Conversation About Gods & Power

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Kings and Queens rely on their wit and their subjects. Gods rely on their own power.

I wonder how I would go about getting a subject? Hmm.

Anyways, good luck with that. I hope Belial doesn’t do anything too crazy.

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If Born Gods rely on their subjects too. So it’s normal for titled Gods, self proclaimed Gods, etc etc to do so too. Because their subjects are an aspect of their power.

Make a thoughtform and call it your subject.

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Born gods? Self proclaimed gods? Sound like godpremacy.


Yes born gods. Gods like Zeus, Hecate, Odin. gods by race. The Gods are a race not the same as people who adopt the become a god idea which are self proclaimed/titled gods to me.

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Some titled gods have the power to equal a born god, even a baby god could get killed, by a fae for example. Race doesn’t mean much if one can’t walk the talk, and have the skill to use there power.

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Being a God doesn’t make you powerful. There’s no rivaling anything. Gods are born like anyone else and have to practice their skills like anyone else.

A titled God is a person that is not a born god but get power through worship or a person who self proclaimed themselves a god but aren’t part of the race of Gods.


If gods can be outmatched through hard work by a human, what do you call them?

They’re still Gods. Do you stop being human because of something as silly as that? Gods are a race of being not a test of strength nonsense. Your race doesn’t change because of some silly idea of flexing power over another individual. A lion can kill a human does the lion stop being a lion and is now human no.

Surely a title would be granted to a human so great.

You deal in absolutes, and yet you do not see that the lines of body and soul are constantly being crossed. Or you simply haven’t taken that into account in your words.

God is more than a race, although it is. It’s also a title, and a state. One can fall from humanity, cease to be human. Like Skinwalkers. One can rise above it, as well.

Becoming a God, Demon, Angel, etc isn’t rising or fall, it’s a simple transition. Gods aren’t above humans or below humans, they simple exist with their own ideals and goals like everyone else.

Also, I literally stated Gods are a race and a title, you’re just regurgitating someone else’s words.

Just because people have warped experiences where beings are all “hey you’re a God my boi all that power you got” in their 90% sure tainted gnosis.

if you can’t physically do squat it doesn’t matter.

Also, the lines between body and soul has nothing to do with what this topic is about so I’m not sure what point you tried to make, however, MY point is it doesn’t work that way there’s no “hurhur if you can beat a god what does that make you?” it makes you who you have always been, you don’t just magically become something else cause you bested an individual in a fight or in some kind of battle. The only state of God I see from most is this twisted wannabe flex of imaginary power they get from spending a few minutes in the astral or in their own heads where some being tells them they have a lot of power.


I never said it was a rise or fall.

You implied the title was invalid.

You literally said born gods and humans cannot legitimately become one another.

I meant title-wise. If someone, a human, can beat a god, then what title is applied to that? Way to be passive aggressive.

Yes, and some people are just born with it, regardless of whether they earned it or not, and view themselves as superior because of it. So there’s my nod at yours.

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No, your mind implied such, I’ve stated many times a titled God is a god in their own right as they are Gods to the ones that worship them and they get power from that worship on top of the power they worked for. They did not create these followers, these people chose to follow them and give them that title.

How? I’ve literally mentioned on multiple accounts how a God can rebirth a reincarnated individual into a born God? There’s reincarnated Gods walking this earth…If I were to ever state a human can’t become a God is when people are out here asking demons to help them ascend to Gods when demons at best can get you to being a demon like them, just as a God can transmute a human soul into a God/Goddess.

Can you scan? if not don’t assume my speech. I despise when people make assumptions off their own triggers. A human beating a God is just a human beating a God, titles are granted by people who decide to grant them that title, you beat a God, you beat a God, nothing special about it, a human beats a human it’s the same thing.

Or not? power is knowledge and knowing how to use it, the energy to make it happen. Everyone is born ignorant and powerless until they cultivate themselves. If a being tells you in your gnosis “ooo boi you have all that power in you” it’s best to assume that’s your ego tripping out. Gods had to work for their power, demons worked for their power, and so forth. Being born in a position of power is not the same as having the power to affect reality metaphysically no matter what plane you’re on besides maybe astral, if that’s the only place you have power than a change of focus is very necessary.


I am planning on making some physical changes in power. But to be honest, I’m not sure where to start. Money? Durability/Mortality? Fucking FLAMES? I dunno.

I’m thinking that scrying is important. I might try to predict like a 50/50 thing over and over, then build up from there to 33/33/33 onwards.

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This is a whole new topic’s worth of chat so I moved it off @anon33099313’s Journal and into a place where other people can chime in, etc. :+1:

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“90% tainted gnosis”
But it was their subjective experience.

To establish a numerical value on everyone who has had a experience like this points to how you think.

Cuss divination, evocation, and soul travel all require the physical right?

So lets say im a human and i run really well.
I run faster than everyone running next to me.
But i dont get the title of fastest runner?

Or are you saying i was already the fastest runner. But why did I run with other people? I guess im proving to myself im still the fastest.

The imagination is very powerful :innocent:
Higher thinking the ability to create and problem solve.

When im in the astral I can do way more as Im not limited by my human body. I guess the scaling in the astral is quite different. 🤷

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Id go with money

Get some decent business going and you can sway the tides of humanity as we have seen with Tesla, Apple, and Google.

Law and politics (not trying to get political) seems to have a rigid gridlock.

The private sector is a free for all where ideas boom and come into creation.
(This site is a great business model)

Money doesnt solve all your problems but since you have spirituality i think you got the other sides covered.

The ability to lead and persuade is also greatly sought after amongst both the gods and humans.


Confirmations exist in experiences, if you are someone whose never been exposed to a bunch of people going “aye we’re all Gods” and in your experiences a being goes “you can become a god” then I’m more prone to believing that experience then someone who is exposed to that belief on a daily basis and they just so happen to have a gnosis of all these well-known beings going “omg man let me tell you, you’re a God through and through dude no doubt” the former to me personally is a gnosis that clearly couldn’t of been tainted while the other is clearly an adopted mentality that bled into their gnosis which is what I mean by tainted gnosis.

Astral projection isn’t soul travel. Going to a mental plane doesn’t mean anything. If you can’t flex all this imaginary power on the physical it doesn’t mean squat. Too much astral projection and not enough work on the physical can lead to a lot of delusion.

That concept doesn’t work for this instance, you’ll get the title “winner” if it was a contest but no you don’t magickally become something else for beating another entity in something.

The imagination is a powerful thing in the mental plane and as a placebo effect but it doesn’t do shit for you if you’re talking about becoming a living “God” and can’t do anything on the physical besides write online that some being said you have a lot of power “hidden inside you”

The astral is a mental plane, the scaling is uncomparable.


This is my favorite sentence in all this forum. For real.


Too be fair I had huge doubt in this site and the magicicans here.

I had channeled a few beings and had learned how to mental project within a few days. But still I did not think it was real.

I asked two gatekeepers for “all the power in the world just give me the most spiritual experience ever”

Man did I get what I asked for and more :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember after thinking all the thought in existence and having every soul I had come into contact with talk to me there was a point where I was like oh…im crazy like actually bat shit. But then I was like…well I kinda asked for my entire reality to be shattered.

Damn you right. No one gets paid money to write stories about their experience and their imaginary world. I mean thats not going to do shit.

What good will a few letters and hallucinating at a dead piece of tree do for someone?

Im a humble god though :roll_eyes:

I dont need to flex, for me thats pointless. Usually when I flex its in the mirror and I do that for my own self esteem, or to impress others.

Why am I going to flex my superior brain hacks on the humans lol?

Hey bro sit back and listen to me explain the inner workings off all reality usuing all the information ive gained over the years.