Could someone help me with punishing these barbarians?

Hello, I know I haven’t been active here lately. My work is making my already miserable life more miserable.

Today I read about how a 12 year old girl from India was gang raped repeatedly for seven months.

I’m very sure that all will be released with little punishment. I’m requesting all the mages here to come forward and unleash unimaginable horrors on to them.

Forgive me if I’m asking a lot but if I could I would take help of an entity who can give rectal cancer stage 4 to each one of them right away! :rage::rage:




Thank you Israel!

Man, this is disgusting. That’s why I am in the rhp and want liberation. Enough with this filthy world. :tired_face: :sob:

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I’m in. Consider it done.


I know, no matter what path you choose, world will continue to be like this. It is beyond my capability to comprehend why universe lets heinous crimes done to younglings. What possibly the consciousness will learn from such horrors!

Thanks PrinceX!

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I don’t believe those new age ‘cuz consciousness wants to learn’ type bullshit. One thing I am pretty sure after doing in depth research and study. Higher gods don’t give a fuck about good and evil. For them it is just two end point of the color spectrum to create the world they are supposed to. Existence is ammoral.

Is it your conclusion or you have heard from higher gods? I have not worked with any entity yet so I don’t know.

So. So done. In a “how does it feel” kinda way…


Thanks Spearcarrier!

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I took the link out, I personally want to see people who did this suffer and die as much as anyone but the rule on no cursing named or identifiable individuals is important here, and if I let it slide once, it opens justifications for the next time, and the next, sorry.

@chthonicmagus I hope it’s okay for people to PM you for more info.


Its my conclusion after studying statements, description of those who heard it from the higher entities.

I think it’s probably similar to how we view bacteria, and insects. Some fucked up shit happens down near the micrososm but we’re usually so caught up with our reality we don’t think much about virius and bacteria having all out wars with white blood cells and cleaning agents lol.


Thanks Lady_Eva! Sorry for breaking the rule and yes people are free to send me a message.

Ok, my personal experience is life is very wicked and selfish.

Yup. It is. That’s why the idea of heaven or liberation exists.

Indeed, unless you evolve humanity to a certain point. Even then, people will always have parts of their personalities you will never like. You cannot like everyone.

No, but knowledge does help, regardless of reason.

If you meant immoral, as in, without morality, you are indeed correct.

Now, as for your issue, I’ll send some help.

What? :open_mouth: like to explain? Knowledge does come from reason and observation.

Not what I meant. What I mean was, regardless of what purpose, it always helps to know more.

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