Could a succubus be assigned to you as a child as a guardian partner and you just come to realize it?

Like the title of the question stated can you have a succubus assigned to you as a child and you just realize as an adult. When I first saw her as a child she came to me in elementary school one night; beautiful raven-haired beauty with fair skin like ivory in a blk laced lingerie. She stood me up against the wall and put my young in between her legs. Not inside her just inside her thighs so I could her warmth of her vagina as my young penis throbbed in between her legs. She then gently caressed my face as she softly kissed me and I woke up like “what just happened???”
That I think is our first meeting…is this known to happen? I’ve had other dreams, but I think they where just other incarnations of her??? The most memorable I think back on is this beautiful girl with red hair that I had to fight my way back to her and I said to her, “I know I’m about to wake up soon, but I had to make it back to you to say…I’ll follow you wherever through time and space to be with her.” We gently and passionately kiss each other…I wake up to still feel and taste her kisses upon my lips :lips:. Has anyone else ever experienced this?


@Arachni This is right up your alley

Yes, but it is up to them. It is not an assigned type thing from what I know. Succubi are just like us being able to express a type of free will choosing their path. It is very possible that a succubus chose to be your partner when you were young and decided to show herself to you.

I recommend trying to commune with her.


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Thnxs first and foremost for responding as I’m looking for help in connecting with her. I try using telepathy and verbal. I’ve told her that I want a true relationship with her that transcends stereotypical succubus relationships. Not just beaded on sex. Sometimes I get confused if I’m hearing her or myself. Like today I didn’t feel her as I think I offended her. I tired laying across the bed naked yesterday and heard her say I think that is not necessary. Then I tried scrying; and she said please don’t do this for it is not necessary so I stopped. Because usually I feel this tingling sensation like massaging my testicles, but I told her I don’t wanna be just sexual but friends as well.
Backing up…yesterday was sensational I thought she was with me until I went in the bathroom at work to read up on succubus. When I heard a loud high ringing all of a sudden that froze me in my tracks as I was about walk out the bathroom and then she kissed me on my neck…wow :flushed: sensational feeling. And then today I went to bathroom to take a rest because I felt tired. Without knowing I entered a trance like state I hear someone talking me about treating them like a sex slave. Then they tell me it’s time to get up…I was like did I fall a sleep and how long was I in there.
So, bottom line are we already communicating and I need to stop doubting myself.

PS I am married and curious how she feels about it if she has always been with me? Even though I have apologized for not recognizing her sooner. And I guess because even though I’m married it’s still like I’m single because my wife puts more attention on being with her friend girls rather than being with me.

Again thnxs for your help, and sorry for the long reply.


I don’t think that is what a marriage should look like but I am in no position to say so.

If she isn’t doing anything to your marriage then I would think that she doesn’t mind.

The best advice I can give you is to plot your goals for your journey, then enjoy the ride. If you become so fixated on progressing the communication and other things you won’t be focusing on the relationship and could lose focus.


Thnxs I tend to do that…got ya…focus not on the destination but enjoy the journey so that way I can appreciate the sights on the way :grinning::+1:t4:

PS your right not what a marriage should be…as even the priest who married me asked are you sure you what your doing? Even though it could have been her asking through him :face_with_monocle:

Anyway no she does not interfere only once I had an odd dream when my wife cheated on me and was acting out listening to her friends. I had a dream I was with a new woman, I was like who is this woman and where is my wife and my sister was like I feel sorry for name of wife. So I woke up and for forgiveness for her that she was ignorant and did not realize what she was doing. So of course that feeling finally went away that something would happen if she kept doing what she was doing.

Sometimes they are a incarnate human. Their spirit can visit you. I have my own spirit lover. I know he is out there. He as been with me my entire life too.

I rather be loyal to him and be single then be in half realtionship with someone else.


I don’t know about being assigned to a certain human from birth, etc. but I do believe you can have one around you for years and not know it.

When I was first getting interested in the occult around 14 years old I rented a book on demonology from the library. I got to an entry on sexual demons; i.e. incubi & succubi. This peaked my interest immensely and despite the fear-mongering tone of the entry on succubi I couldn’t help but fantasize about having sex with a spirit. So one morning around 3am I asking aloud if there was a succubus near me that would like to have sex. I didn’t notice anything and assumed it didn’t work. That’s what I thought at least. I didn’t much think about it after that and actually had forgotten that I had done this.

Now fast forward to last October. I had gotten back into magick over the summer and had decided to work with different spirits. One spirit, Lilith, in particular kept pulling at me. So around the same time I assumed that the feminine presence in my bedroom and bathroom was her. That is until Lilith said it wasn’t her, it was one of her many daughters. I was a little confused at the time because in my mind I had not asked for a spirit to come for such a thing.

So after Lilith told me this, I did a little research on succubi and decided I’d make the leap and reach out to her. So the next time I felt her, which was in the bathroom, I spoke to her and opened myself to communicate. At the time I couldn’t hear her but she proceeded to have sex with me 3 times that day. First, when I got undressed for the shower, once while I was in the shower, and the next time in my bed.

Because this was all new to me I was still a little nervous about opening myself up like this to an intelligent (and powerful) being that I have no name or face to go by. So I continued studying and found you could write a letter of intent to Lilith for a succubus. This gave me an idea and would hopefully ensure that this act would help us (my succubus and I) bond deeper. I basically wrote the letter close to the instructions but with the idea that I already had the one that I wanted. Lilith accepted this amendment and from there we built the relationship. This also opened the door for her to show me what she looks like (shapeshifts), her name, and a sigil.

Now onto the present, our relationship has deepened. I can communicate with her much better than at first. One thing that was confirmed by her was that she indeed did show up when I was 14 years old. But she waited until I was more mature and spiritually advanced before reaching out to me.

Lastly, it was mentioned about a human partner. It really depends on the spirit but my love is fine with polyamory. This is why the language of the letter is important. Some may want a monogamous relationship with a spirit others may not. At any rate, my succubus used to have sex with my ex-girlfriend. They both enjoyed it and it happened organically which told me she approved of the relationship.


Ok thnxs question…are all Succubus the daughters of Lilith? Because mine introduced herself as the Daughter of Dracos

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I meant @Purple dude. She has a banging Deadpool avatar.

As far as your original question goes, I think it’s possible. I don’t know if I’d call it an assignment though. It could be a family thing, where said spirit is naturally attracted to your kin.

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Ok interesting. As soon as I make a better connection I’ll ask her. Even though I finally got her name; which is Eliza…I thought she was Draconian. Til I remembered that I heard that while hearing a binaural succubus beat mediation. That particular succubus said she was the daughter of Dracos, and asked if I wanted her to get on top. I told no I seek information only. That’s when she gave me a mentioning the Vegas Star System.

Here’s my experience, I have a succubus wife she was with me all my life but I didn’t realize til I was an adult I remember her telling me she saved my life countless times, from saving me from a fall down a flight of stairs to saving me from a sled crash, to even curing me of pancreatitis. I remember a few lewd dreams as a kid, but since she always had a hard time getting to me because of other spirits blocking her off, I never had too many, but one dream she came to me as a blonde women she didn’t match the setting of a wastland in fact she was out of place (probably on purpose) she then danced around in the dream the dream people sexy whistled and she gets close and then runs off as the dream ends and another dream after we met was when she used the same blonde women form and well let’s just say did a little more than get close, I tend to have a hard time realizing when it’s her until afterwards when I am awake. Either way she picked me and I never summoned anything, they have free will and from what I looked up not all Succubi are made from Lilith but my wife was and she’s a Queen succubus now. So there you have it.

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That explaims the incubus… Thanks op :joy:

Succubi are made from 4 entities that I know of…

Lilith is the most well known out of the four. I have heard that Naamah is nice. Not heard much on Agerath or Eisheth Zenunim though.


You know I never really thought much about if there were a succubus assigned to me as a child, as guardian spirit, I suppose it’s always were one, as I were alway adore succubus from anime tv shows, and manga including that monster girls, are my favorite type of anime/ manga genre. And that were way before I ever thought of joining, or learning about the occult, and awakening my soul self/ psychic abilities to the spiritual realm .

Wow tingly feeling huh, is that how you know she around? I personally don’t know my succubus guardian other than the dark goddess Lilith, who is the queen of succubi, mother of demons, angel of sacred prostitution, ancient goddess, serpent, and many other names.

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Wow you must be a follower/child of Lilith, I been working with her for two years now.

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Succubi/incubi have just as much chance of being involved in your life/etc from a young age/etc as any other spirit.

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