Confused or not?

Hallo again , this is my second post here and I want to talk about me as administrator said.
I am 40 years male who since child had the feeling of been sacrificed to any God , demon . Monster ect. First time I saw the pic in my avatar I was around 10 and I felt as if I was the one been devouring by that creature. Since then I think about this fact of been sacrificed to please any god or deity , not just psychologically but pfysically . I have been trying to find any cult or group who could do this to me , . Sometimes I wonder if I am sick and if I need a doctor to relief this feelings .
Thanks for reading

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Here is my email if anyone wants to give me advices

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Maybe an entity is wanting to completely feed off of you. When people die, lots of energy is given off, so by knowing this, there could be a malicious entity nearby, that just wants to selfishly gain all that energy. Not good at all, but I may be wrong.

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Why is not good?

In my opinion, it seems as if they just might not have no good reason at all for needing your energy, but for the fact that they’re power hungry. They rather steal energy instead of working hard to gaining power like most of us do.

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But why do I have the need to give myself?

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Thx for posting brother☺I hope you find what your searching for here. This is a great community and BALG NEVER judges. Blessings😙


Don’t worry, it just tricks you. When an entity wants something so badly, they’ll do anything, so they’re getting into your mind to trick you. Heck, I’ve experienced that before. A lot of us have been bothered by entities as such.

thank you Alicia

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If you really want to devote to it, make a pact to work with it. That’ll give them 2x as much satisfaction. In my opinion, entities gain more by feeling as if they’re needed and knowledgeable.

Can u explain better pls

It’ll be like the entity is your mentor. While it helps and teaches you, in return, basically it’ll gain energy and some power. You’ll be helping it while it helps you. It’ll be a win for both.

Just my advice and opinion.

But I don’t know what entity is and since i I was a child? That long?

Entity as in spirit, demon, or a god.

And some entities have been with humans at birth. It happens

But why if I want to give myself to please them?

Always brother😎

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Hmm, well I’ll just list a few reasons:

  1. Maybe they helped you out tremendously before, so you feel you need to repay them
  2. Like I said, they may just be tricking you, so they can get what they want
  3. Maybe you feel like you should make up for all you did in your past life? I’ve no clue on this, because I know nothing of your past life/lives.

The wish is very deep

Listen to your intuition. What reason does it tell you?

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