Closing a portal

Some time ago, Lucifer hinted to me that there is an open portal in my flat. Today, I’ve just had a Tarot reading with Orlee, and she also mentioned there being a portal in my flat.

I have instructions for how to close it from S. Connolly, but I’m uncertain of how to locate the portal.

I suspect it might be somewhere near my monitor as it’s been going nuts over the past month or so.

But I don’t know.

Will you please tell me how to locate and close the portal, because it’s been indicated that it’s causing some major issues for me.

Or maybe there’s a spirit who can close the portal for me?


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A simple method would be to draw a map of your apartment and go over it with a pendulum to find the portal.


I would agree @EREMITA using a pendulum and a map is a starting point…

Are you not able to sense it?

Closing the portal is not hard, you need to take control, our emotional/subconscious selfs connect easily with portals, over time they feed of our energy and we absorb its energy if we are not protected/grounded…

did they mention the type of portal?
What do you sense?


I can’t sense it. But then again, my senses aren’t what they ought to be with the years of constant magickal attack and psychic attack. It’s dying down now, but now I’m finding I have a spirit/entity problem in my house and in my life and this is part of the clean-up that happens after years of magickal and psychic abuse by humans who should have known better.

The closest to a possible tell-tale sign is my computer monitor going bonkers with interference lines and taking ages to put itself right every time I turn it on, even though there’s nothing close to it to cause interference lines on my screen. It’s not an old one either, and the problem started very gradually. It’s not the HDMI cable, the problem is there even with a brand new cable. There isn’t anything electrical or electronic near it. It could be the monitor but hey it could be the portal affecting it.

Needless to say the energy in my house is bad, the physical condition has manifested after it, and I’m having to deal with some low level disturbances from spirits wandering through my house, and one is a reptilian trickster who slipped inside of me. They’re there because of this portal.

So the game plan is to close the portal, clean up, work on the flat’s vibe, get Lucifer to exorcise the flat, exorcise the reptile out of me, and have Abaddon shield the flat.

I recommend you ask for help Lepaca or Lepacha, which is like a spirit under Astaroth whose name means Opener or Revelator. Lepaca has in his office the ability to facilitate invocations, evocations and the creation of sacred spaces, as well as to open and close every portal in the estral. He is an expert in the construction of sacred spaces and can greatly increase the longevity and durability (resistance to interference or exile) exhibited by high energies, his auspices are very durable to open or consecrate sacred places as well as close dimensional entrances, study its attributes and you will see that your situation is solved immediately. This is an edifying contribution, take what you consider and omit according to your perspective the inappropriate.


Thank you so much! Is this Astaroth the Goetic spirit you’re talking about?

Yes! the great Prince Astaroth of goetia is!

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Thank you! So much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey OP! Janus and Janna are the Portal Gods, so if you’re having trouble with a portal, just give them offerings and petition that they close it for you. That’s the easiest and safest method if you can’t sense it! :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Since it’s affecting your monitor, try using an emf detector. Can pick them up cheap on amazon.

Good idea but not much point. I can’t move the monitor into a different room, etc. When the portal is closed, like all energy that isn’t being observed, it’ll dissipate in time. And my monitor should go back to normal.

Listen to Amirash

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Feel around for it… If that doesn’t work turn off all the lights and wherever your eyes go in the dark is where is.

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clairvoyance, portals give off energy like everything else. However, given the nature of a portal/gateway the energy around it is more potent or distorted compared to the rest of the area.


Yeah - not if you’ve lived with it for so long its energy feels normal. :wink:

There’s no such thing as energy feeling normal lol. It still will differ from the rest of the room regardless of how long it’s been there with you. A portal will still feel different from the general ambient energy.

How do we know this isn’t the trickster speaking to us right now? :expressionless:

This will surely help you How To Close Gates and Portals From unnecessary Spirits and energies

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What’s a “flat?”