Contacting the Sephiroth

How would you proceed to open a pathway to the Sephiroth?
I haven’t fund specific Sigils for the Sephiroth but for the corresponding planets.
There are many correspondences for every single Sephiroth and i don’t know wich one to use.
Any advice or experience?

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I have the sigils for each realm on both sides of the Tree, I’ll have to dig the ones out for the Sephiroth and I can send them to you. Basically the method I use is to evoke the ruling entity of the realm and and after it materializes I invoke it to a point of partial possession. After that I open the seal for their realm and soul travel into it. I pretty much work only with the Qlippothic realms any more, but I would recommend working with the Tree of Life a bit before working with the Qlippoth.

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Can opening the sigils of the Sephirothl or Qlippoth bring the powers of those spheres into your life?

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Whose correspondences? There is all sorts of nonsense circulating on the Internet these days. I do a Google search for this and I get page after page associating Pluto with Kether, which is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD and has NO POSSIBLE OCCULT JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER.

I don’t understand the aggression, I mean if it is applicable then go with it, if not then move on.

Malkuth the Kingdom as the Earth, Iesod the Foundation as the Moon, Hod the Glory as Mercury, Netzach the Victory as Venus, Tiphereth the Beauty as Sol, Geburah the Severity as Mars, Chesed the Mercy as Jupiter, Binah the Understanding as Saturn, Chokmah the Wisdom as Uranus or as the Primum Mobile (ancient view of the sphere of stars around the heavens) and then with Kether the Crown as the Fiery Heavens with the Sphere of Da’ath the Abyss, though not a Sephirah, as Pluto.

I can see how some of them may not appear at first glance to line up, but that is where exploring their meanings deeper comes into play. I consider the above correspondances to be associated with Hermetic Astrology. The Ensigns of Creation or the Seven Planetary Seals of Solomon for the Seven Heavenly Bodies, the Solomonic Seal of the Earth for Malkuth, the Sigil of the Gateway for Da’ath, and possibly the Wheel of the Zodiac for Chokmah, and lastly the Heptemeron or the Sigillum Dei Aemeth for Kether; these are merely suggestions for the Seals of the Sephiroth, in the end it comes down to what works, though either try following your intuition and creating your own, or simply try doing Pathworkings with them instead without Sigils. In the end it comes down to what works and what is relevant and applicable to the art of the Magician.

Pluto is considered a Higher Octave of Mars…so that may be where it came from. Concerning Occult Association, you can do whatever you want. Take Note, this method of doing custom Associations is a “Masters Technique” and requires that you have a good Psychology of Symbology.

I would also be very interested in this information. Could you send it to me also?

Bran, who did an epic job making this forum a more friendly and welcoming place last year after a few bratty types had got out of hand, banned Poete Maudit for exactly that kind of aggression and unhelpful commentary - something I’m only mentioning because I don’t want you to think this is how things are done round here! We have moderators now and rules, that wasn’t the case prior to April 2014.

Okay back on topic, but I just wanted to mention that. :slight_smile:

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