Corborbath Success using Magick of Influence

So I followed the process outlined in Corwin Hargrove’s book Magick of Influence to change a person’s mind about a certain topic. They did not seek me out but I had to speak to them about the situation, there was a reluctance but effectively my point was agreed to. This is something that would have not been possible before without this working.

I would like to thank Corborbath for assisting me in delivering the help I needed. I will most likely work with this spirit again. Follow the steps, you should achieve success like I did. Just wanted to put this out there, very effective. You have to take the initiative to do things, seek X out about what you are talking about then you will get the result


I’ve not worked with this book, however I found his methods of working with djinn to be effective. I’m glad to hear you have had some success :).

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do you mean the book Practical Jinn Magick: Rituals to Unleash the Powers of The Fire Spirits? i heard there was a 50% for results? what is your take on that ?

@Quindecim yes I mean that one. I’ve used the rituals, at least ten times- quick glance over my journal- and I only see one thing that didn’t work, and rather it just didn’t work out how I wanted.

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i wanted to buy this book, but i saw some reviews where people where saying. djinns are dangerous ect… did you do additional protective and banishing rituals? the results did they manifest quickly? if so how quickly days, months, years? and what kind of rituals did you do? by this i mean petitions, pathworkings or evocations? thanks in advanced.

@Quindecim Essentially all of the rituals are the same format, what changes is your request, and the djinn kings you call upon. It’s basically evocation, but you might want to write down your request- tho I haven’t I believe he recommends it. I did use the flamboyant language he encourages though every time.

Now then as far as results go-I actually did A ritual last night around 11pm, granted I’ve shortened it quite a bite from his original now, but I had Results at 9:41 this morning. The ritual was to force an ending.

In the past I’ve used his rituals for:
Weakening resistance, encouraging stupidity in another, to unlock a situation, increase abundance, financial persuasion, untamed riches, make people see the worst in another, and make people see the best in you. Some of these I’ve used a couple of times.

Untamed riches lead to my ex sending me checks for $2600 about three weeks after. He didn’t owe it to me and I sure didn’t ask for it. I needed the money however so I was glad to see it.

Financial persuasion I used last April as I was up for my disability evaluation, I was in a homeless shelter and really couldn’t handle trying to figure out how I was going to get to and from the extra testing and everything they originally asked for. I talked someone once at the end of may, then they approved me for another two years in September based on the testing I was able to get done locally- so I didn’t end up needing a five hour trip when I didn’t have a car to the nearest facility. I considered this a win as well.

I used the unlock situation to find housing, and a job for my ex roommate. I did this ritual the first week of may last year and had a house with reasonable rent on the 21st. My roommate got a job she was in no way shape or form qualified or experienced for and started on June 12.

Most of the others I saw results in about the same time frame- a month to about three.

I think the only one I haven’t seen at least some results on- is increase abundance. Honestly that’s probably a lack of motivation to find something I can do at home, that isn’t family or occult related that would make money.

Now then, dangerous— eh aren’t all spirits? These appeared no more dangerous to me than the loa or abaddon, or any of the spirits I’ve tangled with so far. I didn’t use any protection at all, and banishing? Eh. I was in a homeless shelter and really still at the beginning of my journey. I’m pretty sure Hargrove didn’t recommend it unless you had issues, but he did included a ritual to banish and stop all djinn activity at once by scattering them.

Now to be fair, I did banish last night prior to my working, but did not after.

But the flip side is the first time I summoned the djinn at the shelter- it freaked me the Fck out. It was daylight even, no one in the house but me, so I locked myself in the basement bathroom and did the rituals in the shower stall to try to hide the candle smell. I was probably over trying on secrecy there but it was literally a house for domestic violence women and they had super tight rules- I couldn’t get thrown out but thought I had to do this. So I did. But it- idk, my fear was huge as soon as I knew I was not alone.

Last night? I wasn’t afraid. I was alone after dark, outside with a fire in our fire pit. It was pleasant, while seemingly uneventful event lol.


I would love to discuss this further with you in PMs, somehow I can’t send PMs despite getting my rank up

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You can’t send PMs because you are still at TL 1, which is basic. You have to hit “Member,” which is TL2, before they kick in.


Was that meant to be at me or someone else?


thank you for time and energy to respond, also thank you for the effort you did to type that whole book you just did. if you only had given bread crumbs as information i was more than happy with that. i’m sorry to hear you where in a homeless shelter. especially during covid19 wtf.
i hope you situation will get better. but know there is only one person how can change that.

i will buy this jinn book right now, i was waiting for the information in the reply you just send.
i do not have my astral senses opened, so i dont know if i can work with this jinn book since its about evocations. but i can always try or wait until i’m ready. the reason i’m interested in this jinn book is, because the 72 demons are well know. and i think there are a lot of thought forms or egregores related to the 72 demons
so i dont want to contact a imposter spirit.
i dont know if it works like that, but thats just my gut feeling.

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how long in time does it take to be given a member status? or does it goes with posts or topics than one makes?

is the member status the same as the regular status?

Good luck :). I didn’t have my senses at all really when I first used the book. A handful of weird experiences, but nothing consistent prior. I’ve come leaps and bounds- I even went through a period of time last summer/fall that I couldn’t turn off seeing.

It was kinda freaky-I could tell it wasn’t physical shit, but it was … like it all sat right in top of the physical, like an overlay in a game I can’t turn off. Now I seem to have more choice over it, but there are still plenty of times I want to see Or hear and don’t. Then ofc there are times I’m minding my own business and something butts in-leaving me with no choice but to see or hear.

The struggle is real lol. I always want to see more clearly but imagine that will come with time.

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I believe it has to do with how active a poster they are. They more the post the sooner it unlocks. I could however, be misquoting @Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight


No, it is not the same. Member status is Trust Level 2, and Regular is Trust Level 3, which takes much longer to reach.

It has to do with activity. Making posts, reading posts, giving likes, logging in every day, all go toward it… If a new member is actively participating in the community, it can take as little as 3 or 4 days to unlock the ability to PM.


AT you @Keteriya

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@Pandagoose Then I can open one and you send whatever.

Edit: sent a pm. I believe you can respond To it regardless of member status.

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can i pm to you? to test if i have the ability to pm?

I can tell you right now that you do. If you check your profile it says “Member,” so it is unlocked.

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In my defense I’m bored. I can’t help it.

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i thought only regular folks can send a pm, thanks for clearing that up