Corrupting the christian threat: i will pray for you

So IT seems that when elder christian people say "i will pray for you " is actually a dangerous threat. IT seems they automatically think they have the upper Hand which including the principles of LoA is a danger for luciferian people or satanists with weak defences. We know that thaughts are transported immediatly in a group between people with the same interests /vibration and this was proved allready. So when a group of people automatically think its better and more powerful than an individual then this mental construct can get to be really dangerous and not just a threat. The question is how to detect that danger, to block it and even revert IT immediatly


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Eh. I don’t really perceive a threat here in most cases.

Most of these people are going to talk to their god and ask him to help/assist you with whatever troubles you are having…

That’s like when I do a ritual for someone with the djinn. I’m going in their stead and making a request on their behalf. :woman_shrugging:

I really think you black magicians, worry way too much over religions.

Even if they are praying for you be saved some day, is it really hurting you, that they are asking their god to let you into their fold someday? You just never know, you might decide you want that sort of magic- one day later.


And that is where the problem might be too :thinking:

Thats totally sweet!!! I consider myself a witch cause magicians seem more elaborate in their complicated workings


Actually, the worst they can do is to wish for you health and good luck in general, so I don’t think this could be a threat for anyone 💁
Instead, you can take this as empowerment and use their thoughts for your benefit :wink:
Did you think of this…?


I don’t think you have too much to worry about honestly. Just do you, and let them do themselves. If you are doing the normal banish and protect yourself, they won’t do anything but making a baseless appeal to their god, in most cases.


Well. They Might pray for his salvation, but I’d assume by now, he knows how to banish and protect and prevent an ergregore and ancient beings from getting in his way.

It’s really that simple in my mind.

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Wait do they consider him as a black magician then when saying this?
I thought it was just a phrase all the christians say to eachother to show companion lol


It depends on if he’s shouting from the rooftops he’s practicing to everyone and their brother, or if he does like me and lets everyone assume I believe in god, even if I don’t attend church.

If someone asks, I just tell them I think spirituality is more complicated than what church teaches us, and that I can connect with god anywhere- I don’t need a church to do so.

I really think a lot of people in this life, make their own lives way more complicated by needing to tell everyone what they are.


Nope only my covens and a few old friends who know that

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Then really you don’t have anything to worry about imop :grin: I started to retype why, but I’d just be being redundant, cuz I can see you already read my thoughts on it!

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You’re right nevertheless i must be careful cause i have some people who invite me to their church and i always say no :sweat_smile: there came a ‘’ i will pray for you ‘’ that IT felt like a energy attack somehow.


Eh, I think you might be being a bit over sensitive on it, most people legit are just worried about your soul making it to heaven. Banish and protect as normal when you hear these things, and then forget them and everything will be just fine :slight_smile:

I mean honestly- can you imagine what it feels like, when you believe in the heaven/hell concept, to know that someone you love might not make it?

It’s awful for them, so just take care of you and they will feel better, thinking they are helping you.


Ty for helping me clearing that up @Keteriya and @Dimitra :sweat_smile:


Yeah. I get their side/reasoning, but I know if you are decent at this, it won’t effect you.

When I was teenager, I used to pray, I know you don’t do this god, but please, know that I would give my spot to my daddy if I could, please don’t let him go to hell, he’s had a hard life and his mistakes are not all his fault.

I couldn’t bare the thought of my daddy suffering for eternity, when he was truly a good person in his heart.


Ι feel this is seen as a curse by you :rofl::rofl:but seriously, its your stress causing this feeling. :wink:
@Keteriya how fast are you typing??? Lmao


I average about 73 words per minute now-a-days, but in my prime I was at about 98 lol

You should all thank god that I slowed down as I aged. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You might also want to thank him, that my fingers have never moved as fast as my brain does lmao.


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Excellent point.

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Honestly it drives me nuts how slow most of you reply. I can see the little scrolling thing, telling me to wait a few minutes and I get damned impatient lmao. :grin: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well, with particularly unpleasant individuals that can be found in any faith, a statement like that could be used as a means of applying social pressure. That can be deflected through shielding and taking care of your own well being so there is no cracks for that kind of manipulation to slip in. That being said, there are people who genuinely care for other people and do what to “share the blessings” or vibes if you will. So, unless the individual comes off as a jerk with their nose high in the air, its not something i would worry about beyond daily practice of shielding and taking care of yourself for the other benefits those practices hold anyways.

If they know what you might believe they might be talking to Yahweh to tell him to curb your magick or try to forcefully change your beliefs so you don’t “burn in hell”.

I see it as a form of baneful magick, especially when it’s used the way I stated above. Christians who do this are trying to use their own magick to attack your will or make your spells less effective. Even when you tell them not to pray for you they do it anyway. They think they’re doing something “good” but they’re actually being manipulative. I’ve dealt with people doing this to me before. No one would like it if a black magician was casting spells on them, I don’t think Christians should get a free pass for this either.