Contacting your shadow self and subconciouss- by azazel


begin by meditating watch yourself in the mirror meditate and look at yourself
when you feel ready say

"et may vespacha elt tezu"

shadow workings is a tool for getting to know yourself better as this happens watch and observe your subconcious beliefs and thoughts when i did that i was able to read and see them

INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)

Thank you. I’ll be doing this tonight.


How do you pronounce it?


may like “may” the month
ve-spa- cha (ha)
elt like altar but instead of a use e and without ar in the end


Hell Yes @Xag_darklight
You’re on fire :ok_hand:
Keep it up


I am on fire
I am damned
Literally by him


did you do it?i would like to hear your expirience


Nice, I’ve been wanting to do some shadow work but never knew where to begin. Can this be done by anyone? I ask because you brought up Azazel.


Yeah it can be for anyone what you need is no fear.


Oh, I have no fear as I have somewhat of an idea as to what my shadow is.


Azazel always said to me that you are going to get better results and more fruitful experience when you don’t expect anything


I believe him and I’m sure there are many aspects of my Shadow that I would not expect nor could immediately comprehend.


“Blessed are those that expect nothing for they shall not be dissapointed”.


Unfortunately the mundane called. And I’m night shift. x.x


Thanks! :wink:


That feeling when you want to jump feet first into helfire flames