Could it be possible to become a titan class being?

Sure not having any would make things harder to talk about, but the moment you start limiting what you can do because of them you’re just crippling yourself.

The thing about terms and labels is that they’re tools to be discarded when they break, not rulers to dictate what you can and can’t do.

That’s only if you choose to perceive it that way, in which case it’s not the terms and labels but your own mind crippling you, otherwise it doesn’t.

Sure if you’re following chaos magick where you hold onto something as long as it’s useful then discard it, otherwise labels terms are what mold reality, an apple will always be an apple, you can discard the term but it doesn’t stop it from being such nor does it limit anything.


I have absolutely no idea what this part is referring too.

Sure it does.

If you use an apple as a symbol of lust like in the Ishtar apple love spell, it can be used as a symbol of fertility and sexuality. If you use it in the context of the garden of eden, it can be used as a trap and bait in a ritual. Or a symbol of discord and strife, if you use it in context of the golden apple in greek myth.

The key to all of this is that if you’re limited to an apple only in one context as “love-apple” or “strife-apple”, you miss the rest of the “apple-ness” it can be.

In this case, “ascending into a god” and “realizing what you already are” are both different ways of seeing the same thing, so limiting yourself to perceive it only one way or the other is like tearing a piece of a painting out and saying that’s the only part of it there is.

In any case, labels have been defining reality since assyrian times, with their spells based on names and words, and even today with how people can be sent into a frenzy with key words and phrases.

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I agree with you that we can get stuck needlessly debating pointless topics. However, this thread is mainly about the potential for humanity. Can we become a titan class being? The OP assumed we already all knew we could become gods. From our debate, it became clear that not everyone saw things the same way.

Labels aren’t important as what those labels signify. If ascension to becoming a god is seen as a purely intellectual exercise, there could be some real confusion for people trying to understand the point of trying to become a god or “titan class” being, or even an enlightened human. “Ascension to godhood” and “path to enlightenment” imply the active nature of spirituality and the Work. “Realizing what you already are” could be taken the wrong way. Some might think that as long as they realize that we are spiritual beings in the flesh, the work is done. This is clearly something nobody in this thread was really confused about. I just thought it was important to clear that up just in case. Our debate simply cleared up those finer points and really brought home the fact that not everyone sees the whole “ascension to godhood” line as the best label to use.

Even though labels can and do cause for pointless debates arguing semantics, I don’t think this was one of those cases. In debating such complex issues as spirituality, we struggle to find common terms. This is the whole reason for jargon, respective to a given field of study. In spirituality, it is even more important that we are all on the same page because we are talking about our livelihood and spiritual well-being and practice.

Is becoming a god possible? Is becoming a “titan class being” possible? If we don’t agree on what these terms mean, we can’t make progress in exploring the theories and our reason for incarnating in the first place. That is what happened here. We were all just trying to get on the same page. I don’t believe anyone was trying to force any labels on the other simply for the sake of the label itself. We were genuinely defining those labels and establishing common ground for the sake of understanding the question of the OP, and the implications of becoming a god or “titan class being” in practice.

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Sorry to necro but this drives me insane. No. There are spirit’s who’d kill to be in our position. Humanity is as close to an end as anyone’s getting. We are very alive and present in the physical. That’s a lot.

There’s nothing more than ultimate potential