Corwin Hargrove’s books

I tried it both way an in between, and it made no difference. The main thing that seems to matter is getting into a decently deep trance state.

I must admit, I’ve not had any issues with being ‘smelly’ and offending the entities with bo or the wrong incense… I have sometimes asked for opinion on incense to burn and felt like I got a preference.

I do find being in fasted or in a ketogenic state via diet makes me feel clearer and makes TGS easier. But I have issues with the lectins in grains that fog me up.

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The void meditation is what gets me closer. So I think I’ll just do the meditation and then follow a summary of the ritual in the grimoire (I always write my own summaries for any grimoire, it works better for me this way).

Hope this works.

Thanks, man.

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I just wanted to chime in here that Hargrove’s books are a hit for me. I highly recommend.

I have the book practical Djinn magick by Hargrove. I gotta say it is absolutely superb. I’ve used the rituals exactly verbatim as he presents them and I’ve achieved very satisfying results. These results were powerful and real fast.

I love the guy’s attitude.
I can tell you if you prepare the way he suggests in Magickal Influence, his minimalist approach works because you’ve done the immersion in a potent way.

If you roll out of bed after having sex, eat 3 pieces of cold pizza and throw on some underwear with holes in it and try and perform a ritual from one of his books, you’ll get what you get…