Contacting Someone I've never met - Help please

Okay, firstly, Hi everyone.

I need some sort of spell to help me either contact, or get the attention of someone I’ve never met. I don’t want this for love, no this isn’t like that at all. I need it for career purposes.

I read in this discussion (How to get someone you have never met?) that you can use candles or even astral traveling as a way of getting your face or your name in their mind.

I’ve also learned though, that hoodoo magic doesn’t work on someone that has never met you.

The problem is, every time I look it up or do research, it gives me love, attraction spells and I don’t want that! I just need that (those) individual(s) to know my name at least and work my way from there. I can already say that demon work is definitely not my strong suit. In my 6 months of practicing, nothing.

Would anyone know any spells, astral way, meditations (ANYTHING) to get this done? Or should I just give up?

Spare style sigils are good for things like this.

Use an intention like, “So and so will have my name in their mind,” turn it into a glyph, and then enter an altered state and fire it off into your subconscious mind.

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Not true, but you’re ability to connect with someone you have never met, energetically- to affect them, may not very good yet.

Most of my spell and ritual work is taken a hoodoo from a perspective. I started with hoodoo and like the hands on stuff particularly. I have no issues affecting someone I have never met, or never even spoken to online.

Maybe your pursuing the wrong avenue with this one then. Could be the wrong spirits for you, could be the wrong thing to want in your life. At the end of the day idk, it could simply be your senses are good enough to notice when they show up, and lack of results indicate they have no interest in this task. Could be’s all day long here.

If it’s for career purposes, I would look into Aniel- who has the power to make wise people communicate- which essentially what you need. The right people to communicate and Damon Brand in 72 Angels of Magic, indicates this works well for career purposes.

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Well i have read to meet import pwopls, to knw then
But how far you are from then,? Is amy link,? Social media friends,? You cam try goetia but i tnk a demonbe betrwr but be realiatic is amy friend, any place, any link tat make tat hapoen,?

About the hoodoo magick its mojos bags, etc candle, byt its a shot, not rotual. Or invocacion. Maybe a good luck spell, uncross, asking a Greek godes for open doors, ?a mantra its choices but u are mot beimg clear, long time ago i did a spell tp see a beautiful girl. I knw her friends, suddenly 3 months later her friend told me she live across her house and got her number, i invoqe spirts. Not rember wat,. Nut update us. And we see how we canhelp you.

What do you mean by a glyph? Would it be like

So and So will have my name in their mind
and make a drawing out of that?

Alright so I should try again with a different intention when it comes to the invokation/evokations?

Well. I guess it depends on what you are doing exactly, but if you are told to visualize or anything of that, literally push your desire at the target. How you want to do it, depends on how you want them to feel about you and what affects you are trying to get and…

I just got really complicated. Yes, focus on the intent and the target, make sure that aligns and it’ll help.

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A glyph is an abstract symbol representing your intent.


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Oh no! Honestly, when you were explaining it, it started making more sense to me!

Alright I’ll use that along with the other advice, lets hope this works