Coming from a muslim backround here

hey everyone i am new here :slight_smile: you see i come from a muslim backround which consideres all this an obvious no no , help me to what can i start with some real reading material or some simple spells …etc i wanna know more but there is no reading material no where near 10000 km of me lol , thank you guys <3


Hello Raji,

Great to hear that you are entering into magick!

The first thing that I would recommend is meditation. EVERYDAY. And to read elemental magickal books such as the Kybalion (even though this is more theory than practice and more focused on Hermeticism)

You should also deprogram yourself from Allah. There is this ritual I have done recently that yielded good results as I came from a Christian background and I was a templar in a past life.

As for other books or rituals, it depends on what you want to manifest in your life.

Look into E. A Koetting’s channel or V.K Jehannum’s content.

I have also the slight impression that working with the Djinn would be beneficial for you as you come from a Musclim background

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You should also deprogram yourself from Allah : i wanna know which religion is true tho if there are gods i wanna a sign or something i really wanna believe , i dont know a conjuring of some sort or any contact would really help tho : /