Comeing out to the mass, Worth it?

So alot of yall know I do healing on the threat, nothing new there. I’ve been wanting, and still am expand it beyond the forum, I was reminded of a event that happened last year when i went to a October art walk and did a masked “performance” of scanning…I created a small stir of ire in a woman, it wasn’t just ire it was edging on her stalking and following me around for a bit.

No this wasn’t a bible thump-er either, just a old believer and I guess i let her down…I’m not obsessing over it but I have thought about some things, when it comes to the supernatural element…the word occult is in relation to the word mystery, makes sense.

you want to hide your truth from the mundane people, and there is good reason for this. when i think about celebrities. how they are idolized and worshiped, is nauseating. Em’iem says he is grateful for his fans but wants to be let alone, i totally get that…

I read a “interview with a ‘real’ vampire”

you notice at the bottom the interviews where this guy wants to remain hidden but wants to speak out, but in the comments people are practically begging him for his “gift” one girl even posts these sad numerous replies how she loves this man she never met, wants to be with him for eternity etc etc…

it got me thinking, i can understand way people wish to hide…we are not a prejudice species anymore…quite the opposite. We idolize these people and want to BE like them. even to any point. at best we face riticual and worst…a poperatzy

what are your thoughts, stay hidden or come out?

Why or why not?


Simply, stay hidden. Fits my character better.


why you say?

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It’s exhausting, boring and sooner or later gives you nothing. You may get a little bit excited at the beginning… actually, that’s all.


Best place to hide something is in the open. Put it where everyone can see it and hardly anyone will.



Perhaps other areas of the country are different, but when I was open about the occult many years ago no one would get it. That lead me to just keep quiet again because I hated explaining the same things over and over again.

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The point I’m making is, when people become aware of such things, they spend less time trying to develop themselves and more time trying to let people “fix them”

it’s like in the movie phenomenon, john Travolta played in. He had these power, tried to show it, people where amazed in the beginning but at one point this man comes cross country and begs him to heal his son, kinda gut wrenching. I mean I know they guy would have done it if he could but it’s the idea that people are destroyed when they realize even we have present limits.


I have a problem with that story:

  1. we got the 1700s, and his maker was a black woman
    ~things escalate pretty quick, even with that issue
    “The vampire who gave me the dark gift was born she said in 1143 England and I don’t doubt her at all.” A black woman BORN…in the england…of 1143?

  2. sounds much like the book/movie “interview with a vampire”
    -we got a wealthy family
    -we got a plantation
    -a young man, who was after their standards already viewed as a adult,
    but more extreme than the 21yold winy bitch we saw in the movie

At least is the place over 700miles away from neworleans.

3."when I turned 17 I was riding my horse to a near by plantation when one of the most beautiful women I ever knew rode into the road in front of me on a huge black stallion. She had dark skin and long black hair that fell down her back and onto the back of the horse. And she had a face like an angel."
Sounds like, if he also watched “the vampire dairies”…people just looove the idea of being 17/18 forever…

I enjoy this line:
"We can not survive on animal blood. In fact we would just throw it up. "
= means: bye bye you stupid “vegetarians” of twilight. XD
And it gets “better an better” ~he totally rapes the ideas about v’s…
but maybe just on purpose.
“We can’t or don’t rob blood banks. The blood from them would be useless. We have the ability to drink from a human and the marks seal almost at once. We take only what we need. But drink human blood we must and yes we have to drink it every day.”_
That they have to drink every day is terrible, really fucking terrible.

It means you can forget, to just live your life in some rural area, to do you own thing for centuries…no, you are fucked -but not just a bit fucked but TOTALLY fucked!
Like… -without lube and by a unpolished and oversized piece of plastic :’(

4 This point all alone makes it obvious: he is full of shit

Q. Do you have any ideal how real vampires came to be? Where did they come from?

A. Well the cats already out of the bag on this one its just not widely known. The legend or story among our kind is that Judas Iscariot was the father of all vampires and that the real true vampires will roam the earth until the return of the Christians Christ.

Some vampires claim they can only drink the blood of Christians but I know that is not true. The vampire who gave me the dark gift was born she said in 1143 England and I don’t doubt her at all. Shes the one who originally told me that we came from Judas Iscariot though she said she had never saw Judas Iscariot nor had she ever met any vampire who claimed to have met him.

She told me that there are darker more vicious vampire like beings in Europe but I have never met one of them. And yes we know each other. If there’s another vampire with in 5 miles of me I will know it and so will the other vampire.

-Obviously, i stopped to read at this point.

Now to this story

  1. Nothing new for a lot of text.
    You already got a pretty detailed BUNCH OF BOOKS, just in the universe of “vampire the masqarade”. So none of those details mean anything.

  2. i love this part too much…and it almost sounds like a forced piece of comedy:
    herefore, to all you slayers out there - drop those stakes (mainly because we hate stereotypes), and pick up a Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle (because stakes hurt and kill us slowly; we would rather die fast and pain-free)…BUT our spirits are immortal.
    Sounds like 14yold who played every single COD :wink:

~We all watched or read dracula, thats a damn no-go for any vamp story, trying to be “real”.
"NS: Well according to the movies we are able to fly and teleport, which could be look at as magick. But the truth is that most vampires are Catholic or Christian and do not believe in magick."

  1. […] no comment
    Kitty: What’s your opinion on the supposed zombie attacks in the United States lately? Do vampires believe in other things such as werewolves and zombies, etc.?

NS: We are at war with the werewolves right now, and that is why I was put up for adoption. As for Zombies, I personally do not believe in them…for example the attack in Coprus Christi was what I believe was a vampire attack. The description of the man fits the description of either one of my brothers or my father.

Funfact: she was born around the time of vlad tepes’ death
NS: Good question, I haven’t done much research on Elizabeth Bathory, so I do not know what date she became a countess.

5 (i feel like the guy from “movie sins” right now)
Cool…he saw the blade movies. Great :slight_smile:
NS: Most are sensitive to light, and they must wear special sunglasses to go out during the day…we call these vampires Nightwalkers. On the other hand, there are a few that can walk in the sun without sunglasses…we are called Daywalkers.

Wow, this interview was much, muuuch shorter than the first one… nothing even comparable.

Here is a rather interesting comment under the second one:
*But it contains nothing i didn’t knew before…so anyone could find that kinda stuff online themself.

Isa ap Eirias 3 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

Good grief it’s people like this that annoy actual vampires. First off; sorry to disappoint all the fans out their but you can’t be turned into a vampire by being bit or sharing blood with one. Second were not immortal, we can’t fly, or teleport, or even bend iron with our bare hands (okay I know a few than might be able to but they also work out regularly and at least one of them has the body build of a professional weightlifter). Third we aren’t all incredibly attractive I’ve met a lot of vampires that are rather average and nondescript in appearance. The Only actual vampire I know that sleeps in a coffin does it for the sake of sensory deprivation- the lack of sound and light in creates is comforting to him and eases the pain caused by his hypersensitivity to both.

When talking about vampires there are two types of real life vampires Psychic vampires who feed from energy (call it Chi, Ki, Prana, mana, or lifeforce whatever you will it’s much the same to us) and Sanguine vampires who feed from blood. Regardless of which type of vampire it is they don’t go about killing people for food, Sanguine vampires have to worry about things like HIV, Hepatitis, AIDS, and all other sorts of blood born diseases just as much as the next person so they tend to be very selective about who they feed from and their donors tend to have full panel blood test done on a regular basis. For psychic vampires it’s less a concern of disease and more a matter of courtesy and morals, feeding from someone without permission is viewed as the moral and mental equivalent of rape by most of the Vampire community and admitting to doing it or being caught doing it when you know better is a great way to find yourself ostracized from the only community that will understand when things go badly for you, and you’d be amazed at how quickly word of something like that can spread through the international community. Often times the people that dress up wear fangs and claim to be several hundred years old or been tuned by so and so or have spoken with lord so and so are lying and trying to grab attention.

The only way I have ever heard of for someone to become a vampire who isn’t one by nature is as a result of a careless psychic vampire either feeding too frequently or too much. The result is the the person feed of will for a time afterward have their energy damaged in such a way that they need to feed from other people but this isn’t lasting and from what I’ve seen the damage heals itself in a few months at most.

In my personal experience being a vampire is a mixed blessing, crowds are bothersome because the are so loud to me on an emotional and psychic level that more than a few minutes in a room with more than a handful of people causes headaches, put me in a mall or theater for an hour and unless I make a rather tiring effort to block out the resulting noise I count myself lucky if the resulting migraine let’s me walk out under my own power. However yes the resulting sensitivity to the energy around me and it’s patterns of movement gives me a natural affinity for manipulating it and as long as I keep my self feed by taking bites out of the energy that seems to form around any group of people I rarely get sick and I do tend to heal a bit better. If I don’t feed though or I push myself to hard and use the energy I get from feeding without realizing it I can find myself visiting an ER with an abnormally low heart rate, difficulty breathing and a host of other health problems that generally leaves doctors scratching their heads in confusion.

Kitty if you’d like to interview an actual vampire with a noted reputation for open dealings and a public presence Michelle Belanger, Don Henri, and most any prominent member of the Atlanta Vampire alliance, or even try contacting Merticus Stevens who runs Vampire Community News for more suggestions. Michelle alone has appeared on several documentaries about modern vampires, and written extensively on the subject of metaphysics, Don Henri is best known for his role as the Vampire on Mad Madhouse where he demonstrated psychically feeding from a person on TV.

Another commment:

Brad S. Muffley 3 years ago from fredericksburg VA

i apologize for disappearing again… as you know i am a very busy person… and i have run into major problems in the town i’m in right now… problems that i can’t handle on my own… i’ve been holding meetings with the New Council of Magical Endeavors to solve these problems… there have been signs of dark magic in my town and i have assigned a team to stop it (long story… can’t go over it right now, not until the mission is completed) as for now i will be available to check back on this hub (and my email) for the next 7 days or until i hear back from my team… therefore i’ll be logged in every day until then…

:expressionless: “Meh”.

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True… and some of them are just obsessed by movies:

sathana 3 years ago

do vampire drinking the blood of animals glitter like diamond during the day and where can we find vampire? can we become a vampire without being bitened ?cause I wanted to be.

Come on people. Twilight was terrible.

Sure thing :3
~Here, you can have a cookie :cookie:

There are certain things i would do, if i could, but i wouldn’t try to get myself killed. :sweat_smile:

Now that’s a reply! Yeah my point exactly people are so in gulfed in these ideas that they lose sight of themselves, it’s scary. I keep thinking so desperate person begging me to heal there olny child with brain cancer offering me everything and the sun to save them and having to break there heart saying “I dont know if I can”


For real, check out that channel on YT :wink:

Regardless of which thing, the vampire stuff or that you are some crazy ass magician,
there will allways be a bunch of people, luring around you, begging and wining… shit, that reminds me to someone(!)

Q: Did you created this :neutral_face: thread on purpose?

I do not envy celebrities at all. I wish I had their money but definitely not their fame. Magick has always been based on secrecy for a reason. Talk about a spell and you’ll reduce its potency by at least 50%. Besides I don’t give a fuck about people so I really don’t want them to idolize me. If tomorrow I found out that the whole earth hated me it would honestly not change anything to my life.


everything i do is on purpose lol.

be more specific please xp


I disagree with that, only because I believe potency and power are independent from from sources outside myself

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I ask myself when i study about immortals and mages and ver-men. they are all hiding for this same reason they don’t want the public notice or the attention. I can understand, it’s a lot like Ted, the magic talking bear, at first it was scary, then popular, then no one cared.

Yet today people still act like, as some are infect, highly bias against so much. I remember I watched the younger version of X men as they were treated badly for being mutants. Jean Gray who worked hard had all her school adwares taken away because she didn’t “earn them” like the other students.

I’m mostly musing at this point


Do you know or believe?

~If i look at people i actually had dealt with, there are people who claim to have seen humanoid creatures with fangs, and those people actually spend decades of their life for understanding and finding those individuals. Its sad, frustrating, and addictive to read.

@telgega and if magick was something widespread and widely known you would find yourself with a ton of rivals competing against you, making your ascension 50 times more difficult and possibly pointless. I don’t see why would anyone wants that.

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I’m glad that some people know that :grin:

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I don’t disbelieve, I have no hard evidence but it does make-me wonder

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