Could someone read me?

I was wondering if someone can read me. Tarot readings or anything.
I would really appreciate it

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Friendly reminder we ask people to be active for 3 months before doing anything other than swapping scans on the public forum. :+1:


ohhh im sorry i had no ideaa

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Oh you’re good, no need to apologise that wasn’t aimed at you.

It’s that, you want to be careful if people who have been here under 3 months make you offers. We ask them not to do that, not for personal reasons, but due to past abuse. The Rules explain this in detail :slight_smile:

WHAT, can you elaborate a bit if you wish? what happened ?

No. I’m referring to the information in the rules that I linked, if you’d like to read them, then you’ll know as much as I do.

Ok :slight_smile: