wanted to know what do you guys think happened because it felt strange and unnaturral.
I will look that up, nevertheless. Good to know this kinds of things. :wink:

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Oh, I thought you wrote you were bedridden for a year. That is a long time to be bedridden. So, good you’re not bedridden anymore, right? Ok, so in retrospect, I see that you attracted a man that had serious emotional problems. It sounds to me that his way of dealing with his own inadequacies was to spit venom into someone else, you. Being the target of someone else’s venom doesn’t mean you are the one at fault. It just means, that man was emotionally immature.

When I meet or attract men or people in general with that venom problem. I remove them from my life immediately. That is a better remedy than using plants, even.

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve read a lot about the empath - narcissist dynamics when all of that took place and found that explanation resonating…

Ahhh! I read about that to. Come to think of it, I am an empath and I attract narcissistic personalities. I find that the narcissistic types are total turn offs for me. I read in one of my healer books to use jonquil essential oil aka narcissus or gold dove to heal oneself or break away from a narcissistic person in your life. Especially if they just seem to not want to go away.

Jonquil is used for beauty potions too. It has a relation with the Narcissus story in Greek mythos. I find that reading Greek myths gives a lot of insight into the psyche.