Contacting Archangel Michael

I want to start with invocations and I would like to call upon archangel Micheal. I was searching for at least 2 weeks now to find something or someone that explains how to evoke him, but didn’t find anything.

Can someone help ?

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Are you looking to INvoke him, or Evoke him?

His seal is available on the forum. You would evoke him in the same way you would any spirit.

I would like to Evoke him.

Then I recommend you use the forum’s search function. There are threads about evoking Michael and people’s experiences with him.

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Here are the seals I generally use for the Archangels:


wonderful ! thank you very much

thats 2 weeks of searching solved in 10 min

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The forum’s search function is quite handy :+1:

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that’s true. also the people here are very kind and helpful especially for “beginners” like me :ok_hand:

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He likes Industrial music. Try setting the mood with that.

I heard about that. also crystals could help and candles. or ?

With angels, you don’t need much. Sometimes just chanting their name is enough.

Don’t over complicate things. Opening his seal and calling for him to come forth should be all you really need. Anything else is for you, not the angel.

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I hear that sentence so often… xD

how do I do that ? by drawing it or ?

The information is available all over this forum, so you should really start searching for yourself.

To get you started, this is the technique for opening a spirit seal:

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thank you, that was the last question :sweat_smile: