Crafting Cosmic Justice

Hi there Brothers - I see you’re driven, so am I - if you need some more practice - if you
want a reason to unleash your absolutism and get to know yourself beyond that perceived absolute…; Here’s what may fill your cup…your thirst for justice that might become even more infinite
and ready to seek it’s most supreme, absolute, satisfaction…;

I’d love to present you the enemies of the human race…; The delight will be absolute once you have mastered new levels into the infinitude of the craft of Cosmic justice…;

The following beings fucked up humanity since the very beginning
they are responsible for all the wars, division, eating human flesh, baby sacrifice,
human cloning, killing of celebrities for no reason but their own satisfaction, mass food poisoning, general poisoning (chemtrails full of nano tech and substance made to kill the human race,…, …)
mass enslavement, mass media, religion, , mass mainstream medical vice, corruption…; Generally having humanity turn against eachother most viciously, for them to make profit out of it, ever since the time of Atlantis, if not long before that…; We’re not the only planet they have been attacking, and killed beings thereof, just because they could… ;

These beings don’t give a rat’s ass about the human race, nor even any life-form itself on this planet, but themselves - not even a bird nor butterfly, nor any other race, they even kill beings of their own race who don’t want to be working with them in the destruction of others…They are perfect examples of the scum of the universe…and now, they are going to pay the most absolute price…
and they are still holding humanity in a grip. Putin knows about them and is fighting them, and so is Trump.

If you want to test your absolute powers…
Be my guest, Brothers in arms…I’d like to keep it civil on this forum, but my point is that I will purge the shizznit out of them until there is absolutely nothing left of any of them, not even ashes…; I don’t even grant them the honors of even being remembered as a spec of dust on our Sacred Planet.

Feel free to give it your most absolute Cosmic justice…

I am not allowed to give names on the forum, it’s not about humans eitherway, I am speaking about certain extraterrestrial invaders that need to be thought what time it is, and that this is our own planet…; If vice triggers you, that gnashing sense of justice that wants to be made manifest in the most absolute sense,…

check out the “Strange things” channels on youtube…;

In the meantime, I too will be very busy raining down upon them with everything that this cosmos has that is most supremely destructive- asking though that it would be most targeted and without collateral damage…; I’m going to rain down upon them…Cosmic Style…

Would you like to be in on this one too?

I did work with Lucifer, Satan, Archangel Michael, Kamael, Tzaphkiel, Belial,
and all of the destructive demons of E.A.'s mastering evocation ebook,
Pazuzu, and there’s even more coming…;

What limitlessly drives me is that they are responsible for all suffering on this planet, in literally every single way, keeping it alive, including all the shit I felt as an emprisoned human being on this planet…what I am about to give them is going to be worse than all of the horrors combined, I’m going to curse them for the rest of eternity, I’m going to make them kill and murder eachother…;

I have been doing my homework on the qlippothic tree…


I will unleash every single murderous - being in the cosmos

(faith> in yourself :wink:

Feel free to bring in your favourite Wartunes!
I’ll be raging on the battlefield with eyes on fire…having merged with the Cosmic Gods of War…;


Eh I’m not into conspiracy theories but I do fire off curses on the elites and slave masters of the world :+1:


I thank you a lot for your contributions to the betterment of the human race, O Brother, it is much needed… the war is still ongoing…; until the planet knows absolute peace…; I am totally for the rise of humankind to the the race of living gods they are…;

I am more into conspiracy facts myself, generally involving people with firsthand information, just so I don’t make mistakes on targets…;

Let me introduce you to some extra content, if you wish - this is the channel, it’s videos are very concentrated…; This is one of the many videos revealing the absolute vice…;

Generally about curses, unleashing the Severity of God in general
(Just like Sama-El being the Poison/wrath of God) - I wanted to name him too…
I’ll be working with him in a moment again…;

(Shared Generally>)

Surely, no matter how much curses I placed…they still keep fueling that unquanchable thrist for justice, I feel like turning into an unsatiable black hole…the depths of self-liberation by delivering such curses though make me feel like I am releasing the rage of programmation and injustice ever since I got here on this planet… - Once in the ritual, knowing that I’m doing “it” - verbalizing and channeling these righteous curses…the feeling is exquisite, and so absolutely self-empowering…;

The giving into the real emotions going unto the depths of where they can be found, in memories, anywhere, all while listening to particular enraging music is so EXTREMELY great…
and the feeling of doing something good , in essence, in self-defense, in defense of the human race, in defense of Gaia… all of this gets me to my most primary roots…to the feelings of the first time that I started to listen to metal, sing the lyrics, and really meant what I said in anger, for basically, the reasons I am throwing in curses…in the theme of cosmic justice, the severity of God…;

One of my first curses since I got to work with this material was also towards the illuminati and
also towards gang rapists that boasted about raping innocent girls just because they could…;
There’s nothing like being the hammer of the gods, unleashed in absolute fury…
It’s supernaturally exquisite…; (and for those who wonder, yes, in harmony with the source of All, as I work with the Source in all I do, light and dark beings, even combined…)

Feel free to share your inspiration too O Brother(s)…
Would you have some recommendations when it comes to Cosmic Justice?
Also, what I do too , for self-defence, just in case any of those elite f’ers think about retaliation, I
ask for all the beings I work with for automated self-defence, and destroy anyone that even ‘thinks’
about replying with anything whatsoever, be it a curse, or any other form of retaliation, or any action in any way or form against me, the end goal is that they die eitherway…;
The enemies of humanity…it’s a bad bad bad position to be in in existence, of maybe not the worst…;

I do however ask that all elite prisoners that are there against their will be released and protected, cleared and cleansed of any programmation, and would get defended against any form of attack from their imprisoners…;


This is a video of recent events…; reflecting a bit of what is going on right now…;

Hi Laith_wavey

you might want to push yourself further, what I wrote below might help :slight_smile:

P.S. I generally work with Asenath Qlippothic circle or the universal circle…;

What steps do you generally like to take for your curses? :slight_smile:

No offence bro, I’m open minded about conspiracies that have a lot of evidence behind them, but this really doesn’t.

Dave literally just hit the gym and put on 15lbs and now he’s a clone?
This is honestly the dumbest shit I’ve seen in a long time and has zero evidence backing it up beside some guy who can’t even record his own voice on these accusations, just computerised voice simulator.


With all respect, Brother - since this is a matter of information
additional info I have found and took conclusions from in one of the videos, (probably that one), that I believe I listened to the very end (though it is one of many), is:

that it’s peculiar is that no-one of his family recognizes him, (like in 'who is who?) neither does he psychologically recognizes anyone of his family - there are also other videos of people explaining what happens in those cloning centers, who have been there live and seen the horrors…; I know it’s hard to take in, but in fact…
the whole mainstream idea of what reality is, is no more than a front, a disneyland, to a bigger operation…; We were originally intended by these same beings to be a slave race…; not making that up, that’s information that came through after facts, after the actions that have already happened, since a long time ago…; The entire global system is engineered and runned centrally by these critters. I would not recommend you to try astral travelling without any protection in some places…;
Science fiction is more of a reality than indeed any mainstream idea of reality, which in comparison, fades into just being a small bubble within a greater bubble…;

The more you travel, the more you’ll know about the reality of these things…;
This planet is nothing like t.v. just says it is…; they just show what they want you to see and believe…; just like hollywood…;

But, the even more important factor is,
that I am looking for recommendations on destruction…; it includes pedophiles, …and so on,
the whole array of beings, that if not being taken care off will devour humans in any sense of the word, and they are continually actively doing so…; it could have been your/our own brother, mother, sister, father, best friend, anyone, if we would live in the wrong region of the world…;

About info, generally I’m more about conspiracy facts…; in doubt, I compare going to the evidence…;

So I’d love to suggest we permanently get rid of those guys, anyone that wants to join in is surely welcome…; :wink:

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this is the channel :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I saw you had at least one very nice entry here: :wink: perfect - there are many others on that page that might be of interest… ;

@Hermes I’ve made this into its own thread as it was a little buried in @FraterMagni’s topic, and also, people won’t be able to reply without derailing that, really. :+1:

I’ve seen some weeeeeiiiirrrdddd shit in recent times, so to be honest nothing would surprise me!


Hi there dear Eva, thank you, it is much appreciated, as it makes it indeed, more practical. Lots and lots of love dear Si-Star,
I saw your efforts on the pedophile threat, you’re truly wonderful, thank you so much, it’s great to see such absolute dedication for the sake of humanity’s wellbeing- as it is also absolutely needed; Please feel free to tell me about what you saw that was startling you so much -

This is one of the lastest videos I saw this morning.

Same, would you like to hear my story?

feel free to share your story, dear Si-Star :wink:

You too dear @mojosalad :slight_smile: please do if you wish, I’m very curious :slight_smile:

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Post edited, because I get the intuitive sense it’s a bad idea to post about openly. I shall send you another PM. Stay tuned.

Groups with material such as the kind provided in your screen shot there tend to be, by and large, useful idiots to the Morgoth clan, spreading fear, paranoia, self righteousness and self projection. Playing into the Family’s hands. Closest to public information on the Mogoth soul tribe seems to be the “Hidden Hand” material, which is HIGHLY distorted, and not consciously understood by the woman who made it. She is a very guilty soul just trying to do something as repentance for the lives she has lived, or so I’ve heard.