Could This Occult CIA Code Relieve Grief & Depression?!

As a practitioner of chaos magick, I really believe this shows the power of suggestion and authority. Also, I would be careful using CIA developed techniques… just call me cautious.


Vocalise in my head, while focusing on the internal feeling.

Same. Though placebo doesnlt mean “not real” - it just means “key to the body being able to do something itself.” :thinking:

Especially with a situation like mine earlier where the feeling had no functional purpose.


Not sure I can answer the 2nd part of your question without breaking the “no politics” rule.

Sure! :+1:

I have no attachment to this method.

I completely agree. Again, forum rules kind of prohibit me from discussing that more.


I just wanted to pop in to contribute my experience with dipping into the numbers in order to get rid of a certain kind of feeling for a few minutes.
Results: I feel very irritable/angry after following the technique described in the linked thread :sweat_smile: Throwing it in for the statistics :slight_smile:


Not really, that’s just the result of having been fascinated with Hebrew mysticism for the last two years hahah
Thanks for the compliment, though :slight_smile:


A bit unrelated, but the tattva named Tejas cured my stomach cold in a minute. It is related to fire element for those who don’t know. Give it a try if anything like this shows up. Only thing I did was saying Tejas inside my mind two or three times. :+1:


@Prober Good to know!!! Experts in hebrew are always needed is one of the most important magical languages


I’ll get there, eventually lol


I tested it now 3 times on myself.
2 times on minor physical pain and once on a similar feeling you described. It worked twice.

I also tested in on my sickly cat, who had problems again a few days ago, they went away in less than a day, which is quicker than usual.


Yeah this actually worked I’m still surprised by that. Maybe it’s like a Jedi mind trick where because your focus turns away from the pain the pain seems minimized by the attention turning from it to the numbers. IDK but it’s cool :sunglasses:


Yeah that’s pretty genius I agree

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Holy shit it’s working!!!


I suffer with chronic pain and don’t exactly expect it’ll cure my condition altogether but it definitely is reducing pain in a specific area currently… the area feels like it’s heating up actually, quite comforting!


would anyone tell me if those numbers are valid and potent?MONEY

	964 9 130


	75 70 20 86


	90 72 941


676 0 313


	964 9 130


	439 48 51

I’m afraid I can’t help you, since I have no experience with these techniques. I don’t even know if they work or not. As I mentioned, I came across that guy some time ago, and didn’t pay attention to his work, so I never tested any of that out. But do try them yourself, and see if you get results :slight_smile:


well, here is the thing: it does matter if they have any power or not.
for example, some spirits said that enochian for “dragon” (VOVIN) actually doesnt do anything, but it might still be of help to people to focus on certain things, i suppose.

My issue is -if i want something specific done, and the numbers end up useless, i would have ended up with more results by jsut putting drops of blood unto a sigil. -sure, repeated and held focus alone can manifest things, but i wanna get shit done in time, not chant half a year for some minor manifestation.

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I understand your point. Indeed, it’s always better when at least a few people tried the technique and were successful, but sometimes that’s just not the case, and that’s where magical experimentation happens, I guess.

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:pleading_face: …now i feel stupid… :fu: thanks

That wasn’t my intention. Sorry.

With respect, going by what you’ve repeatedly posted, NOTHING you are trying, especially splashing blood everywhere, is doing you any good whatsoever.

I’m not saying that to be mean but you posting this is worse than the blind leading the blind, because you’re getting repeatedly horrible results that are not only failing to improve your wellbeing, but actually damaging to it.

The idea any of this requires people to “chant half a year for some minor manifestation” shows how brimful your cup already is, and not even with nice hot tea, but with misleading incorrect ideas.


Eva, i have sort of warning to you, take i how oyu want, but the thing you are talking about goes under category “mark of the beast” if you are familiar with term…

I am saying that if you get somekind of relief of pleasurement for thinking “51555” you are interconnected something that i would call “artificial realitý/density” and that is not of what i could call source or god, im fully aware of this program that is going on and it has been “project lucifer” on multiple websites.

I think there is slight possibility that if you live interconnected to this sort of devicery, you may not be called spiritual, or would not be spirit at any sence, but would be considered as artificial entity, that would be after death be pushed to computing system, instead of going to “god” as its children, since this “mark of beast” is “god-damnation” which is simpy you being de-evolutioned, and de-mannerised for “gods” “grace” which simpy means community acceptance of beings that doesnt use quick abuses or relief of outside sources like “cia” or “lucifer”

since god is love

consider, could same source be causing you this grief and depression with same kind of technology, then offering you quick relief to it… ?

That reality is lower than human by mathematics, you will get proof this if you consider, matter is less in vibrational value than we are in human/spirit, you are able to build this kind of beta-systems, while incarnated, but they are always co-owned by your social security number, which is your name in this system…

no crime there, but all gangstalking and fuckpiratism agains inteligent humans is because knowledge of where this systems rights and power ends, they do use things like multitalk, and poor translation abuses to get more of YOU to their system, since in gods kindom your name is not your social security number…

you get me ?