I’ve been reading about black magick and Demons for a very long time but still i can’t get some things and that are:
1.Who really is the Devil?
2.What kind of spirits mess up with people and scares them like in The Conjuring Movie and could I do that to someone else too :smiling_imp: :wink:are they really Demons or any Low entity?
3.Do Demons are evil or shades of grey?

  1. Complicated question and long story.

  2. Any NPE (nonphysical entity) is very capable of fucking with people; bind it to your will and you may put it to work.

  3. Evil is sickness. Demons have adapted to the aftereffects of the Fall and aren’t sick, by and large.

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1 . “The Devil” is not one entity,. It’s a catch-all term used by only one religion, Christianity, to mean any entity they feel is in opposition to the goals of that religion, namely worldwide slavery and submission of all people to the particular daemon they adopted as their only god. Outside of Christianity, it doesn’t mean anything.

2 . a. Movies are not real life, and no entity can manifest in the way you see in movies.
Lesser entities can cause bad luck and mess with your mind. You will rarely see then physically but some people with astral senses can see and hear them.

2 . b. You can communicate with discarnate entities and ask them to haunt someone for you. It will not be spectacular, because movies are mostly pretty entertainment and the truth isn’t very interesting to look at physically, but can be more devastating, or could cause miracle healing and fortune as well.

2 . c. “Demons” is also a religious/cultural word, one that means many things to many people. Most Christians will label anything occult they don’t understand as ‘demon’, and it’s used by Christian-oriented translators as the go-to translation for entities in other cultures.
These can be anything from non-incarnate higher dimensional entities, incarnate aliens operating in 4-6D, dead human spirits, nature spirits, astral wildlife, manifested spirits created by living humans in various ways (tulpas, egregores or thought forms), and energy manifestations that aren’t spirits at all but can be mistaken as them.

3 . They can ‘be’ ‘evil’ and ‘good’ and all the greys in between.
Depends what you think ‘evil’ is,really. That is a dualistic term that only find useful as a label under certain circumstances, and it applies to acts from the perspective of a victim.
A person is not evil, but they can do evil things for small minded and selfish reasons done without discernment. I define evil as putting others in unwanted situations or taking from them against their will for personal gain including amusement.

All entities, incarnate or discarnate, higher dimensional or 3D, are all a mixture of order and chaos, yin and yang. As an incarnate human, you are far more capable of ‘evil’ than they are, because you have a very powerful, weaponisable thing called a physical body, the question is if you will choose to act that way or not.

It’s important to understand that Christianity has left a strong imprint on western culture, so it makes sense that a lot of people view everything through Christian ideas, but at the same time, Christian views of the occult are very biased and limited to the point of being straight up blindness.

You said you have read a lot about demons, but you seem to have read only one angle from one religion, so you don’t have a wide picture.
Learning other cultures models of the unseen and getting yourself out of the Christian mindset will be very interesting and enlightening if you want to try it, I think.


Thank ya…for the clearance
And one more thing i wanted to know that is there any so much powerful entity that could alter physical things too…?