Conjuration of the Powers of Death

This curse is contained in EA’s Baneful Magick.

He says:

In using it alone, simply calling the conjuration with purpose, I found my own ability to use Baneful Magick in its pure form, not tainted with implements and ceremony, blossoming. Rather than waiting weeks for the results of a curse to begin manifesting, the Magick seemed to work itself instantly. Verification of success was usually shown to me within hours of the Operation; the longest wait that I’ve experienced with this conjuration was forty-eight hours.

What is meant by “verification of success” here? I assume it does not mean the actual fulfilment of the goal, but the appearance of some preliminary sign.

Something bad happened to the target in real life and the operator got to see it or hear about it, and attributed it to the curse.

Interesting. So in your opinion, strange signs or coincidences do not fall into this category?

Imagine the following: you do the ritual; it is targeted at someone in a small obscure town in the middle of the USA - a place that is never in the news because nothing happens there - then the next day you open the newspaper and read a story about a terrible violent event taking place in that town, and it is reported to have taken place around the same time you were working your ritual.

Would you consider that verification, even though the target was not directly affected?

No, signs are signs, verification is verification.

But that’s a different question - you asked specifically in the context of an anecdotal incident in the book Baneful Magik, and I gave you my opinion based on that. I can’t speak for the author, if he meant something esoteric was acceptable as verification, it wasn’t obvious to me as a reader.

For the question “would I personally take a sign as verification?”… no, I wouldn’t. I’d take it as an indication the energy is flowing in the right direction. You can’t say more than that.

In your example of a newspaper article - eh, it depends on the working. If that’s exactly what my working was intended to do, I might well take credit for that and call the newspaper article verification. If an event is not what my ritual was intended to do, I’d call it a coincidence, and I might see it as a sign if the event is a near miss on my target.

However, if I targeted a certain person, not the town - and personally I get very specific and don’t involve randoms, I think that’s a great way to cause unexpected effects and failure - there’s no guarantee that a town event affected them the way I wanted, or at all. Who knows if they were even in state when I did the working? It’s too vague to be verification. I’d call that wishful thinking.



I understand that the time to see full results may vary based on many factors and that EA’s 48 hours are arbitrary in a way and rely on circumstances and individual skill.

I suppose my real question is if I should consider the working a failure if I have not seen results within the same timeframe.

My example was a made up one, but it does raise the question of differentiating between signs that the energy is flowing in the right direction and wishful thinking.

In reality, I did see a similar highly improbable geographical coincidence and, along with gut feeling/UPG, a renewed viciousness on the side of my target, and the results of divination, I have decided to take all of these together as indications that change is afoot.

In Baneful Magik, EA also says that some workings took a year to manifest, or longer. In some cases the target was fine but removed from his life, clearing the obstacle a different way.

He goes on at one point however, to say speed of manifestation can become faster with practice, that over years it’s become almost instant for him.

It also depends on the targets personal protections and whether you are exploiting a weakness or trying a general brute force attack.

So I would not consider it a failure in only 48 hours. It’s fairly common for death curses to take a year or more. That’s also a year where things change and the target can undo a curse, or build themselves to get stringer so the original curse is no longer enough. Humans are very adaptable. It’s worth keeping an eye on, if you can do that from a place that is not fearful of the curse not working (“lusting for results”).

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