Connecting with King Lucifer

So, I’ve decided to make this journal to chronicle my journey with Lucifer.

I decided that I would work with ONLY Lucifer as far as the Demonolatry pantheon goes.

So in this post I will put my experiences so far, and then subsequent posts, of course, will follow the journey. Maybe some of this will help others, and if anyone has any comments or insights on anything…please let me know! Thanks!

So here goes:

In my first invocation with Lucifer, (done with sexual energy) I was shown the following things:

  1. A man in the distance, dressed in white…looked like it might have been a toga, but I’m not sure as he was so distant that he was small in my vision.
  2. A Sugar Skull
  3. A Cinderella style coach with a golden door.

After this invocation, I had a dream in which someone pulled two oracle cards. One of the cards, I forgot what it was. The other card had a picture of Lucifer and the name of the card was Noble. The message that was given with the card was pride.

As I thought about this dream and it’s meaning, I began to experience a very powerful and intense energy build up in my chest, around my heart chakra and a strong sexual current flowing through my body, causing an arousal as well. I understood this as a confirmation from Lucifer. (Over time, I have come to believe that this is how Lucifer lets himself be known to me…at least sometimes.)

Another time that I invoked Lucifer, I asked him to show me how I can envision him. He showed me three things:

  1. A torch
  2. A man running with a torch
  3. A large man with large white wings

This was not exactly what I was expecting to get, but it makes sense of course, him being the Light Bringer and all.

At another time, (last Tuesday 10/1) I attempted to invoke Lucifer. I noticed that as I was chanting enn etc…that the incense smoke started coming toward me in an interesting and unusual way. It then started moving slowly and then went back to normal. During this ritual, I asked Lucifer to bring me a $5 bill the next day if he had actually heard me and been present in the ritual. I never got the $5 bill…which could mean that he didn’t hear me…but I didn’t necessarily jump to that conclusion…there could have been other factors…

an interesting note is that when I am doing ritual, attempting to contact Lucifer, I don’t really feel any changes…especially not that energy in my chest that I mentioned. I only feel that in non ritual moments when I am thinking about Lucifer or trying understand something. It comes almost like a confirmation that I am on the right road…or that yes, he is hearing me.

Yesterday (10/8) I went to the park on my work break to take a walk. While at the park, I sat and did some brief chanting of Lucifer’s enn. It was a windy day. As I was chanting, I noticed that the wind seemed to die down quite a bit and almost stop. I did some praying and thanked him etc…

As I was leaving the park, I looked over at the building that is on the grounds. The garage door was open and it was very dark so that I couldn’t see anything inside. As I walked past it, I imagined seeing a sign from Lucifer…I imagined seeing him in the garage, or illuminating eyes looking at me. The whole time, there was a car sitting in the garage right there that I couldn’t even see. As I was imagining the eyes, someone turned the car on and the headlights flashed at me, almost like blinking eyes, before staying on. I took this as a nod from Lucifer of course. It was funny, because that garage was completely dark, so much so that I couldn’t even see the car…then the lights flashed on…Lucifer brought the light! lol.

I asked Lucifer to help me with getting my real estate license…to bring the light to me to help me understand and grasp the information I am learning. I did divination to find out if he accepted and he said yes, and that no offering was even needed. He simply said that I should activate his sigil and put it in my books. Later last night, before going to night class, I activated the sigil and put it in the book.

Just some notes:

I take Lucifer’s lesson that he wants me to learn right now as the one about Noble/Pride. I figured out that this was Lucifer telling me to be Noble and have pride in myself and what I bring to the table in all situations. But what stood out was the implication in spirituality. He was telling me to come to the Spirits with Pride and Dignity, standing in who I am and what I was created with. To come divine spark to divine spark. That I should NOT come as a groveling slave…the way that some religions consider humans. I should not come begging and groveling, but I should come with pride and dignity. This does not, to me, mean arrogance. It merely means to come with some self respect. This lesson applies in my life in general though, not just spirituality. I am still working on learning this lesson.

I use sexual energy as my primary way of connecting. I once made an offering of sexual energy while using poppers. I used it at the time because I thought it would help to heighten the energy and intensity. He let me know however, that he did not like that. Oddly, shortly after doing that (it was a while ago now)…I haven’t had much desire to even use them at all (I have used them a few times since, but not much, and lately not at all.)

I notice that for some reason, I have this idea that Lucifer or the other Demons will make themselves known in some drastic way, rather than subtle ways like all the other spirits I’ve worked with. I guess this comes a bit from conditioning. So I’m still working on breaking them.

This is all I have for now. All comments and insights welcome, and more posts coming soon!

Ave Lucifer!


Nice one! Thanks for sharing!

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Of course! Thanks for reading!

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A Cinderella style coach with a golden door.

Y’know, sometimes I feel crazy af and think I’m making up all my experiences in my head… then I read some sh*t like this and I’m like: “Oh man, here is someone I’ve never spoken to before in my life saying some of the same stuff. I’m so glad I’m not crazy.”

have pride in myself and what I bring to the table in all situations.

This has been the biggest (and best) lesson he’s taught me. If there’s something my boi doesn’t like—it’s people being mean to themselves. He’s the original and best motivational speaker.


pretends I didn’t have to google that

It took a while for us to be able to communicate without ritual, mostly because every time he turned around I was questioning him and his intentions (I don’t do it as often now) or otherwise having a mid-life crisis because I believe I’ve lost my mind. It definitely gets better, and sounds like you’re in the right state of mind. I’m slightly jealous! Haha

Best of luck, and I look forward to reading more!


Lol. Yes! Trust me, I know the feeling. hahaha You’re not crazy! I promise!

Yes, I can see that. Which is something we all need to learn I think! I’m working on putting it into practice!

Lol. It’s ok. It’s not a “regular” “common” one. lol

Yes, I’m trying to work my way to that point. It really does all come down to trusting yourself and the spirit and not second guessing or doubting…which can be challenging in our world.

Thank you! I’ll get some updates ASAP!

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So here is a real time update…

I just did a ritual with Lucifer. I started by drawing out his sigil and repeating "Hail to thee Morning Star, I call to thee come. Hail to thee Day Star, I call to thee come. Hail to the Lucifer, I call to thee come.” Etc… basically all his epithets.

As I was doing this, my vision blurred slightly around the edges and the edges of my vision were kind of pulsating and were light bluish in color.

I then burned some Florida Water and repeated his enn as it burned.

After this, I was calling to him, letting him know that I was coming not to ask anything, but to learn, for knowledge, whatever he wanted to teach.

As I did this, the words “First give me my love” came to me.

Now, I have noticed that when my ego speaks, it comes from one area in my head, and when spirit speaks it comes from another area. These words seemed to be coming from the ego space, so I tried ignoring them.

Yet they kept coming. Over and over and a little more assertive. I shut it down as my ego…, but then the words started coming from the spirit space.

“First give me my love.” I thought these words were rather strange because they came with a sexual energy and intent. Note that the sexual energy wasn’t what made it strange, as I always offer sexual energy to Lucifer…it was the words… because I don’t associate love and sex as mutually exclusive.

While I was hearing these words, I could definitely tell a presence in the room. So I thought, maybe it was Lucifer after all.

So, I proceeded with the process of generating sexual energy (which had already started to build anyway).

Once I was finished, I immediately started having an almost m…guilty or dirty feeling…maybe that’s what it was. I started thinking of how I shouldn’t give sexual energy anymore. (Wasn’t sure if this was ego conditioning from my childhood…even though I have broken some of that, it still can creep up at times) I cleaned up quickly and returned to mediation, asking Lucifer if there was anything he could tell me.

I got no response. No images, no words, no feelings…nothing.

Getting nothing… somehow made feel…used I guess. It was a very strange and interesting moment… all this guilt/shame/etc…

Then, the words “Don’t let anyone take your dignity” came to me.

And that was all. That concluded the session, it was over.

As I’ve noted… I definitely felt the presence with me…more than usual in fact… but I couldn’t be sure if it was ever Lucifer or Ego talking. But at the end there, with those last words it seems that the whole thing was orchestrated by Lucifer as a lesson… all the feelings etc…

When I first started the ritual, I wasn’t going to golive sexual energy this time. I was kind of… talked into it.

So I guess this was a test/lesson from Lucifer to see if I was going to stand my ground or give in.

It goes along with the lesson he’s been teaching me about Pride.

I’m a very sexual being in general, so I didn’t see it as a pride or dignity matter…but he helped me to see that it is.

What I find very interesting is that Lucifer really seems to be teaching me the lesson of having pride and dignity and self respect in general, but in regards to SPIRITS especially.

This is such an interesting lesson to me and one of the most…, shocking I guess.

You see I was raised in a very religious Christian Jehovah’s Witness household… so I was always raised with the belief that if spirit says it…it goes. Don’t question, don’t resist, don’t go against it etc…
but Lucifer is teaching me to have dignity and pride even with spirits …very powerful lesson.

Another thing in this lesson i think, is not letting someone take my dignity by playing on my “weaknesses.” Like I said I’m very sexual in general and not so good at resisting my urges. Lol. So…it was easy for me to fall for because it played on something that is somewhat of a “weakness” so to speak…, not that sexual activity is bad or weak…but you get what I’m saying.

As always… comments and insights welcome!!


I forgot to add…

After the ritual… I tried to burn the sigil to close it and this is how it burned. The one picture is how it burned… the one where it is wet was because it was still smoldering and I had to go…so I put water on it to put it out.

As you can see it wouldn’t burn in total. It just burned around the edges… not wanting to burn the sigil itself.


Interesting! So is it like a vision @BabyDragon

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I wouldn’t call it a vision.

The things I see and hear are just through clairvoyance/audience etc…

I just close my eyes and ask about what ever is going on at the time…and these images start to appear in my mind…or sounds/voices…or feelings etc…

They are all very subtle impressions so you have to be relaxed and without distractions in order to tap in…at least in the beginning.

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Ok thank you

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Just as an update…

Yesterday, I asked Lucifer for help with my divination business. He gave me a name to use for the business, the methods I should use and the spirits I should consult.

I set up the Instagram, got a few testimonials from some clients, and I am trying to set up the website.

I have two offerings that need to be done that I will try to do today.

I will keep updating on the progress!

Hail Lucifer.


I just did a quick invocation of Lucifer on my lunch break.

As I chanted his enn, I felt a pressure in my forehead. Not quite the third eye though…it felt like the side of my brow.

I also feel a slight heaviness in my chest.

Yes! This is exactly how Magick works in our lives. Great story, great lessons and keep up the great work my friend. Cheers!


Thank you!

That actually means a lot to me coming from you. I always enjoy when you comment on someone’s post. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

I’m glad I’m on the right track!

I’ll try to keep updating.

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something I forgot to add earlier… the other day when I invoked Lucifer, he told me I would work with my Light Shadow. Anyone know what this means?


In the land of the morning star!

Thank you! I will listen. Is this general or in response to the Light Shadow post?

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Let your intuition speak to you.

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Will do. Thanks.

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Then when you want to do a ritual to Lucifer I personally use this…