Consecrating items

Can you have more than one entity consecrate a item I have a ring I’m going to get id like it consecrated by both Satan and Lucifer I also don’t have much experience with this any tips or can anyone do it for me

If the energies aren’t incompatible than yes.


How would you know if they are are Satan and Lucifer compatible

Or Satan Lucifer Samael would be epic to me

Well depends on which Satan you mean, many held that title in the infernal nation or if you mean the fallen angel Satanael, however most infernal demons energy and Lucifer’s are very compatible.

Samael’s energy is often compatible but I would suggest petitioning both or diving if either would like to work together for the benefit of your progress.


I’m speaking of the fallen angels satanael Lucifer and Samael and uhh not to sound like a noob but how do you do a petition

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Than yes theyre not that far apart in their energies in a way.

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Thank you so much and yes I didn’t think they’d be to different there are some people that somehow think those three are the same but there not just similar

Yeah, though they are clearly different they are just similar in energies outwardly but inward their cores are very different.

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yes indeed all three plus azazel are called the devil

Absolutely. I have a sword that’s been consecrated by both Azazel and the DKMU Godform “Ol’ Zalty”


i got to admit that is so cool