Could spells "backfire"?

If I spend too much time remotely seducing someone could it backfire? Let’s say they have feelings for me too but feels insecure, would that scare them away?

It might come under what they call ‘lust for results’ - you interfere with the energy of your own magik and it fails because you think it will.


Totally had that happen before. Miserably right when I really needed the magick to work.
Gotta stay positive. After you finish your rite swallow it mentally inward and go do something that takes your mind off the subject immediately. That’s worked a charm for me.


I have two things for this
One : A chant by VK----- Rege Aeternae Pater Saksaksalim
“Reign, Eternal Father Saksaksalim”
A Latin chant consisting of eleven syllables, with eleven being the number of all things demonic and magickal– eleven signifies the Great Work and the Qliphoth alike, This chant calls on Saksaksalim to enact one of two activities which he really specializes in. You determine which effect the chant will have by the intent you focus on when you recite it:
(i) It can reprogram or redirect the magickal energies the witch is focused on. Use this to course correct when you fucked up a spell. Use it to fuck up someone else’s spell.
(ii) It calls upon Saksaksalim to strengthen whichever ONE chakra you are focusing on

And two I have another chant from Connor From his Free grimoire he put out last year That I got off his facebook page

  1. Chant Of Malleable Reality.
    “Gu’linkah Ves Dedaye
    San’tula Bermenz Stat’atah
    Lek ames Ju’ganzah”.
    This incantation was delivered to me by Azazel, there are some
    situations in our reality which may be very stubborn against your
    magick. I’ve seen this happen even with adepts and normally it can be
    very frustrating. This chant is for a solution to such a problem,
    meditating on the situation at hand. You should expand the aura and
    tap into that spiritual expansion. Connecting you to field of all things in
    this state. Gravitate towards the situation, having the chant
    memorized, begin chanting each word.
    Feel that each sound of each letter, acts as a energetic compound
    which softens the reality of that situation. Making the very fabric of the
    situation water-like and transparent, making it weaker and more
    malleable to the effects of you’re own magick.
    These incantations are just some of the few I have indeed channelled
    and used and reaped great results from. Remember these aren’t just
    words in a imagined made up language, each letter is a glyph made of
    sound. Which comes together as a vibrational frequency of symbols
    pushed by the forces of hell. As well by your very own intention and
    will, observe the very reality of this world and the others react and
    rearrange itself by the potency of the demonic tongue.

I really like that reply thanks I’m going to try that. Sometimes my magic flows effortlessly to completion and results are dramatic and clear as they should be. Other times especially when I really need to it deliver it’s like it can get vetoed by a higher power or blocked even though I did everything right. That pisses me off. I’m going to try that for sure and I’ll try to remember to let you know how it works.

Can happen because of:

-Lusting for resuts
-Target has some kind of protection
-You change your mind (its like burning your hand, trying to put a fire off)
-You constantly think negative about it
-You never did it right in the first place

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