Conversation About Gods & Power

Confirmations exist in experiences, if you are someone whose never been exposed to a bunch of people going “aye we’re all Gods” and in your experiences a being goes “you can become a god” then I’m more prone to believing that experience then someone who is exposed to that belief on a daily basis and they just so happen to have a gnosis of all these well-known beings going “omg man let me tell you, you’re a God through and through dude no doubt” the former to me personally is a gnosis that clearly couldn’t of been tainted while the other is clearly an adopted mentality that bled into their gnosis which is what I mean by tainted gnosis.

Astral projection isn’t soul travel. Going to a mental plane doesn’t mean anything. If you can’t flex all this imaginary power on the physical it doesn’t mean squat. Too much astral projection and not enough work on the physical can lead to a lot of delusion.

That concept doesn’t work for this instance, you’ll get the title “winner” if it was a contest but no you don’t magickally become something else for beating another entity in something.

The imagination is a powerful thing in the mental plane and as a placebo effect but it doesn’t do shit for you if you’re talking about becoming a living “God” and can’t do anything on the physical besides write online that some being said you have a lot of power “hidden inside you”

The astral is a mental plane, the scaling is uncomparable.


This is my favorite sentence in all this forum. For real.


Too be fair I had huge doubt in this site and the magicicans here.

I had channeled a few beings and had learned how to mental project within a few days. But still I did not think it was real.

I asked two gatekeepers for “all the power in the world just give me the most spiritual experience ever”

Man did I get what I asked for and more :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember after thinking all the thought in existence and having every soul I had come into contact with talk to me there was a point where I was like oh…im crazy like actually bat shit. But then I was like…well I kinda asked for my entire reality to be shattered.

Damn you right. No one gets paid money to write stories about their experience and their imaginary world. I mean thats not going to do shit.

What good will a few letters and hallucinating at a dead piece of tree do for someone?

Im a humble god though :roll_eyes:

I dont need to flex, for me thats pointless. Usually when I flex its in the mirror and I do that for my own self esteem, or to impress others.

Why am I going to flex my superior brain hacks on the humans lol?

Hey bro sit back and listen to me explain the inner workings off all reality usuing all the information ive gained over the years.



I can understand, and I can agree, but maybe it’s because I’m more on the mentality of grow as yourelf not try and be something youre not kind of mentality…I don’t know lol.

Writing a book is a job but can you manifest money? writing about occult stuff is just a writing job it’s not the same as using your abilities to affect reality.

Humble or not, if you have nothing to show for it on the physical there’s no point in going “aye im a god” or “aye this being said im a god” which I’m pretty sure is the person’s desires bleeding into it but whatever helps. As you can see when many go “im this and this idc what anyone says” and never says anything about what they can do on the physical.


damn what is enlightent.

Im just some ape from a long line of apes, interpreting trillions of light particles, while keeping myself alive without thinking. I mean really im no where near a god. Im just an accumulation of fluids from two other apes who met at a random time and gave me a specific name out of the bond of their love.

I mean who am I to claim myself a god? Im just a trillion living beings built into one super being if anything im a mecha but then whos the pilot?

And a cool one at that.

Or maybe a Titan.

Where Im from Titans reign over gods so im cool with that :wink:


Titans are Gods but have fun with that, it sounds like my view is hurting your feelings if you need to try and make snide remarks, but hey :man_shrugging: if that’s how you need to get out your frustration, by all means, flex that sarcasm my dude :wink: Let me know when you can have an actual conversation without all the other useless additions lol. Until then I have something else to do.


Bro you caught me red handed as I said before…can you stop this now please?

Im busy talking to another sentient being across hundreds of miles with invisible frequencies and signals I cant see trying to convince him im Titan, not some lowely god.
Meanwhile traveling 50mph in a car that a different being is operating while I listen to a man from 1970s se
Sarauhnate sarinate (see i cant even spell properly obv not god tier )me with his mortal voice. Im so glad I have that society hack installed where even if i input the words wrong people can understamd what im saying.

But like I said before im in competition with another looser looking at a black mirror talking online in a planet in a galaxy far far away.


All while in a story arc to individuate myself and become the true Titan I know I can be, to do this I have to work with the femine energy I hate the most, shes a way better pilot then me but we have a really important mission to make me the devil incatnate later down the story line. Currently Im working on my communication skills. I hope the exp from this year of communicating to occultist mechas will prove useful. Otherwise I joined this covenant for no reason.

And idk about you but Im not into guilds, societies, or weird online discussions with fictional avatars unless im gaining exp.

what if i could read minds at the same time?

Lmao, weird flex but okei. :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

nah lmao theyre Titans who are you to tell me im ACTUALLY a Titan I think id know i eat god like you for breakfast (all cap, thats zoomer talk for issa joke)


Besides I wouldnt let my nervous system let my heart race increase and cortisol pump into my brain. That would be humiliating.

Im just wanted to be noticed and liked by my senpai and friends as well as hop on the @Maxwell discussion team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont bother responding though :sneezing_face:
I feed off of attention like that

But can you get possessed by another entity so you can walk on astral? If not so, you should stop bragging my man :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This isn’t helping my frustration mindset right now. I am trying to inuition the crap out of this coin and I don’t know if it
s luck or skilll but I randomly get like eight in a row and then get none right for twenty minutes and then get a ton right.

So basically it’s either my mindset needs to be perfectly aligned and I’m just not able to do that rn because I don’t understand what needs to change or it’s all luck and I’m wasting my time

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No but I can order a pizza with a click of a button.

Physical jocks annoy me I should know I was the #1 hurdler in the nation my first year doing them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah good, wouldnt want you stressing about pointless stuff :heart:

Why are you wasting your time with the coin I thought we were co-oping the sepiroth together smh

Just as I said that I got a 1/512 chance (meaning that’s the chance I’d get all of those coins in a row by guessing)

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Ha, you think I’m still in the Sephiroth.

Qliphoth isn’t done, but my angel baby is.

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bUt CaN yOu WaLk oN WaTeR?


No, but I might have solved the perfect gambling weapon

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No lol.

Ik you already solo-ed it but I wanted to play that dungeon with you as my master remember?

I mean i dunno if it will be of any use a NPC told me astral work is mostly placebo.

What do you think of astral work?

Astral work is 100% legit. Even if it is traversing inner world, Deerfuck McAsshat over here is apparently misunderstanding or underestimating the importance of inner truth and exploration.

Deer god lets pray he doesn’t come at me with another paragraph designed to be as condescending as possible.

I think astral work is just fine, as mental planes do not include just our mentality. It includes more. Much more, and anyone with a South Park profile pic (I don’t care how much I love the show, it’s trash) can’t prove me otherwise against the DROVES of LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE.

Rant over. Sorry about being a dick, but I cannot stand your shit right now. I just need to let out a bit of pure unbridled hate so I stop being a hateful bitch. No hard feelings.

Please don’t kill me, Lady Eva.

Okay sorry to get the lock on before you could respond @Velenos - @Maxwell that is ENOUGH, do NOT talk to people like this, this entire topic came about from you derailing someone’s Journal in a manner you would complain about if it happened to you, now you’re just being aggressive and nasty.

Take a step back, you post so much in such short periods that there’s no time to think between posts and they end up causing problems. Just because you’re posting at a hectic rate doesn’t give you a free pass to break forum rules: