Conner Kendall's Journal

Journal Entry 1 - Reality Shift Part 1.

Currently I am observing the exceptional changes in my mundane life, during my intense pathworking with the nine demonic gatekeepers.
I have analysed peculiar effects on how other individuals perceive and approach me in general.
I theorise that my auric field has considerably altered during immersion into each gatekeeper.

I can at this present moment in time, observe that my aura is undergoing a vibrational augmentation. Taking a closer look at the electromagnetic waves of my aura, inside of each current wave, there are astral/aethyric particles that act as miniscule sponge-like vortexes. Absorbing the black light from each gatekeeper condensed in the astral particles.
The energy connecting and flowing from each particle, seems to transmuted into singular currents. I’ve observed these astral waves and the waves within those waves, a circuit of nine particles fueled by the black light. Each particle shares a current, it seems like it’s the residual energy of each gatekeeper.

Each individual reacts differently and it can be tied into each of the nine powers of each gatekeeper. Not only others perceiving me differently, but my emotional and mental state has been changed too.
These are the more subtle changes that I needed to take a closer look at.


Looking forward to learning about your experiences with the path-working.


Journal Entry 2 - Reality Shift Part 2.

Relationships whether they be social, romantic, family or work have changed.
I entered the deep depths of the abyss and put my life in the hands of the demons themselves.
So far here are the effects off each gatekeeper.

Belial - I Become Unchained.

Belial the immortal resistor, he who bows to nor man nor any god. He is the worthless one and taught the qualities of such a state of being.
I was taught to embody the worthless one, do not seek approval, destroy not only all religious and spiritual dogmas. Embrace Belial and his anarchy therefore, I shall be free.

I have broken the chains on me, that my friends, family and surrounding masses have placed on me subconsciously. I broke those chains and tapped into the ability of resistance.
I resist to conform to society, I resist becoming a sheep following the Shepard. I resist the pleasures which are actually poison and destroy me.

Through this I emerged on the other side of Belial’s night-side desolate desert domain.
I stand there and invoked the spirit of wickedness, I become the immortal resistor, the worthless one, the wicked one, a god of anarchy.
Spiritually I then begun the black alchemy of Belial, destroying all that’ll hinder me in this becoming on the path of outer darkness.

I was thrown from the scorpion infested desert, into a dark chamber. In a ancient hallway of a black pyramid, gazing upon the gate of Amaymon.

Amaymon - Becoming The Black Sun.

Opening the gateway of Amaymon and beginning my pathworking with this being, I was taken to the seed of darkness. There I gazed at it with the lord of the black sun by my side.
Through daily dedication I performed the serpents breath invocation. Opening the dragons eye within me, breathing the venomous breath and converging the three pathways in my being into the centre of the seed of darkness.

Amaymon taught me the importance of balance, through becoming the black sun, you become a beacon of darkness. As the all consuming black core awakens, shining from it is the light of Lucifer-Amaymon. As the currents intertwine and become one, the black light of the black sun emanates from you.

Through darkness I become enlightened, through the black light I became enlightened. Amaymon the enlightener, through dark enlightenment and illumination. I could see what had previously been hidden In my life, I saw those who worked against me and all the obstacles before me.
Through the activation of the dragons eye, my spiritual sight increased. Once the obstacles had been observed I tapped into the dark core within me and breathed the venomous breath upon all that blocked me and my becoming.

Afterwards I could see problems unfolding and those who were once trouble had been dealt with. Spiritually I became more evolved, mundanely all those against me were no longer involved. I had changed in other ways which I can not talk about too much either.


Thank you @C.Kendall for sharing, it such an interesting & personal journey to share.
I look forward to reading more :blush:


Azazel - The Lord Of Transgression.

I turned my serpent sight away from the gate of Amaymon and turned it towards, the third gate before me. Calling out to the infernal fiend, there he emerged from the darkness the Ebon Satyr with fiery sapphire eyes. The lord of transgression taught me to embrace my sins.
All the bad I have done, the guilt, the regrets, the shame, they no longer were boulders that held me down.

Azazel taught me to relish in my sins, to absorb them, to transmute them as a scapegoat.
Using it as fuel for the black flame within me, which in turn solidified the body of darkness within me. I had now broken the chains, opened the dragons eye, breathed the serpents and undergone the black alchemy of Belial. I tapped into the black sun within me. Azazel taught me to use self sin and self-damnation to my advantage, all this empowered the body of darkness within me.

Bringing me one step closer to being the child of darkness, that I already was before this incarnation. Mundane effects of working with Azazel were many, I learnt to detach greatly from things in my life. Detaching from a action thereby creating a effect which would in no way hinder me, or affect me negatively, being able to do what must be done, with no consequences.

Abaddon - The Destroyer.

Leaving the black Forrest and the obsidian gate of Azazel, I turned my three eyes towards the fourth gate. Materialising as a hell mouth, a pit in the ground, calling forth the angel of the pit.
The hell mouth opened and as it yawned, the locusts flew in all directions.
The black angel of destruction rose in the vicious swarm of fiends.

Working with this gatekeeper was painful I must admit, destroying myself over and over again.
Rebuilding myself in the true image of God, the true self which is whatever I wanted to be.
I was given command of the locust army and commanded them with great ease.
Sending them to future timelines and potential threats that exist within each alternate reality, which could intercept and become a part of this reality.

In my mundane life all was barren, nothingness, I was forced to either throw away relationships I had made or to see if they could truly be fixed.
All financial issues I had, were destroyed and the path was clear. I had assumed the form of the destroyer, the mouth of hell, which eats and destroys all in its path. Learning the powers of Abaddon, wielding the baneful scepter.

Binding anything I wished, destroying anything I desired, obliterating my reality to make it anew.


The Ignition Cycle.

The first four gatekeepers do indeed illuminate and alter you for empowerment.
However the first four are known as the ignition cycle as they are mostly there to deconstruct you to ready you for the next gatekeepers and the immersion into outer darkness.


I’ve heard that Bael is one of the strongest out of all of them. If thats true then why isn’t he evoked as often as Satan, Asmoday, Beelzebub or Belial?

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I always look forward to seeing these updates on your journey @C.Kendall! You’re an inspiration.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lucifuge Rofocale - Herald Of The Black Star.

During my working with Lucifuge a lot of things changed in my life dramatically.
Being the lord of excess he tripled my monthly income almost over night, presenting me with amazing business opportunities.

Spiritually I learnt the secrets of the black star, how to become it and tap into the mind of outer darkness, the infernal hive-mind that knows all.
Speaking the silent tongue of knowing and undergoing alchemical transformation.
Becoming the black star heightened my success in divination, evocation and soul travel.
I became a black hole of ancient knowing, bathing in the elixirs of stellar, infernal, acasual, Saturnian, lunar and aqua rivers.

I became the black star and it’s herald, working with Lucifuge then in the ancient incarnation of Thoth, to dive into the flames of transfiguration.
To become both the star of amenti and the black star and colliding the two to reach a state I could have never dreamed off.

I then decided to publish my findings and teachings of Lucifuge with BALG.
Channeling rituals, meditation’s, exercises, fetish items and litanies.


What benefit does the state give?

  1. Empowerment
  2. Dark illumination
  3. Aligning your vibrations to Lucifuge
  4. Increases all spiritual arts
  5. Instantaneous transmission in spiritual communication
  6. Access omniscience in the black star state
  7. Initiation into the Lucifuge quintessence
  8. Soul travel as the dark star and consume all the knowledge of each realm that you ascend too.

wow congratulations. May you be blessed with even better states. And to fill the totality of your consciousness with that state.

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Bael - The Ruler, The King, The Warrior.

During my intense pathworking with Bael, I came to strengthen the relationships, career and goals in my life. I have learnt the secrets of wielding the powers of hellfire and their various applications in magick. Changing how I operate in my magickal workings in a intense way.

Bael revealed to me something known as “The Gate Of Hamidah” and gave me a method of projecting and immersing oneself into the dark void. Expanded and interwoven into the limitless potential of all that is, to become the void embodied. This has had intense empowering and transformative changes in my being and my ascent.


@C.Kendall Hey! Can you PM me? I have a question o:

Is Lucifuge Rofocale another mask for Lucifer?

Have you ever worked with or evoked Leviathan?

With your rituals with Belial have you received visions from him, how did he appear to you?

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I caught one your vids dealing with Lucifuge Rofocale (Lucifer) and you claimed he approached you to form a pact, this is unusual as when a pact is made it is usually brought forward by the magicain with ritual requests that he wants accomplished.

Did he fulfill the pact has your agreement matured and the results that you desired materialized?

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Fascinating and inspirational. C.K. is the man!

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Moar please! Also a weird question but can your energy/chakra system be “bleached” by “angels”?