Constellation Gods/Goddesses

And banshees

I mean what kind of dead people do you contact or have contacted🙂?

I’ve contacted one of dead Japanese emperors of Japan when I visited Japan at his shrine as who answer my petition (and who is well loved for his incredible interventions🙂.).

I was thinking of contacting the legendary king Midas who turns all he touches to gold :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s what I mean🙂

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I contacted two death people so far

Both are ex president of my country, 1st and 2nd respectively. They died in unique circumstances and both was famously known for using shaman and warlock for protection and wealth. It was an interesting experience…their dead spirits somehow are guarded by an army of spirits and some djinn…didn’t get much info on them because of it but it is interesting…how they’re still guarded by djinn and shit even after they die

Ok doing virgo now

I have no life atm, feel free to ask questions

Interesting thing from virgo
“If there is no destiny then everything in this world is just a coincidence”
“Some cosmic power are holding the fate”

The constellations themselves are the rulers of the constellations.

If you want what rules over those then contact all the constellations, combine their sigils together to make one giant sigil, and evoke that.


Someone channeled/merge with Lucifer tonight and I asked bits about cosmic powers that hold fate

“They don’t mean much to the Magician that can tune his frequency to the planet he chooses. if Venus is in retrograde, tune into the Planet not in retrograde. The Venusian planet without the retrograde. Their exists layers and dimensions over lapping all the planets you are aware of. Tune into them”