Cord cutting

I plan to have a cord cutting done with a little bit of assistance, I know the working can be quite draining but I more so wish to do it for two individuals and not myself… my question is , will it sever their relationship/feelings.? I heard from a Friend a mutual attempted one for themselves and their father and probably a day later he ended up leaving and disappearing on the family, As cord cutting is powerful would there be any specific wording to use just to cause two people to go separate ways ?.

It’s more about the visualisation than the wording. I’d say use whatever words mean the most to you.

I’ve found cutting more effecting for attachments to me than from me to others. Sometimes it does nothing. Sometimes I see many cords of different strengths and qualities at different levels, and you have to get all of them, sometimes you only want specific ones representing certain kinds of attachment, sometimes they grow back.

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Gotcha , I’ll keep this in mind. I’ve been layering my workings lately because I know that’s useful and saw little movement

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