How to get someone you have never met?

I kind of asked this question a few months ago but for a friend of mine. Never really got a response. Now it’s about me. There is someone who could help my career tremendously, if only I could actually physically meet the person. Without demonic intervention, I will probably never get close to him. Who would you recommend I work with to 1. meet this person, and 2. ensure that they really like me when we do meet, and 3. be more than willing to help my career.

I read that Hicpacth can bring the person to you, but I need for him to do more than just come to me. “Here I am - what the hell do you want” isn’t enough. Thanks.

King Piamon can, as long as you detail exactly what you want to happen.
Dantalion can show you how people think and how you can rearrange their thoughts so they think what you want them to.