Who would like to talk this evening? I’m up for a chat over Skype or Facebook or any other messenger if not a hassle to sign up for. You can pick a topic or I’ll choose. Been into the occult and metaphysics for nearly 20 years now.


If you are doing public readings on BALG forum about the problems members may be facing, would you be able to take a few minutes to check if my financial problems will be over soon ( if you feel you can help with your psychic senses)? I would be grateful for the help and I don’t mind a public reading here.

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I’m not certain if the forum rules and regulations allow for me to do readings… just yet at least… I believe that I had read somewhere you need to be active on here for three (3) months first.

If I find out otherwise I’d be more than glad to help you.

In Godlike power and boldness; I send the best and highest energy your way, with your consent only of course.

—Alan Elohim a/k/a Phil


That is so nice of you x

I hope you become and stay a part of our BALG family x

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I always aim to please. Glad to hear that you like my presence here.


Thats a really cool (godlike) picture and the pentagram locket rocks x Hope to have you here as a part of our growing family x


Yay! Someone pays attention to the rules.

But there is the power sensing thread you can participate in, if you wish. Its an energy sensing/reading thread.


Well I’m going to make it a point to research that very topic, rule, norm, etc. If it does actually exsist I can see the value behind having enacted it. It’s truly a shame that us real guys and gals need to always be put into the default position of skepticism, doubt or outright fraud


It is a rule, thank you @MagickMan2018 for observing this! :+1:

We have serious reasons for having the rule, anyone can keep up a false front for a short period oif time, but 3 months being active, they give themselves away.

it also gives people enough posts to decide if they want to let that person into their reality, give them personal, even highly sensitive, information, and so on. :+1:

Otherwise anyone can breeze in with fake info and claims, and people won’t be able to get a feel for the quality of their posts and their general demeanour.

To create wiggle room would be to start having responsibility fall on the mods to verify people, and that just cannot happen, it’s unfair to us and creates a very weird situation,