Communicating with/ summoning Spirits

So I’ve got the impression summoning specific spirits and creating a bond with them helps greatly when you want to cast a specific spell or perform a ritual of some sort… I’m looking to do a love/obsession spell and I want to know the best spirits I can summon and how I do that and also how do I communicate with them?
I’ve been told a couple of “potent” love spells to recite but they’ve all had some connection to Satan and demons and that scares me as I’m not trying to summon Satan :cold_sweat: and I’ve also tried a couple of spells seen on YouTube and it’s hard to know of they’re actually spells or not

If you can’t communicate with spirits, then I don’t recommend you go around evoking them willy-nilly.

There are plenty of love spells that don’t involve spirits at all, just emotion, intention and will.


If you’re not willing to work with daemons or Satan, well, this might not be the forum for you ;3


I don’t really work with either yet

Angels yes but…

I think it’s fine to feel cautious, there’s plenty of other types of magick available. I personally wouldn’t dive into something you don’t feel comfortable with

Living in the end… law of attraction Neville Goddard stuff works fine for me, self hypnosis, or even a sigil with intention… if you use the search you’ll find loads that doesn’t require spirits too


I’m off that job now so I can make an actual response

To elaborate: it’s perfectly normal and natural to be cautious about invoking any particular power. No force is going to be omnibenevolent or omnimalicious. But if the fear is that it’s OMG SATAN Satanic Panic type stuff, then a left hand Path forum maybe isnt for you. And that’s ok! Everyone has their own paths.


I agree… but I think I signed up here partly to face some of my fears

Which kinda works too…

Not that I panic now, but indoctrination does that to people and takes time to undo


I think what scares me is having a demonic entity attach itself to me negatively and me not knowing what to do x

I’m willing to face my fears, i guess u have to be driven to risk it all and not be driven by fear because otherwise you’ll always be taking the easy way out right x

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Face them… but don’t go rushing to summon spirits. Learn basics first if you decide you want to… spend some time reading threads and I’d recommend a decent book like one of the Gallery of Magick ones if you do decide to go down this route as they build protection in and are easy to understand

There are perfectly good obsession/love spells and people have shared results they’ve had that do not require you to summon any spirits, just use the search bar or scan through the love Magick topic and you’ll find options

It’s more likely to be effective if you can focus your intent strongly than you being scared and wondering if you’re getting it right tbh


This is great advice :clap:. I’ll be setting up an order for some gom myself now!


you know these newbies. they love willy-nilly casting. Their goals is more important than their safety. they don’t care if it’s demons or worse entity. They would even sell their souls if they can get their goal. And most of the time the goal is superficial nonsense. Many want to make contact like it’s a game. It’s like playing quija board to see who we can communicate with for fun. but they dont’ realize it’s not about fun when working with entities from beyond.


Well, like I said, there are plenty of love spells that don’t involve spirits. Sure, it’s probably not as “cool” as reading an invocation to Satan, but for a beginner, it probably has a higher chance of success when they have the necessary emotion.

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I’m thinking About using the law of attraction and changing myself to naturally attract the person that I want.

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Are love spells a good thing? I usually thought they are bad due it seemingly forces someone will to bend so they will love the caster. Am i wrong?

Like anything, there are ethics involved. I don’t like messing with free will, but if I can get some help from the little voice in the back of someone’s head saying “you know, you really enjoy chatting with this person, and she’s not bad to look at. You should do that more often”

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There can be fun involved. There are rites of passage though, I agree

Depends on your own moral compass.

For some of us, there is nothing wrong whatsoever. For some people there is.

I have no problem with doing them myself and disagree with the idea of ‘good vs bad’ magick

If it’s not something YOU feel comfortable doing, don’t do it.

People sometimes have this idea that the person will simply love them and everything is happy ever after… and do no further work than either a love or obsession spell but guess what? They may love you enough to let you go…they may get obsessed enough to be dangerous… without also working on ourselves it’s a quick fix that can turn wonky beyond what we hoped.

On the other hand, what is wrong if you can be a really great partner to someone in giving them that?

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My only concern is making sure its a good match first. Other than that why don’t we get mad when people do Magick to help their lover get a job or a promotion? It’s all about your intent imo. If you intend to manipulate them and just use them for sex then I think that’s where the problem comes in period

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All that being said to be fair, I am working on law of attraction and Getting myself to the point where the universe can give me that. Basically I am working on attracting the person by my vibration and who I am rather than doing the spell so I’m sure I’m ready. Afterwards I’m fine with doing the spell

That’s where wisdom comes in. I chucked magick at targets I didn’t actually want… bc I didn’t know enough about them. Waste of energy other than a great learning experience. I did get good at doing some things though so ultimately it was worth it. But I don’t waste my time anymore doing it unless I am certain I want it, or want to handle it when I get it

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