Constellation Gods/Goddesses

Not sure if I can worded it well

But basically is there a god/goddesses/deity that rules each constellation?

I’m not talking about zodiac angel or spirits of x zodiac, but like individual ruler of each zodiac

I was experimenting, meditating on Libra, got somewhat a sigil, evoke and met with an entity named Melastaphonia that claimed to be a goddesss of Libra.

So what I’m saying is, is there any ruler of each constellation and if so, who are they, what are your experiences with them etc


Make a sigil , call it « ruler of Scorpio « and call out and see what happens🙂.


already did that with Libra, not sure about the thing i got from the evocations are true or not

what’s your story?

Dont quite understand your question

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im asking about your experience when calling out scorpio ruler

I focus on goetia but I regularly Chanell brings and do automatic writing :writing_hand:️. I get contacted by many beings spontaneously.

I don’t have any …try YCATU for Scorpio. I’m hearing that name as I’m thinking about Scorpio,( you-cah-too).

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I’ll try that. Thanks!!
I’ll tell you how it went

more input/discussion are welcomed!

You may also try drawing the word Scorpio as a sigil and evoking it and seeing what happens.

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Did an evocation of that
Said his name is Platodenum
Interesting part he mentions is about how celestial path is the first path to cosmic path

What did you evoke , the name I gave you?

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Second question: I’m curios hoe did you evoke ? What did you use , your method ?

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Yeah i use
“Agios Ycatu Hail Scorpio” as chants

Sigil that I use

I just lit some sandwool, 2 candles and chants those words several times until he comes while gazing to the sigil with both of my hand on the paper giving it energy

Im intrigued: then mantra/enn you are using, what is it?

The “agios” word I mean

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Read your profile : would seem that we both have a thing for necromancy. I may have some necromantic beings who can help you.

Let me know what your working on and perhaps we can help each other out :slightly_smiling_face:.

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It’s interesting you mention he stated that the celestial path was an essential stepping stone. I believe this has to do with knowing yourself and which planetary energies are in your birth chart. The whole master yourself, master everything else thing. If you know what is working for or against you, it’s much easier to form a solid plan of action.

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learned from a mentor that honoring the deities you’re about to evoke makes your aura naturally more receptive to their influence, it will empower the ritual/evocation itself

Hail xxx
Agios xxx
Numinus is xxx

it actually does work for me

I’m working with Hades, Kronos, Hekate, Hermes, Cerberus at the moment, planning to take a visit to Tartarus this week

and sure we can, just hit me up anytime! Need to make more connection to fellow necro practitioner~

Interesting list of contacts.
Your mentor seems quite wise. I never had a mentor but many have helped me along the way.

A bit about me:

I have a strong “death demonic” in that I tap into the death curent fast and quite naturally.

I have a good connection with kuan yin, many demons of the gietia and I connect well with anyone who is dead. When I’m in connection with anyone who has psychic or medium abilities I am temporarily boosted (as was the case with us speaking - that’s how I know you are the real deal :slightly_smiling_face:).

Are there any traditions you have an aversion to (some will not work with Roman Catholic saints, demons , etc…)?

What are your thoughts about Japanese gods (deified once living people of importance now worshipped as gods)?

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Omg u just boosted my ego >.> my mediumship skill aint that good yet tbh, still learning to be better everyday.

No, I don’t have any tradition that I have aversion to :slight_smile: I’m flexible as fuck

Neutral on Japaness gods, havent got the time to divulge into it, though Ebisu pique my interest for some time

Okay , what kind of necromantic beings are you into?

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Hmmm not sure what you really mean

Servant ghost (Yishi gui), Messanger Ghost (Chuansong gui), Intraquil spirits