Coming out of over one year of controlled full possession

Dear Balg,

I officially thank my good friend and fellow witch,
who’s given me the Servitor “Azathar”.
It has completely furfilled it’s task,
for which it had been integrated within the structure of my higher Self.
During that time it had been occupied with replacing my meditation routine,
structuring my thought patterns and helping me keep organized.

A huge shoutout for the great work which it has done,
and the progress i was able to make due to that.

I especially post this here to give credit towards the work,
and to make others aware that Possession can be a very powerful tool,
if used correctly and in accordance with will.

The Serviator is going to leave me within the next few Days,
and reintegrate back to it’s original source,
dissolving into the Witch and helping her digest the information which has been accumulated through the work with me.




An interesting use of a sevitor. Nice… and congrats on your progress.

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