Consistent Thoughts - Calling or just the mind

I’m curious, because I’ve been getting such occurrences often…

Have you guys and girls ever gotten different entity names stuck in your head?

For example, you would be reading about different demons, find for example Lucifer, and then go to sleep…

The next day you randomly start thinking about Lucifer. Then an hour later Lucifer pops up in your mind again. Then again.

I’ve assumed this is either the mind naturally repeating things, or a calling of sorts… though divination could help… hmm.

Do you think this is a calling, or something else? Do share.

Furthermore, what do you do when you get this, but are already working with one specific entity, and working together on Ascent? This question is more for me, and is the one causing me trouble. If it is a calling, it’s problematic since I can’t yet hear clearly. :grin:

Anyway, I’m curious what you guys’ experience is on this calling versus mental repetition dilemma.


Call upon Lucifer, and find out. It could be that he’s calling you.

In my experience, this is how entities call me. If I ignore them, then they’ll start taking more direct approaches to get my attention (such as appearing in my dreams, or making me encounter their name when I’m out and about. One time, I saw an entity’s name written on the wall, and I felt compelled to look at it (Horus)).

So, yes, call upon Lucifer, and see if he has indeed been calling you. No harm in trying, considering Lucifer is friendly.

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Oh no no, it’s not Lucifer in question.

That was just an example.

I’ve been getting thoughts of Belial.

Thing is, I’m already working with one spirit on my Ascent, at the very least until I can hear them clearly. That is my plan - get to that level, then see what’s happening.

But I’m kinda getting a feeling the spirits don’t really care about that. :sweat_smile:


My bad.

Hm, well, sooner or later you’ll come in contact with Belial. As for what spirits care about, there’s no general rule, really. Each spirit is different - something I’ve come to learn through experience. Some may care, some may not. The same goes for their stance and view on humanity.

In this case anyway, I’d say give it time, then. If Belial REALLY wants to talk to you, he’ll take a step further, and make himself clearer. If not, forget about it.

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Yeah, that’s something I’ve been thinking of doing. Though I have been worried about offending him by waiting, IF he really is wanting to talk.

Any ideas on how that could occur, making himself clearer?

I’d love a writing on the wall, as in your case. :grin:

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He might appear in your dreams, you might start seeing his name everywhere, you’ll find yourself thinking about the name more often, you might have sleep issues, and every time you wake up, you’ll think of the name.

Let me tell you a little story. I had ignored a particular spirit for so long. I was oblivious to her callings, which might’ve annoyed her. She then tried appearing in other forms to me in my dreams, using names I had no knowledge of, but every time she represented the same force, and the interaction with me was the same, thinking I might dislike the name I know her by more commonly. That failed, too.

So, at this point, she probably thought I was an idiot. Then, one day, I felt compelled to download a video game which is very obscure, and there I started seeing her name more often. Immediately, I realized how dumb I was; I pieced everything together, and began working with her. Never looked back.

So, yeah, these are some ways a spirit can get your attention, even if you do something stupid like me.


Hmmm… makes sense.

Well, I’m gonna wait some time and see if dream stuff or wall sightings start happening, while thinking it through.

Would be interesting, that’s for sure.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

By the way, don’t rely too much on what I’ve told you. Don’t expect anything. Imo, the best way to approach entities, and magick in general, is without expectations and prejudices. It makes the process and occurrences much more pure, interesting, and more personal to you.

I know it’s easier said than done, but yeah…


That’s the approach I go with - forging my own path and experiences, being my own master.

Although it’s good to hear other’s experiences.

Thanks for the reminder though. :slight_smile:

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I had this happen with Belial. I was working with Azazel one night, and 2 days later I woke up with Belial in my head and saying his name. I took that as a clear message that I needed to contact him. Been working with him since.


By any chance, have you also heard the names Amaymon and Abaddon, at least once in your workings with Azazel and Belial?

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Nope. I’ve had a couple names come up, but neither of those.



I had this happen to me with Azazel (never worked with him though).

I accidentally took a short nap one time, and then I suddenly jerked back into conscious awareness, and I heard myself say, really clearly, in the Cosmic Voice, “Azazel”.

It was strange, because I haven’t had the same classic mind repetitions with him, where it would feel like my thoughts are “sticky” in a way.

And that was the only occurrence too.

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Maybe you need to have a chat with Azazel.

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I’ll definitely check once I’m able to hear spirits clearly, in a few months time.

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By the way, you mentioned in your thread this:

“I don’t remember exactly what time I went to bed that night, but I remember I tossed and turned a lot and it was later than normal. That’s rare for me considering the medication I’m on makes me go to sleep and I sleep really hard. I felt a presence each time I woke up, but couldn’t pinpoint it.”

This happened to me a few days ago, like 3-4 nights in a row. Interestingly, it gets better if I turn the lights on, and can sleep normally. :sweat_smile: Which is why I’m sleeping with them on for the past week… Sleep is precious :sweat_smile: Gonna try and see if it happens again today, but not gonna sleep with lights on. Maybe it’s me trying to reset my sleep schedule, or a calling.

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Same thing with me but reversed. I was working with Belial and Azazel’s name came up constantly until I acted on it.


I have been sleeping with a soft light on since so that I can rest. Otherwise, I toss and turn, wake constantly, and sweat like I’m in a sauna. This started the first night I heard Belial’s name. When I want to interact with him, I turn all lights off and work by candlelight only.

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Here is how I deal with this.

I read and see many names of many entities on a daily basis. They dont ALL pop up in my head. However, if 1 seems to repeatedly pop into my head I consider it as them reaching out to me. Being an LHP practitioner, it found it very odd that I kept thinking about, and seeing angels during my meditations. In my dreams I would be visited by angels all the time, and it just baffled me. Personally angels never even occured to me as any entities that I would want to speak with. But i followed my gut and summoned Raphael, whom is strong AF, and explained to me that my path was not to seep deep into the darkness, but to be balanced by the powers of both the right and left.

Ever since then I still have love in my heart, with the power to seriously fuck up somebodies life when they think they can double cross or screw me.

Belial introduced me to Azazel, as I only wanted to work with Belial, but Azazel just continuously came into my mind and taught me secrets of others around me that I did not know.

So from my experience is the introduction to the entity will be as any other introduction, by a book, a picture, reading on this forum, but if you’re receiving the message to talk to that entity, in my opinion its more then simple mind repetitions.


I believe it’s also important to remember that not everyone will see or feel the same things. One person’s experience may be different than another’s, or your experience could be very much like another’s. I believe it depends on how open someone is to receiving messages.

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