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what is the correct form of contact with an entity?
I say this because whenever I contact it two or three times and offer blood on the candle or incense, other parasites stick to me and it takes a lot to get rid of them.
Thank you

This is a common problem, and is why it’s a good idea to cleanse and banish the area before summoning. Doing workings attracts these things. So I don’t think it’s your contact that’s necessarily the issue. :slight_smile:

What do you do so far to ensure your working space is clean of unwanted energy and entities?

If nothing, maybe look that up in the search at top right, there are several methods that you can choose from to suit your style, from smudging to white light to the LBRP ritual.

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I clean my altar with alcohol and all the elements, I clean the floor with salt and I even burn coarse salt in a copper container. I also bathe with bitter herbs and put palo santo.
I order and demand that any negative energy go away.
Maybe the problem is me, that when I make an evocation two days later I make another.
I have noticed that when I put several drops of blood on the candle, strange entities come that stick to me and fuck my life in dreams.

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Frequency isn’t usually an issue. Maybe add a bit to cleanse the room and once in a while the whole house.

Set up a ward around your house that entities cannot cross unless called by name or given express permission.

A very simple ward for the dreams issue is to put iron under your bed where you sleep. Walk the perimeter around your house drawing an astral circle of protection. You can scatter ashes, flour if you like. I don’t recommend scattering salt outside as it harms plants and pisses off the fae, ime*.

[*ime = "in my experience"]


Doing several evocations in a short time is not the cause of any problems as long as you have enough energy for it. If you feel drained and tired after a summoning, wait for your energy to recover before doing another one.

Salt is great to keep anything away and I recommend putting salt on the doors and windows of your house and also a glass of vinegar in the main entrance of your house.

Remember to remove the salt from the vicinity where you are going to perform the Summoning BEFORE starting any ritual. Salt drives away both the good things and the bad things and can make it difficult for you to contact the entities you want to access.

Also remember that after you take a salt bath, you discharge any energy into you, whether good or bad, you become empty.
Make a recharge such as using the 3 suns meditation or many others that you find here on the forum.

Now the main and most important thing, assuming you do the evocations to the right entities and in the correct way, ask each of them to do a cleansing and banishing before they leave, eliminating and driving away any parasites or negative energies.
Also ask them to protect you and your loved ones.

And then forget about it, don’t power or feed the parasites by thinking or worrying too much about them.
Know that you are the channel and the link for them to manifest and you have the power to cut that link just by denying them.


Wonderful :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


I place protection salt under my mattress, haven’t had any uninvited spirits since then. I still am able to connect with my angels & water spirits through dreams.

I take cleansing baths regularly & drop protection salt in my drains. I also create a barrier around my home, doorways & windowsills.

I sealed my mirrors as I had one mirror which happened to be a portal - when I astral travel I would see the spirits freely coming through this mirror- that just had to stop, I wasn’t interested in who it was I was just upset it was happening.

Burn lobaan, frankincense & myrrh, Rosemary to smoke out the uninvited - & use lavender, benzoin and imphepo to call who you want ( there many other incenses/ herbs for calling or banishing, I just gave you a small insight)


Thank you very much everyone for the help. A hug

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