Collateral Vicarious Alchemy?

Have you ever heard of an individual’s alchemical work and spiritual growth catalyzing similar changes and growth in said individual’s acquaintances, friends, and/or family?


I experience this daily more or less. I’ll give an example: my partner usually can’t sleep after I’ve engaged in a ritual, or when I am doing energy work, its either that or they sleep poorly. Even when tired they suddenly are not for now obvious reason.

Another example is: when I did an invocation of Namaah - an innitation followed which they were more or less subconsciously a part of. And as a result they have an increased libido and general energtic sensitivty, which they didn’t have before to the same extent.

So in conclusion - you can’t in my opinion really do magick, if you live together with someone, without it spilling over on them or even pets to an extent.


I can understand people in physical proximity potentially being effected… and if people in physical proximity can be effected, i suppose it wouldnt be a stretch to say that people that one has some kind of connection to emotionally and/or energetically could be effected as well :thinking:

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That should hold true yes. You can think of it as vibrational contagion - a thing Belial has revealed to others, and now me is changing everything, yourself and your life as a result of the work you do. I gues it can be thought about like Rings on the surface of the water when a rock is being thrown, except they never really stop moving.

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