Cleansing and Banishing: Lesson Learned

This should serve as a warning and as advice to new practitioners. Magickal tools like Tarot cards, scrying mirrors, sigils, and written pacts you’ve signed in blood are portals for spiritual influence.
I had always just folded up sigils and pacts I wasn’t using and put them away in a cabinet. I also always left my scrying mirror out, and my Tarot cards on my nightstand in a cloth.
Here’s the problem. That’s not good enough. Sigils are still open even when folded up. Tarot cards are portals even when not in use. Pacts are portals too. Scrying mirrors (this should go without saying) are gateways for entities to pass through.
I now put all inactive sigils, pacts, scrying devices, and tarot cards in aluminum foil. I always burn white candles in my house charged to cleanse the space. I regularly banish, smudge, and aspurge with holy water. I regularly take salt baths. I burn sage, palo santo, and Yerba santa in my house, as well as frankincense and myrrh. I put sea salt in the corners of my house. I regular cleanse my tools with salt as well.
A shitload of the problems people probably have with negative shit is due to not practicing good magickal housekeeping.
Keep clean floors, because filthy spirits like filthy environments. Clear away clutter, because a cluttered home is a sign of a cluttered mind. I personally hate a dirty house, but it’s magickal to clean house too. Everything you do is symbolic of something else. Get it? Clean house physically and then clean house spiritually.
Before every cleansing I do, I give the house and myself a good cleaning. Good luck!


Hell yes, man!

Wood can be used to seal energies, but it you need to put a bit of work into it, i.e. anointing, consecrating and adding wards or sigils to seal the vessel. Otherwise, no-go. Foil is definitely a go-to.

Black cloth for wrapping tools and jewelry pouches for talismans is a good idea, too. The other end of this spectrum is the possibility of banishing desired energies from carelessly exposed items in the process of cleansing an area.

Damn straight on good housekeeping, too. As within, so without, right? I love frankincense, and I have also had a good effect with evergreen resins taken off the local trees for genus loci. Pine and spruce, mostly, but there is also a shitload of juniper in my back yard, so I occasionally make a smudge wand from them. Red pine smudge wands clean a room out nicely, too.


Juniper is great. I like to place sprigs of rosemary under my bed to guard against nightmares too. It works


It does. I make little spell satchels for my son (his “dream pillow”) and his mother and rosemary is a top ingredient. Lavender, rosemary, pinch of benzoin and sandalwood, rough amethyst and clear quartz.


This works well with scrying devises and and other portals as well. If things get too crazy at once i’ll start baggin up grimores i have left out.
Like my copy of Black magick of ahriman. I use the sigils of the divs in it for my initial evocation of them for deeper gnosis into the current. Its been an interesting couple of months since i started doing this.


Hey I had the same thought about my grimoires and magick books. Do you feel they’re portals as well? I thought about bagging them up too when not in use. I regularly cleanse them anyway.


So what about furniture, whether used as an altar or not? Can just a good wood polish banish energies? I have not cleaned my tools, stones, or whatnot in a long time, and my three tarot decks are generally carried around in a crown royal bag.
I have a bunch of burned down candles that I intended to melt down and create a pentacle with, though I don’t have materials other than the candles to do so…perhaps I can hand melt them a different way. Yes, my room can use a good cleaning as well.


All physical things can host energies. So if you feel they need a cleansing I say do it. Holy water may damage expensive furniture, so maybe smudging with sage and other clearing types of smoke may be your best option.


You can use polish, but try to get one with elements of pine or lemon.


Most definetly. In the case of Bmoa kurtis himself has said the book act as both a portal and a mirror as it is worked with. I’ve had moments where i’m practically compelled to study specific sections and concepts again as different situations arise in my life. The only issues I’ve had usually arise when i don’t listen to my intuition.

My evocations of the divs is a slow process cause im tryin to extract as much knowledge as i can before i move to the next. My current pathworking with Aighash has weird and interesting ideas for ritual,divination and energy work dropped on my head pretty regularly.


I did take goetic seals, sigils, drawings of spirits, pyramid city talisman drawings, etc. And shut them up in two coats of aluminum foil. Energy did quiet down a bit and my friends are now not thinking of a divorce so much and trying to reconcile. Will have to do further cleaning tomorrow.


hello, i would liket to know, if it is okay, when i take all the sigils and magick stuff in one big aluminium foil (that would be easier) or if i have to take every sigil and thing in a individual aluminium foil? What experiences have you made? Or is it okay, when i do all the magick stuff in a aluminium suitcase (that would be easiest)?

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I was debating putting a black scrying mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed so I can sleep and stare into it. I suppose this is Ill-advised

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Are you in any capacity any manner of runemage, by chance? I ask because of your username and because it would save you serious coin on bales of smudgin sage if you know or would figure out how to fuck up NPE’s with the Futhark.

Whether or not this is a terrible idea entirely depends on how your rapport is with the Denizens and Ruling Class of Hell.

hey. Great advice. I have a serious question concerning this; what if you have an item that acts as a spirit house and you want to keep the spirit within the same environment that your cleansing / banishing? suppose I perform the LBRP within my temple for example; how do I ensure that this spirit is not banished as well? A case of not throwing the baby out with the bath water!

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Stating the intent of the banishing can help. Direct intent can turn it from a total banishing or cleansing into a one that pushes back certain forces and leaves the rest alone.

The one i used the other night was “By my name and by my power all forces and spirits that are not helping in my ascent and the ascent of those who reside in this dwelling DEPART!”
Felt the shift as soon as i started and it spead all over as i used it with a banishing incense i made.


WTF? RHP BS 4 novices! Good luck with your push/pull relationship with all things spiritual.

I don’t know… holly water and shit. i don’t need it. as yet. am doing fine and fun with all of these activities around me. yeah i’ll have to buy a few new bulbs because he finally has fucked it up, messing with it but it was just my old woman’s silly whim :thinking:

Ummmmm… no. If you remotely knew me you’d know the fallacy of that statement. What happened was I started feeling chaotic and conflicting energies from entities and pacts that were long behind me, as in I’d completed my work and moved on, but kept them around so that I could look back on them later.
Also I’m having a kid, so things change when you have kids. You may no longer feel comfortable with portals open in your life at all times (at least I don’t). What used to be cool now becomes not cool.
Yes, I work with runes. Does that make my advice on cleansing and banishing invalid? I think not.
A little bit of context helps to understand what I’m doing. Jumping to conclusions…