(Controversial) What Are Your Thoughts On God

Here what I have to say on the topic… Hahahahaha LMFAO!!!

We have a creator however other ancient gods contributed to our development also. So I would say yes I believe there is a “God” of creation.


@Asher I found this interesting information…

I work in different paradigms, but some years ago I sacrificed my life to a “being” I regard as embodying the primordial essence of everything, on every plane and in every dimension, encompassing both Being and Non-Being on the basis of verified (by lineage and tradition) personal gnosis, whom I variously refer to by the names Kālī Mā, Śiva, Bhairava, or Kālasaṅkarṣinī. To name or anthropomorphize such a “being” is to attempt to conceptualize the unconceivable. I like the opening line in the Daodejing, “the way that can be spoken of is not the eternal Way.” In my view/gnosis, the ways of approaching the Way are many, and some are more refined and accurate than others, but no conceptual understanding of “God” or “Goddess” is absolute. Regarding him/her/it as a personal Being is just as (il)legitimate as regarding it as an impersonal energy or ground of being or universal consciousness or Great Void. Concepts and names are helpful to a degree, but should not be mistaken for direct insight into the physis/nature of Being and beings. Summarized, my conceptual view is one-in-all, all-in-one; each individual contains the unlimited potential of the Godhead.


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Thanx EVibez, nice info

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@Asher Yeah no problem it is really weird I totally happened upon completely by mistake I wasn’t even looking for it!!! But it was exactly what you and I were discussing really strange!!! Lol!!!

I want to first say I agree with everyone who says they use multiple paradigms to understand “God” or their world. I also so the same, and the patchwork of unrelated paradigms can be difficult to explain. The best way I can summise god would be the thing that contains the energy of everything. So the all so to speak. We are all “God” and simultaneously we are not “God”. We are a part of him (shatter crystal theory i suppose) but not him. S/he is everywhere and nowhere at all times.

Personally I don’t work with this all often. I don’t really agree with the idea that “god” is conpletely impartial or uncaring (if that was the case why bother with creation?), but i feel because it is so large, vast, and alien, we cant begin to understand the granduer and magnitude of its thoughts.

I consider myself to be many and not one, and “god” has given me a name and a picture to work with it. Like me this god is also one but many. I want to say more but fear giving too much out. IO Ashura.

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What was before of All…How can be 1 thing be the first…all things need 2 or more To Become Some thing Else in my subjective/small world view. Is the Paradox a blind spot? the unkown factor?

I’m not sure about what I believe presently, but at least I used to think like that certain reasoning “God, being perfect, surely exists”. In fact God may be identified with perfection, since He+She suggests a notion of Supreme, and the perfection wouldn’t be such in case of non existence.
(Better: perfection possibly includes non-existence and existence, is beyond them. And referring to God, the same thing applies to perfection as well as to imperfection.)

I mean creation could be just a big game or a battery of energy :wink: the point of creation is that it doesn’t need a deep spiritual point or a point that makes sense lol as long as it happens. Lol high key I’d create just to watch how it turns out.

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i believe in the source (god) because i have experienced it. my first time was admiring a tree. while admiring the trees beauty , i then thought about how this wasnt only a tree, it was a complete ecosystem. i then thought about the awesome engineering mind it took to create this and all of nature, and felt a profound appreciation … i was then hit on the top of my head by a “love beam”. it was so intense i had to ask it to stop after a few seconds (and it did). i was crying tears of joy. it seems i had gotten used to pain and suffering, i had to somehow get used to this new experience.

before i continue … i have felt the presence of the desert demon … yahweh or whatever. it is vastly different. it fills the room and makes you feel like a roach. i was crying there too the 3 times i experienced it (in a messianic jewish synagogue), but there was no love, just power.

being a programmer / engineer, i had no choice but to investigate this experience further. my previous beliefs were that: in order to experience something like this (nirvana), i would have to move to tibet and stare at a stone wall for many many years, 18 hours a day, meditating and chanting and all that shit. how on earth could that just have happened? could i make it happen again?

the short answer is yes, very easily actually. i have found 4 or 5 methods and they all work for me, every fucking time. the common denominator is “the appreciation of beauty”. i am very into writing and hearing music so i will give you this one example. all i (or anyone) has to do is put on a beautiful song that touches you. then think “wow, whoever the fuck engineered us … that we can create shit like this … is fucking epic” … then BLAM … love beam to your head. im convinced that is the only valid form of prayer.

i have so much more to say about this shit, so many experiences, but i gotta stop somewhere


i somehow know that this was my life mission this time … to drill into my head what to do at my death, so i can finally escape … mission accomplished, waiting to head home

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!!! Lol

Not to derail the thread, but we are best friends now because we believe in the same god. Hail Mike Patton

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What we call God is Brahma and in turn I believe is the universe itself. However, I can’t forget Andy Weir’s short story The Egg which explains how an all mighty creator is just us but as a higher being


For a real response, I can’t recall a time where I was ever concerned with the existence or identity of a singular God, nor have I ever put much thought into it for fun. I’ve always had a “this is bullshit” and “this is not bullshit” approach to everything in life. I was never very introspective. All impulse and no thought. Now I think too much and do not act on as much impulse, but still find myself lacking the care to find out any truths of the universe. Right now I don’t see the truth to hold any relevance to my spiritual growth – maybe I’ve always known this. Why does it matter? I’m not there yet. Knowing who God is will not cause me to be a better person or a better magickian.

Is anything even real? When you look at a ceiling fan and you close your eyes, how do you know it is still moving, or it is still there? Are things around us only made real because we acknowledge it? This must be what the basis of existence is, that we all create our own realities, that we are all one, we are all separate, we are all real, and we also don’t exist. Everything and nothing. We are all God in this way, but that also means God doesn’t exist.


I can detail more about what my thoughts on god are in the morning-gotta sleep now

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