Coffin Nails

Yo everyone!

Has anyone here used coffin nails and if so, to what end and what was the outcome?



Pest control.

Street pizza if i’m remembering correctly.


Where did you obtain them, and did you have a way of knowing if they were authentic?

I’m probably just being too particular though really. They don’t even make coffins with nails anymore that I know of but I’ve seen similar looking ones at an old timey hardware store.

Years ago I smoked Dunhill International Red, same cigarettes as John Lennon. They were longer than usual cigarettes and had a thin gold band on the filter (I think). When you slowly pulled the flat pack from your coat pocket it made its own statement.
Also smoked St. Moritz Menthol and rollie cigarettes.
Haven’t smoked cigarettes in years.



Seriously, where do people get authentic coffin nails these day. I´m interested but I´m afraid I will have to settle down for some nails consecrated by necromantic powers(which may actually be much more easier).

It’s called grave robbing and I know one practitioner who did just that (with help)! That was back in the 1990s. I never went into details.


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Aw damn, all of the cemeteries in this city are in the midddle of a fucking busy center or some shit. And to somewhat guarded too too.Well shit. Mind you, this is in the middle of europe.

Usually any outlet that sells Hoodoo supplies will carry coffin nails.

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At this point I could either look for some outlet that sells coffin nails or just buy some new nails and consecrate and charge them with the help of shade and gods of death. The latter is the option that I most of the time choose but change is refreshing.

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You Don’t Need (Fuckin’) Coffin-Nails

Here I am, an old man in a dry month,
Being read to by a boy, waiting for rain.

Magick causes mind-fuck. The more you persist the faster the results. I adopt a quick and cheap as possible approach when it comes to Magick. Life is too short! Way back then while others were out fucking and sucking I used to purchase small ‘precisely’ cut metal squares upon which to etch or paint talisman on the right day at the correct hour according to the northern hemisphere and I don’t live there. How fucked up was all that?

Magick -"the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” doesn’t need to be ritual in nature and rituals don’t need to be elaborate and expensive in nature. In this regard I learnt a lot from LaVey and Chaos Magic(k).

Perform the Black & White Mirror exercise on loose leaf paper so you can make alterations and then – when more or less settled - copy it into your Magickal Journal. Learn to strengthen your weaknesses or use these as Magickal strengths. I think that there’s some postings on the Black & White Mirror. And while your Journal is open write in a promise from yourself to Yourself that you’ll perform the Lesser Headless Ritual at least once daily. Seal promise with a drop of your blood.

The lhp is inherently a covert one. That’s why there’s no need for circumstances to be just right – because circumstances already are. Work with whatever you have – if that means in your head, then have your temple there. My Father’s Temple is this world! And I am about My Father’s business in His Temple! Learn and practice so that you can be heard at the very ends of the multiverse when you whisper. Chant and learn that your calls are answered. There’s also some material here about adopting the body posture of the rune Elhaz with your palms facing skyward. That exercise is a very important one and with practice it just gets better.

Study sartorial styles and create your own, individual style. Concentrate on details, presentation and mimicry. This takes practice and time, often in front of a full body mirror. If your fashion is pretty much like everyone else’s, let’s just move on.



The only way to get one is how you think its got to be dug up on rare occasion a grave is dug up so the body can be moved or put into a new coffin or its exhumed by the police i happen to be lucky enough to know someone involved in a situation like the above the old coffin was being discarded nothing left really but the nails so after years of searching im about to get one

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I have a whole box of old coffin nails lol. I have only used them twice. Once for a shut up hoodoo type spell, the other time it was for a reversing spell for lack of a carpenters nail lol. The first time it was with beef tongue, and yes it worked like a charm. The second time I was able to reverse a curse out on me successfully. Ironically I bought them at a Mormon rummage sale, it is an old fort, they sold odds and ends, even some nice crystals which I also purchased for a low price. I would have to say they are good to have

I thought you meant acrylics😭 Don’t know why since this is a forum for magick but it was the first thing that came to my mind

I know Luciferian Apothica sells them. Not sure how you can confirm the authenticity, though. It’s a good shop either way, you should check it out. Shipping takes like 15 business days but it’s worth it.