Could someone help me with a money spell?

Im asking for someone to help me get some cash. I tried on My own but it does not seem to work this time… :frowning: In a drug addict and spent all My money on drugs as I could not stop myself… It’s pathetic to ask, I know but I have nothing to eat, No ciggarets and No money att all. And it seemes like I cant attract money any more. I tried Bunke and Clauneck but No success at all. Thank you for time. // William

Have some pride in yourself. You’re not in your power.

Do you think a spirit will help you to get money when there is a chance you’ll use it on drugs?


Do you think a magickian will help you to get money when there is a chance you’ll use it on drugs?


I can definitely see how not helping you would be better for you in the long term. I can definitely imagine them feeling similarly, but who knows.

I suggest you contact Lucifer, Azazel or even Belial to help you destroy these addictions and bad habits first, before you ask for money.

And I suggest you look for any physical help as well.

Rise up to this challenge, overcome your addictions, become stronger.

Once this happens, I’m sure spirits will be more than happy to help you with your monetary needs.

You can do it.


Your priority?

Stockholm used to have a soup kitchen, failing that there are catholic and lutheran missions, drug rehab centres; you have friends, neighbours, family - your local take away - promise them and make good - sweep their floor, wash it do something useful. I am serious.


Good advice. Tough Love. I’ll take it to heart


You are right


Okay, magic answer. Here’s a few ideas.

So any money magick you are going to try is opposed just on the basis that you REALLY need the money right now. If you can, try a chaos sigil to either banish an absence of money, or to draw money or abundance to you. I saw it mentioned that spirits might not be the best choice. I agree. Depending on your own sense of self worth and commitment a spirit might decide the best way to fill your request is to kick your ass.

Long term? Yeah, what everyone else said, basically. Treat yourself better.

If you want to do a couple experiments with magick and money, next time you have a couple five dollar bills give this a try:

Take one and draw the sigil of Clauneck on one side. Charge it with intent while visualizing the bill working it’s way through the currency system and eventually getting lost amongst larger stacks, bank drops, commodities exchanges, etc. Then see a systematic breakdown of the cash in other potential scenarios, ending with an image of yourself from a third person view, as if you are seeing yourself through the sigil as if it was a camera lens. Then focus in on yourself until you make the transfer to first person again. Dust that bad boy off with some cedar or juniper, get in a happy mood, go to a place where someone will find it (crossroads are to my liking) and let the charged, sigilized bill loose. Then go do something fun and forget about it.

Take the other one and draw the symbol of Jupiter on one side. Charge that one by visualizing something generous that you randomly did for someone in the past, then follow it by visualizing a random act of benevolence done for you, especially the nice sense of surprise or alleviation. Then switch back and visualize a random encounter where someone asks for a buck and you give him the sigilized five, and feel the sense of coolness as if you were them on the receiving end. Then take the charged sigil and carry it on you until someone hits you up for money. Give it to them and forget about it. This works best with strangers.

These experiments are fun and interesting ways to show you the “circuit” theory of money magick.


Thank you! I’ll try it next time. :slight_smile:

I made a post about a money spell I got from Lilith,

You should definitely try it! Take control of your needs and manifest it :slight_smile:


Just checking in with you this morning - hope you are OK.

I am sorry if I came across as harsh with you last night. Sadly sometimes a compromise is needed to get what you need and I know magick (at least my own) takes its own sweet time.

Sending you money wouldn’t have helped, let’s be honest, would you have bought food? Would you have gone home?

I looked around to see if there were any soup kitchens now in Stockholm and they’ve closed them, they’ve bloody closed them! There must be more people like you in need William, don’t you think? I can see you doing something with this, starting a cooperative between businesses, using waste food (you know the stuff that’s near its use by) and feeding those who need it - not being an actor but an activist.

Maybe that’s you in a parallel life I don’t know…

Be stronger than your addictions William ☆ YOU are A GOD DEAR FRIEND!

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Om my god how nice of you! Can not describe it in Words…
Im doping Good now I got money from social services and wont spend it in drugs. I promise you. Azazel gives me strenght and Faith in myself and I will, in Good Times, be a successfull actor/musician and with My money help the poor and hopeless…

Thank you again drar Friend!


Thanks alot!!

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I do not condone copyright theft - on this occasion because you absolutely need help NOW
this comes from Adam Blackthorne’s book Sigil’s of Power and Transformation. I was looking at this just now and clicked the surprise me… I think that this is for you. If the moderator needs to remove this post - fine please do. I am buying the book later today.

We stand together and support each other within BALG community fierce brother​:sunglasses: YOU HAVE THE POWER AND STRENGTH WITHIN YOU ALREADY. REALIZE you ARE a true GOD William ☆ You got this brother! Love and Respect. Your not alone brother :muscle::metal::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

Thank you I will meditate on it Every Night! How can I repay you for your kindness?

Awesome, just awesome!! Im sending Good thoughts your way sister!!

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Get clean, and become the best you can be despite everything you’ve gone through - you are not in debt to me - you are however in debt to yourself.


Very, very well Put…!

Thx for the good vibes brother! Your power came through in a very helpful way today. Don’t forget, we are here for one another within this community. BALG☆☆☆