Convo with Lilith

I think I’m gonna be writing my progress here because I wanna share it with everyone.

September 14, 2021

This is the first time that I will be meditating in tribute for Lilith and because I wanted to connect with her. As I fell deeper into the trance in my meditation, I saw a gate in my mind, and also at this time my 3rd eye is also opened. It was a huge black gate without a lock, there were some words carved into the gate but unfortunately, I can’t understand what it is. The gate opens and I felt the pull to enter the gate, so I did enter.

There were many trees, it’s like a forest and yet the road was clear. As I walk forward the sight of a temple is drawing near and a statue of a lady, it was without a doubt Lilith. I arrived at the temple and entered through the entrance. There were paintings inside the temple and the temple itself was quite alluring.

I kept walking and finally arrived at the throne room, where Lilith sits on her throne. She looks at me as if she were expecting me. She stood up from her throne and approaches me.

Me: Hi?
Lilith: Interesting
Me: Huh? Is something wrong?
Lilith: Why are you here?
Me: Well, I wanted to connect with you
Lilith: For what reason?
Me: …

For some reason, I can’t answer her and maybe I felt shy in telling her.

Lilith: Whatever reason it is, of course, you can.
Me: Thank you!
Lilith: However… You need to hone your senses before you come back.
Me: How do I do that?
Lilith: You already know how to do that, you just refuse to do it.

Then a very intense headache came over me and ‘she’ came.

Her: Hey Lilith! It’s been a while.

Lilith looks at her.

Lilith: I see, so you are the reason why he’s always drained.
Her: I can’t help it and besides he allows me to do so
Lilith: So it seems, it really has been a while. Why are you with him?
Her: It’s a matter of life and death.
Lilith: Ahhhh, you two are bounded?
Her: Yeah, but it’s not bad being a human. You should try it sometimes.
Lilith: I’m already past that. Anyway, why did you decide to show yourself?
Her: Connection. A deep one, with us.
Lilith: That’s possible…
Her: Then that’s all! See you soon.

The intense headache stopped.

Lilith: Come with me
Me: What’s with these connections she and you are talking about?
Lilith: Ties

We walked into a room with a table carved with a sigil in the middle.

Lilith: Lay down
Me: Okay? What are you doing?

She didn’t answer and pulls a knife, it wasn’t an ordinary knife. She stabbed me in the chest and yet I can’t feel any pain at all. She cuts her finger and a drop of her blood drops into my wounded chest. I felt a surge of energy throughout me.

Lilith: Get up, it is finished.

I noticed that the wound that she gave me is now gone. All that is left is the table which is filled with blood.

Me: This is weird
Lilith: How is it weird?
Me: How can I know if this is all true and not a dream?
Lilith: Why don’t you try to move your physical body

I tried getting back in my physical body and I tried to move as she said, but something is restricting me and my body itself is heavy. Whenever I would try to force it, an unknown seal will appear in my mind and for some reason, I fear it.

Me: I can’t…
Lilith: Exactly, this isn’t a dream.
Me: Then while I’m here I would like to ask some questions!
Lilith: As long as I am allowed to answer it.
Me: How can I do a scan? The one where you can see spirits surrounding a person?
Lilith: You can’t do it yet, I suggest that you clear your mind first.
Me: But my mind is already clear.
Lilith: Corruption, grief, loneliness. You haven’t experienced these and yet your mind is full of them.

I bit my lip.

Lilith: Don’t let the past and the future worry you, let them go.
Me: Maybe… Soon.
Lilith: Do as you wish.
Me: Can I stay here for a while?
Lilith: Yes, however, I won’t be here.
Me: That’s okay.
Lilith: So be it.

She left the room and I spent some time in the room before getting back to the real world.

Me: Oh sheets, I forgot to thank her!

This is what happened on my first night, the ‘her’ that I’m talking about is what I cannot comprehend if she is a piece of my mind, an alter ego or a spirit. But she’s been with me for the past 4 years. I came to the conclusion that she’s an alter ego of mine.


September 15, 2021

Since I already been to that place, my meditation only took a few minutes and I got there much faster than before. I came straight to her temple.

Me: Hello Lady Lilith!

She looks at me with an eyebrow raising.

Lilith: Just call me Lilith.
Me: But–
Lilith: Respect dear, never forget that. Besides are you seriously doing that right now?
Me: Fine, just when I decided that I will be polite to you.
Lilith: I understand your intention, but the others wont.

I nod in response.

Lilith: So, what do you want?
Me: Power
Lilith: What kind?
Me: I still don’t know…
Lilith: That’s a lot more better than the last time. Follow me.

I followed her as we exit her temple and walked through the forest.

Me: Why is it always forest?
Lilith: I’m quite fond of them.
Me: Why so?
Lilith: Always so full of question
Me: Curiosity always strikes me. Is that a bad thing?
Lilith: Yes and no.
Me: I get it, I get it.

We reached another gate, but this time it’s a lot bigger than the first gate and another lady is in front of it.

Lilith: Do you know where this gate leads to?
Me: I read this from the book. It’s the Qlipoth?
Lilith: Indeed. You can find here what you are seeking.
Me: But isn’t it dangerous
Lilith: Yes
Me: I’d rather not want to do that
Lilith: So be it, but the gate stays here whenever you need it.
Me: Can we go around? I didn’t think that this place would be so spatious.
Lilith: Sure, I know a waterfall near here.
Me: Wow! I would like to see that

We walked away from the huge gate and went to the waterfall.
Me: I can’t believe that there is such a place here

We spent some time together in silence until ‘she’ came.

Her: What are you two doing? Are you really wasting your time here?
Me: It’s peaceful here, don’t ruin it
Her: There is no time for that, eat the fruit!
Me: What fruit?
Her: The fruit from the tree! The one from your dreams! You always have it with you

I imagined the fruit and it appeared in my hand.

Lilith: Are you sure about this?
Her: Yeah

I ate the fruit without hesitation and felt my stomach getting bad.

Lilith: You should go now
Me: I think I will
Lilith: Goodluck

My stomach in my physical body began to hurt too. But before I go back I managed to thank her.

Me: Hey Lilith, Thank you!

She didn’t answer but she smiled and ended my meditation.

The fruit was from my dreams, it was from my own tree that I planted. I don’t know how it affected me but until now my stomach hurts and the other parts of my body as well. I didn’t understand why Lilith said goodluck to me, maybe these pain is related to that.


That’s awesome


September 16, 2021

I didn’t meet with Lilith today and got some rest since I got advice from @MagickVigilante which really helped a lot. I didn’t get splitting headaches anymore and the pains stopped too. Also, some unfortunate things happened this day since some of our family members(which is my uncle’s family) has been confirmed that they have recently have been in contact with people who have covid. Is this why Lilith said “goodluck”?


September 17,2021

I came to Lilith’s temple and surprisingly i didn’t find her. I walked to the forest and saw the hooded lady in the gate. I finally remembered her name, Naamah. I asked her if she knew where Lilith is.

Me: Do you know where Lilith is?
Naamah: She’s behind this door
Me: When will she be out?

She didn’t answer and opened the door instead.

Naamah: Why don’t you find out yourself?
Me: Do I really need to? I really don’t want to enter
Naamah: But you already did

I looked at the opened door and there was only darkness inside.

Me: Fine, I’ll go inside

I walked inside and the moment I stepped inside, a surge of energy suddenly rushed within me. I kept walking and I can feel my body going numb. All I can is darkness and I decided to close my eyes while walking. As I close my eyes, I can feel something trying to pull me in but it wasn’t working at all. After a while, I suddenly felt like I was falling, good thing it didn’t affect my trance at all. I fell to a dark ground and i didn’t feel any pain, yet I heard a voice that resonated within me.

"What about me? "

It kept repeating that question over and over. Unfamiliar memories began to appear in my mind, it felt familiar but I can’t remember them at all. In one of them, I was happily talking with someone which is a boy but his face is blurred and the end of that memory was him killing me. At those final moments, I felt the agony, the pain and despair of that memory. There were more but I can’t seem to remember some of them anymore.

After that I came back to the gate before I knew it, Lilith and Naamah arealready there.

Lilith: I’m surprised you got through easily.
Me: Huh? I got through? I didn’t remember what I did back there

At that time, i can’t remember what I did. I only remembered them after I opened my eyes.

Lilith: Well you’ll know it later. Do you still want to continue?
Me: I don’t know, I feel like I already have enough for tonight.
Lilith: I see, then come see me whenever you are ready.
Me: I have a question!
Lilith: What is it?
Me: Can I also enter the tree of life?

Lilith and Naamah looked at each other.

Naamah: What are you trying to accomplish?
Lilith: You can… But it will be hard since you have established a connection with the qliphoth
Me: Well, that means I can still enter it. But I also have a nother question. Naamaha can you teach me how to sing?
Lilith: …
Naamah: …

There was a silence for a minute before Naamah decided to break it.

Naamah: You really are weird but maybe some other time
Me: Sure! Then I better geoing now. Thank you Lilith and Lady Naamah!

After meeting with them, I felt depressed all of a sudden and the memories from earlier began to re appear. I cried all night because of that.


Interesting that I just did a Lilith Invocation about an hour or so ago, I join this board, and see this. although, I am sure this is a popular topic.

Your experiences are interesting. Mine today were absolutely more subtle. however, I asked Lilith today to meet me in my dreams. I am hoping to have her or Namaah guide me in astral travel to a nearby graveyard.


I’ll be doing an invocation soon on the full moon too and also you can also share your experience with Lilith and Naamah. I would be happy to hear/read about it!

Absolutely- I have been working within this Qlipha with Dreams, Tantra, and Ritual Magick for a while. I have also been studying the runes. I have had some really cool experiences with Lilith. It/ She is very powerful. Out in the wild/ forest/ country areas is where I have gotten the best results. One night during an invocation in the woods, i was focusing on the darkness out in the woods while i was near my fire for the invocation. I started hearing the snapping of large limbs in the woods and then a whole tree went down. it was really loud! This could have been coincidence, but yeah I dont know. it was perfect timing. My dog was freaking out. IT actually scared the shit out of me and i ran into the trailer for a moment. when I came back out everything was fine and quiet for the night. this was during an “Utesitta”


I think that was a nice experience, I mean no people could have done that to a tree in the middle of a night unless they are sleepchopping woods XD.

By the way what is Utesitta? Is it a song or a meditation?

spending a night or more out in nature, and meditating. it is best to do alone and with complete silence, not even talking to yourself or your dog


I would like to do that too as soon as pandemic is over

I recommend it. I am doing it again next week actually! Sort of close to the equinox, not right on it unfortunately. I am lucky enough to have some land i can use. My father and law owns a plot of land out in farm country.


Thats very fortunate of you then and thank you for telling me this

@Karma1 loving this thread and your diary. Keep em coming!


Will do!


Same here, very interesting to read!


Can’t wait to hear more of your travels through the Qlipoth. Lilith was the first Goddess I called upon and I’ve worked with Naamah a few times as well. Good luck to you!


I should also point out too real quick that she also invited me to work with the Qlipoth when I first started working with her and now hearing as to why she showed you the gate. I think I finally have an understanding why. Ironic isn’t it?


Welp truth be told I really don’t know how I began working with the Qlipoth, I think I just went with the flow I guess.

September 18, 2021

I felt something when I entered the gate to meet Lilith and Naamah, oh boy I was right. A feather fell from the sky and when I picked it up, a figure of a man landed in front of me.

Him: Come with me, this will be faster

He grabs me without waiting for me to respond and flies away with him. We landed in front of the huge gate where Lilith, Naamah and a another man.

Me: Are you…?

I heard ‘her’ whisper something to me.

Her: Lucifer…

I got a good look at his face and his wings. I admired the beautiful dark color of his wings.

Lilith: What a surprise, what are you doing here with him?
Lucifer: I have some business with him. I’ll be dragging him away the moment he’s finished here.
Samael: What’s the rush? (at first, i don’t know who this is but I figured who he is)
Lucifer: …

Samael approaches me and I felt his gaze.

Samael: I was waiting but lucky you, I came instead.
Me: How is that lucky?

He didn’t answer and turns his gaze towards Lucifer.

Lilith: Unfortunately, you can’t enter unless you finish what you started.
Me: What I started? Wait I’m confused
Naamah: Attempt to enter the gate when you feel you are ready.
Lucifer: That’s that, you aren’t needed here. Let’s go.
Me: Wait…!

He grabbed me and flies again, this time my mind went blank for a minute until we landed again.

Me: Where did you bring me? And why are you in a rush?
Lucifer: What do you see here?

I looked around and all I can see is darkness.

Me: Nothing
Lucifer: Then we are at nothing.

I actually can’t tell if he’s sarcastic or not.

Lucifer: For your next question, I hate wasting time.
Me: Then stop wasting it! Let me out of here!

He sighs

Lucifer: All you have to do is to open your eyes, I’m not keeping you prisoner

I can’t think of a comeback and felt embarassed.

Me: T-then goodbye!
Lucifer: Wait, before you go, maybe you can give me that fruit.
Me: What do you need it for.
Lucifer: I’m hungry.

At this point, I’m seriously wanted to smack his head or something but I remember what Lilith said about respect which I failed to do, again.

Me: And if I don’t?
Lucifer: Then I will drag you away. Every. Single. Time.
Me: Ughh, fine. If you can take me there, I will.

He grabs me again and flies away.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in front of the tree that I grew almost 5 or years ago. There were many fruits hanging around it’s branches and it definitely didn’t grow at all. When I was to pluck a fruit, a snake appeared.

Snake: You will give the fruit to this gentleman?
Me: Yeah, because he said that he’s hungry.
Snake: “Hungry” I see.

After I plucked he fruit, the snake disappeared. I gave it to him and he ate it.

Me: How did you know this place?
Lucifer: Because I already been here, you can also come here anytime because of your connection with this tree.
Me: Is there anythinf special here?
Lucifer: A gate
Me: A gate
Lucifer: Yes and if you’re gonna ask me where it is… Go find it yourself.
Me: So you won’t help me?
Lucifer: Nope.

He snapped his fingers and everythinf went dark again.

Lucifer: You can go now
Me: Wha–

I didn’t get to finish my sentence because I suddenly opened my eyes. I wonder if he’s grumpy all the time and I even wanted to ask him many questions too.