Clear or not?

Hello everyone, I’m having a question that I can’t decide on.

I’m planning to target someone with spells, who has deep memories with me, both good or bad.

And one of my local cleaner, wants to clear the bad or the feelings attached to those bad memories.

But I’m unsure whether this clean will make future spells less effective or not, because somewhere I read that having this negative cord allows spells to work easier because It’s better to have a negative cord and nothing.


What the hell is a local cleaner?

Obviously, those memories has emotions that you can convert to energy.

Sorry I’m not native English, I meant a person you is doing spiritual cleaning services IRL

2, so you don’t recommend cleaning out those emotions attached to those bad memories?

Because I mean in the other hand, it leaves the target with good emotions and memories (probably)

It leaves them numb to the specific memory you target.
It doesn’t create additional emotions.

If the client has a very negative life with not much positive in it, and you do it too much, about everything negative, it can leave them in a state of isolation unable to give enough fucks about anything to perform magick - if that magick requires emotions to be worked to its fullest capacity.

Not all magick needs emotions to be worked though.

I’m unsure what are you referring to with this?

The spells that I’m willing to do are emotions related, that’s why I’m afraid to clear the negative, because maybe the positive ones aren’t enough to put a hook on, but meanwhile why would negative memories and energies ever help with anyone?

Because it might be important to their path to work through them. It’s a learning thing. If you numb them you remove the opportunity for growth.

Speaking from experience. I don’t regret numbing myself. I suffered a violent rape that took me a month to physically heal from, and the emotions were interfering with my living a functional life. Giving zero fucks about him or the experience didn’t just make me feel better, it also allows me to continue enjoying other men without ptsd or fear.

So I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m saying think through the consequences carefully. Then do as you will.