Could it be possible to become a titan class being?

So a concept has been intriguing me recently we know its possible to become a god among men but what about a titan or a promordial being or at least growing to their level of power is it possible and how could it be possible?


Maybe on the Astral Plane, though I’m definitely not sure about our plane.

On the astral where the imagination and desires/fears/emotions are manifestable on a whim. Though unlikely on the physical or etheric etc. however it’s not becoming them it’s just using the flexibility of the plane itself to do what everyone else that goes there can do.

True however we know titans are more powerful than gods anda lot of people strive to be able to affect our plane like a god some claiming to have come close i think i am on the verge of a concept known as soul convergence the process of converting a soul to a different entity


Endulge me please what if it were possible to convert a soul tobe the soul of a titan andthe spul returned to the body could it then affect the physical plane

I believe in the possibility just not done by yourself meaning one would need to find a titan god capable of doing it, as for affecting the physical I don’t think so but it’s a test you could put into play to see for yourself if it will.

I dont have the time to explain but i have the means of performing such a conversion the question is would it be worth it?

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You would need to see the results to see if it’s worth it. Because honestly you won’t know until after lol.

Um…no, they’re not. In every mythology that I know of which includes any sort of titan, they lose to the gods.

The “primordial” titans gave birth to the Greek gods, and the gods, in turn, defeated and imprisoned them.

Tiamat and the other titans of Mesopotamian mythology were defeated by Marduk and the younger gods.

Titans are seen as the primordial “creators” and forces of Chaos, and the younger gods are the forces of Order, reining in, and imprisoning/controlling them. The titans are not more powerful than the gods; in fact I’d wager they are about equal.


In my experience outside of mythology the primordial are stronger than the titan gods and 3rd generation gods. However, most stories of titan gods losing to 3rd generation gods is mostly for entertainment of a order taming chaos ideology not an actuality. Titans aren’t the same as primordials titans are born from primordials, Gaia was a primordial who gave birth to the titans of Greek. Mesopotamia didn’t have titans they had primordial gods and skipped right to annunaki. Anu was the last primordial god before it went to 3rd generation.


True perhaps my wording was a bit off im not necessarily refuring to power but rather their impact capability vs their influence power which the gods take by storm so yes they are equal but arent due to age

True and ironically the romans never confirm the existence of the primordials however i belive it is possible to convert ones soul to the level not into one but on their same level of power and the primodials have the most power as they can influence most planes of realities but as they have lost worship over the years so has their power

Primordial Gods are the elemental energies, the creational energies that make up reality, for them they predate creation but also part of it, while Titan Gods are more of a smaller aspects of that force, for example in greek Chronos was considered the very embodiment of time, yet Kronus is more like an envoy of it, but also was considered king of the Titans, or how Gaia is the primordial of earth and fertility, then Rhea is an envoy of the same thing, then you go to Olympians who are more of a solid/orderly form of the two and on a less cosmic scale and more on a planetary scale. If that makes sense.

However, I don’t think real born gods, primordials, and titans require worship for power but godforms and beings who want to assume the title of a god do. Because I highly doubt humans here are the only people that worship them, especially when they can create in other realms and get power by other means. However primordials are literal embodiments of creation so regardless they don’t need it lol.


True so i think it may be time to iniciate a special trial that will give me the powers of a titan or primordial if i do it right and the staff of unity

If you go about it I’d love to hear the results of this experiment

I wouldnt call it a experiment more of a trial by the world serpent

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Why don’t you just go ahead and report back when you’re done? Surely there can’t be anything worse about having a titan soul compared to a human one.


True however there is the issue of once its done it cant be undone and the soul affects who you are as well

That’s not a problem, I’ve seen souls changed by beings like Nyx and such. I’ve seen Nyx make a reincarnated person’s soul into that of an oneiori. It’s an interesting process as the energy settles and the core being of the person changes. However, their personality didn’t change which I think was more of a “either you control the energy or let the energy control you” because the foreign energy has different properties which either can affect you or you can affect it.

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Very true it would have a short term or long term impact on the person